Learn Basic Survival Turkish In Hours Without Any Grammar

Essential Turkish you need to know in order to survive – live or work – in a Turkish speaking environment
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You will be able to perform basic functions in Turkish.
You will have learnt sufficient Turkish for using transportation.
You will be able to ask for directions.
You will acquire words, phrases and patterns for ordering a meal or a drink based around real-life situations.
You will be able to use some essential phrases for greetings, shopping and accommodation.


  • This is a functional self-study course which is for absolute beginners. You will start learning from scratch and therefore, there is no need for a teacher or any additional materials.


Learning survival Turkish is not as difficult as you may think. And, what will make it even easier for you is that this course is not a grammar course. Therefore, no previous Turkish knowledge is required. This is a functional self-study course. The content has been based on settings, lexical items and patterns. Upon completion of this course, you will have learnt everything you need to survive in Turkish. What you will acquire will meet your real needs in Turkish at a basic survival level. And you will be able to perform basic functions like:

  • ordering a meal

  • greeting people

  • using transportation

  • asking for the toilet

  • asking for an address

  • asking details about social events

and so on.

In other words, you will feel confident enough to use Turkish in order to be able to perform a specific task, such as buying a bottle of wine or asking a stranger the time.

A good thing about Turkish is that its vocabulary contains a lot of familiar words that you will probably recognise, because the English language has brought to the Turkish language many words. To this end, the course provides you with the right vocabulary in context, and it introduces a number of useful words and phrases borrowed from English; that is, words and phrases which are used both in English and Turkish with the same meanings.

In short, if you take this course, you will gain the language skills you need to function in a Turkish speaking community.

Who this course is for:

  • The course has been designed for adults who need Turkish for work and travel. For example, if you are planning a holiday or a business trip in Turkey, or if you are going to attend a conference, a seminar or a family event in Turkey, then this course is for you.


İngilizce Hazırlık Hocası
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