A guide for stress free holidays

Reduce your level of stress and anxiety around the holiday season
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A simple method to identify where our stress and anxiety are coming from
How to mentally prepare for the upcoming holidays
Know your own self and why certain events in your life create negative thoughts and feelings
Learn how your Ego plays a critical role in your negative emotions feelings and thoughts


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This brief online seminar serves as a valuable resource to guide you through the process of reducing stress and anxiety in the run-up to the holidays. Its principles are universally applicable, benefiting individuals, families, and communities worldwide. Within this comprehensive guide, you will discover a treasure of practical tools and insights to help you navigate the impending holiday season, enabling you to savor a truly meaningful and joyful celebration with the least possible stress. We are pleased to offer this guide free of charge, and while we would appreciate your support through sharing and subscribing to our newsletter for future valuable information, the choice is entirely yours.

Unlock a profound understanding of how your Ego influences your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Learn to distinguish between actions originating from your Divine Soul and those driven by your Animalistic Soul (Ego). Each decision you make throughout your day becomes a battleground where your lower and higher selves contend, a struggle between your Ego and your conscience. Can you discern who is at the helm, steering your decisions?

Amidst the holiday chaos, this seminar equips you with the tools to find serenity and meaning. It offers you the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey toward more conscious and harmonious decision-making, granting you greater control over your life and a path to a more fulfilling holiday experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Any person that feels stress or anxiety around the holiday season
  • Any person that wants to create a more positive joyful holiday experience for them and their family
  • Any person that wishes to engage in self development
  • Persons of all faiths


Spiritual life Coach for mental wellness
Sagie Shanun
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Hi my name is Sagie Shanun

I am the founder of an online community called, Divine Reflection, that provides online courses, webinars and seminars on mental wellness by the spirit of Kabballah to help people cope with their everyday hardships

I am a certified Spiritual life coach for mental wellness and Natural health by the spirit of Kabballah, from the school of Natural medicine and mental wellness called Eilima

My background is actually in engineering, but I always had the passion for helping others. A few years ago, I decided to change my career and turn my everyday activity toward assisting others to live a better, more fulfilling life. -

I was born in Israel and lived there most of my life. I am happily married to Maya and have five children, four boys and one girl. I put this picture in here to give you a funny glimpse of our daily life. It is full of energy, craziness, fights, challenges and of course, love and happiness.

My life is crazy busy and full of challenges. I am not coming from a peaceful Indian guru type of lifestyle.

This great method I will present to you, I applied in my own life for 2 years before I decided to share it with others. And today, after 2 years, I still have a great deal of challenges. My house is still crazy sometimes, but it had tremendously impacted my family and I.

We are constantly dealing with challenges and changing our ways to live a happier, meaningful and healthier life.

I also offer face to face counselling

Please feel free to message me for personal or group mentoring as well.

The origins of the method is taught by Elima school of natural medicine and mental health, in Israel. There I learned in great depth the secrets of natural medicine and mental health healing by the principles of Kabballah written by great sages of the Jewish faith over the past 3500 years or so.

The method I am teaching is extracted from this tremendous wisdom written over hundreds of thousands of pages. An ocean of information that one person cannot digest over one lifetime.

It was developed gradually over the years by leading sages that were Kabballah leaders of their time and great physicians and healers.

I have been, and still am, learning this subject every day and will do so for the rest of my life since I have a great passion for it. I also have a great urge to convey this message to any soul willing to open its heart and listen to this divine wisdom. Because I know inside my heart that this method is not just useful information to live a better life, it is engraved from the wisdom of the Entity that designed the reality we live in, and created the path for us to connect to the Source of this universe.

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