A Guide to AP Calculus AB

Learn the methods and concepts you need to know for the AP Calculus AB exam.
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Answer questions using limits, differentiation, and integration
How to approach certain types of questions that appear frequently on the AP Calculus AB exam


  • Background knowledge in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry is needed.


I have designed this course based on my experiences with AP Calculus AB. In this course, I teach you the topics and methods you need to know for the AP exam. By breaking down certain techniques into steps, you will learn how to approach and solve different questions. My focus is on both teaching the topics and connecting them to the relevant AP style questions.

My suggested approach is for the two types of students I expect to be taking this course:

1. For students enrolled in AP Calculus in school, this course can serve as review material for tests in school as well as the AP exam. Since the AP exam does cover a wide range of material, having this course to use can be helpful when the AP exam comes near.

2. For students self-studying AP Calculus: This course can be used to guide your study. Use the videos to learn content and use my tests to gauge your understanding. Being a full AP course, it will take more than just watching videos and taking a few tests to get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam. After watching the videos and taking my tests, find other practice AP exam materials online to practice. With enough practice, you can achieve a 4 or 5.

Who this course is for:

  • Students seeking to gain a basic understanding of calculus
  • Students looking to review for the AP Calculus AB exam
  • Independent students looking to learn calculus on their own

Course content

7 sections79 lectures5h 4m total length
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Rohit Narayanan
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Teaching has always been my passion. In high school, I taught a calculus course at my local public library to prepare students for the AP Calculus AB exam. Hoping to extend my reach, I sought to create video lessons my students could use to assist in their studies. Now, I am using Udemy as a platform to publish my videos.

Currently, I am a student at Princeton University planning to major in math. I believe that the most important component of learning is practice. It is the teacher's task to guide the student and simplify problems into steps. That is what I seek to do in my courses.

I hope I can help you out and feel free to reach out if you need more assistance.