Anybody Can Paint - Shortest Painting Course for Beginners

The Shortest & Fastest Introduction to Acrylic Painting for Beginners
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- You will get a quick introduction to acrylic painting
- For beginners who are wanting to get started with painting, this course is ideal
- Introduction to acrylic paints and color mixing
- How to set up a painting workspace at home
- A full step-by-step demonstration of creating one beautiful landscape painting. You can paint along!
- How to frame and protect your artwork


  • - There are no pre-requisites for this course
  • - Anybody can enroll and this course will help you create a beautiful landscape painting even if you have never held a brush in your life


This course is a fast and short introductory course for beginners in Acrylic Painting. We believe that anybody can paint. Having helped more than ten thousand people over the last 5 years in completing their maiden masterpiece, I believe I understand what exactly one needs to get started with the art of painting. Even if you have never held a brush in your hand, you can create stunning paintings in a matter of minutes. In this course I demonstrate exactly that!

You will learn about:

- the material needed to get started with painting

- how to set up painting workspace at home

- what are acrylic paints and how to mix colors

- learn how to complete a beautiful landscape painting through step-by-step detailed demonstration

- some tips on framing your artwork

This course has just the right set of information, tips and demonstration for you to get started with acrylic painting. Even if you dabble with paints once in a while, this course would be valuable to you with the information provided above and the experience shared by an experienced art facilitator.

Hope you like this experience.

Happy Painting!

Who this course is for:

  • - Beginner Artists
  • - People looking to start the hobby of painting
  • - Students who wish to learn the basics of acrylic painting and complete their first beautiful masterpiece

Course content

4 sections8 lectures1h 55m total length
  • Welcome!
  • Setting Up Painting Workspace & Material


Acrylic Painting Art Coach
Sameer Nagi
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Sameer is on the mission to help people discover the artist in them. He and his team at 'Anybody Can Paint' makke art instruction so easy that anybody is able to create amazing paintings. He wants to open source art so that it becomes accessible to all.

With the vision to spread the joy of painting in the world, he kick-started the 'Anybody Can Paint' initiative in 2015. In a span of last few years, he and his team have helped more than ten thousand people in creating their maiden masterpieces. All the people who have painted under this initiative come from various backgrounds, professions, age groups and nationalities. However, one thing is common in most of them; they all believe that they cannot draw or paint. Most of them don't even recall the last time that they painted. Sameer left his comfortable corporate job in 2015 to address this notion by making people believe that they can also create beautiful paintings. He believes that we all have a hidden artist in us and it needs the support of a guide, mentor, coach and an enabling environment to take wings.

When he took up painting back in 2010, there were not enough resources, online courses, teachers to help him. He had to go through a long arduous journey to figure out everything himself. He spent a lot in buying expensive books, DVDs from international artists while trying to unlock the techniques and concepts of painting which largely remain a secret within the artists' community. Having gone through his own share of successes and failures, excitements and disappointments, he finally realized that if all this information is structured in a very thoughtful manner and presented in a succinct way, anybody can paint amazing paintings. That's what inspired him to do for the rest of his life.

He has largely conducted in-person sessions since the last few years as the demand for 'Anybody Can Paint' grew very rapidly. He and his team are now leveraging the power of technology to take this structured program to the world via these e-learning experiences.

On getting encouraged from his family and friends, he also exhibited his artwork in three solo exhibitions and the response was very encouraging. In one of the exhibitions, all his artwork was sold within seven minutes of opening. But, he had his calling in helping people engage with art actively by creating it themselves rather than passively by viewing it.

Sameer is multi-disciplinary and believes in whole-brain development and hence he pursues diverse set of disciplines like music (piano), poetry, robotics, psychology, etc. But painting remains his biggest passion of all.

For his work in inspiring people with visual impairment to paint, he was invited to share his story at one of the Tedx events.