A Beginner's Guide to Mendelian Genetics

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Monohybrid cross, Dihybrid cross and Trihybrid cross
Phenotypic and Genotypic ratios for a Mendelian cross
3 laws of Mendelian Genetics- Law of Dominance, Law of Segregation and the Law of independent assortment
Modifications of Monohybrid cross
Test cross and Punnett squares logic for mendelian crosses
Gene interactions , modified dihybrid ratios and Lethal alleles
Introduction to Non-Mendelian inheritance


  • Basic understanding of mathematical calculations and some idea about probability, permutations and combinations.


Mendelian Genetics is the foundation for everything that we learn in Genetics today.

The mastermind of Mendel is worth understanding in detail.

His genius was in the application of mathematical concepts of permutations and combinations in biological data.

We'll  learn about 3 unique formulae that Mendel worked out which later formed the basis for Punnett square.

In this online course in Mendelian genetics we'll cover topics such as:

  • Monohybrid, dihybrid and Trihybrid cross

  • 3 Mendelian Laws

  • Genotypic and Phenotypic ratios

  • Modifications in the monohybrid ratios

  • Gene interactions of the modified dihybrid ratios.

  • Non-Mendelian Inheritance

As a bonus, you'll get to know the little hacks to solve the genotypic and phenotypic ratio for any hypothetical higher order cross.

To strengthen your concepts there will be quizzes that will put your knowledge to test.

This online course in genetics is for beginners in high school, college level students and for researchers in the field who want to get the concepts right.

This Mendelian genetics course is not for advanced researchers and experts who already know the topic in depth.

As is with any course, this course is also backed by Udemy's 30 day money back guarantee.

If you're not happy for any reason you will get the full refund.

So take this course today, and get deeper insights into Mendelian genetics.

- Sumitra Shankar


Who this course is for:

  • High school students, college freshers and research students
  • For anyone who wants to learn Mendelian genetics from a historical perspective and understand the progression of events that laid the foundation for Genetics that we know today.


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Science is my fascination. This has fueled my journey right from my Bachelors program, through the Masters and finally my PhD in Biotechnology (Kerala University, India). Over the years, I have donned myriad garbs of a student (I qualified CSIR -Council for Scientific and Industrial Research exam in 2008), researcher, lab-mate and senior, and have benefited from timely guidance, elaborate reading, and unexpected insights. The key to success has always been in grasping the bigger picture. I am passionate about passing on this  experience through teaching. I believe that through this, my own learning and understanding skills can also be enhanced.

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