A Practical Guide to Math for Beginner and Intermediate

A Complete Practical Solution to Solving Financial math, Algebra, AP and GP, Geometry, Trigonometry and Equations & more
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A step-by-step guide to overcome math anxiety
Simplify quadratic and simultaneous equations
Practical solutions to math problems
Learn how to solve exponential and logarithm problem
Simplify mechanics, vectors, motion, force diagrams etc
learn practical ways to solve compound, simple interest, present value and lots more
Series and Sequence problems


  • Your pen and notepad
  • Calculator
  • Attentiveness
  • Prior understanding of mathematical operators
  • basic math(never worry if you are not 100% good at it)


To learn mathematics, you must be familiar with the vocabulary, understand the rules and procedures and be able to apply the rules and guidelines to mathematical problems in order to arrive at a solution. In this course, I shall take you on how to practically  solve maths problems . This course takes a no nonsene approach to solving fundamental mathematical problems.

Video Tutorials: Follow me as I walk you through each of the sections on how to simplify complex math problems. There are various sections I am going to take you through and I am sure you will have gained mastery over them by the end of this course

Practice Questions: are there to help you have a mental exercise on what has been discussed in the previous lessons


-Financial Maths: compound interest, simple interest and lots more.

-Exponential and logarithm: We shall look at word problems relating to this and lots more

-Quadratic and Simultaneous Equation: How to solve quadratic equations using the factorization method, completing the square and quadratic formula. Methods to solve simultaneous equations will be discussed as well

-Mechanics: We shall look at problems relating to rotation, force diagram, motion and lots more

-Trigonometry: Sine, cosine and tan of angles, angle of elevation and depression

-Series and Sequence: I will take you through word problems on arithmetic and geometric progression

-Geometry: We shall be looking at problems relating to coordinate geometry , shapes and lots more

Without further ado, let's jump in

Moses Obasola

Who this course is for:

  • Adults who wants to update their knowledge in fundamental math
  • College students who wants to refresh their basic understanding of math
  • Job seekers preparing for math/numerical assessments
  • arents who wants to guide their kids in solving math problem


Engineer and Instructor
Moses Obasola
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  • 1,064 Students
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I am Moses Obasola, a graduate of Chemical Engineering. Over a decade, I have been tutoring Math, Physics, Science and Technology and Chemistry to students both online and offline. 

When i was a kid, I hated school and learning. The sessional breaks from school were the best part of my childhood(because i wanted to play and have some fun).

Things took a new turn before I got enrolled into the  secondary school. I suddenly took interest in my books and would stay indoor for hours trying to solve problems on my own and visualize concepts from my textbooks.

Now, I believe learning is a lot of fun and can be taught.

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