Business Statistics Made Easy (Free Tutorial)

A free preview course covering descriptive statistics, measures of spread, and location (full course coming soon...)
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The Representation of Data in order to paint a clear picture of what a dataset is telling us (stem-and-leaf diagrams, box-and-whisker plots, histograms and cumulative frequency graphs);
Measures of Location in order to estimate the most likely outcome of an experiment (mean, median, mode);
Measures of Spread in order to understand how volatile or variable a dataset is (range, quartiles, interquartile range, standard deviation);
Sigma Notation and summation
Counting Methods: Learn efficient methods for counting the number of arrangements of a set number of objects using permutation and combination functions;
Probability: Learn how to determine the likelihood of an event occurring (Venn diagrams, unions, intersections, conditional probabilities, mutually exclusive outcomes, and independent trials);
Solving probability problems involving permutations, combinations, and tree diagrams;
The Binomial Distribution: theory and application;
Discrete Probability Distributions: theory and applications, as well as understanding of expectation, variance, and standard deviation;
The Normal Distribution: theory and application;
Using the Normal Distribution to Approximate the Binomial Distribution
Hypothesis Testing
Linear Regression Analysis


  • Basic algebra and mathematical techniques


Are you battling to understand statistics?

Are you confused by intimidating formulae and jargon?

Do you want to know what metrics analyze in your business or in your job, that will allow you to produce insightful reports  in order to make better decisions?

Well if so, this course is perfect for you. I designed this statistics course combining years of teaching, investment banking, and entrepreneurial experience. The result is an easy-to-understand and real-world applicable course with detailed explanations and worked examples, which will not only help you to understand statistical concepts, but will also help you to see how statistics is applied in real-world business scenarios.  This "learn-by-doing" approach, will empower you to master the concepts being taught quickly, via direct application.

The video format of the course accelerates learning, and provides an engaging delivery mechanism for the educational content. In addition to this, the practice questions at the end of each learning section, provide students with a large body of practice material to reinforce the learning of the concepts being taught.

In this preview course a conceptual overview of statistics is provided, covering representation of data, measures of spread, and measures of location. In the full course a comprehensive list of concepts would be expanded upon to include producing powerful reports, hypothesis testing and regression.

Who this course is for:

  • Business analysts, data analysts and any professional in a research or marketing role, who uses statistics on a daily basis


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