How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Grow Your Online Business
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How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Grow Your Online Business

Proof Inside: How I grew my home business without working longer hours.
3.9 (58 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,931 students enrolled
Created by Michael Battle
Last updated 11/2015
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What you'll learn
  • In-depth knowledge of the “80/20” rule and how it can amplify business growth.
  • Ways of APPLYING the 80/20 rule in the real world so it becomes a reality and not just a concept.
  • The secrets of how to “magnify” your financial results by re-directing investment to only top-performing assets.
  • The ability to analyze your business and instantly identify which parts are performing and which are stagnating.
  • The know-how to quadruple your revenue from advertising easily and painlessly.
  • The ability to streamline decision-making so you can get better results with your online marketing, while actually making fewer business management decisions.
  • Growth hacking tactics and lean startup principles that work for solo entrepreneurs too.
  • You should be an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur… Basic familiarity with business concepts is expected.

How did a small one-man business go from earning $3278 a month online to well over $45,000 a month?

And, most importantly, how can you achieve the same results in your business?

These are the questions you’ll find the answers to in The 80/20 Entrepreneur.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there is one surefire way to boost your income:

Become more productive.

If you’ve noticed revenue stagnating in your online business, you might be tempted to try to boost it by…

  • Working more hours.
  • Learning new skills (re-training).
  • Accepting more projects.

The problem with these strategies is that they all involve trading time for money in one form or another. You might get an initial boost in income by working longer, but you can bet those results will taper off after a while. “Burning the midnight oil” can also have nasty health consequences for an entrepreneur, such as sleep deprivation and stress.

The real key to increasing your income is to become more productive. By boosting productivity you get the best of both worlds: you make more money while working less hours.

That’s what you are going to discover inside The 80/20 Entrepreneur. A 3-hour course consisting of 31 short lectures jam-packed with growth hacking principles from lean startups, delegation tips for Upwork & Fiverr, cutting edge online marketing strategies that really gain leverage, and productivity hacks that go way beyond traditional time management, The 80/20 Rule for Business will revolutionize the way you work.

If you’ve ever thought that the only way to make money is to trade it for time…

If you’ve ever felt that your income has capped and will never grow again…

If you’ve ever made the mistake of sinking too much time into projects that generate little revenue…

The 80/20 Rule can change your life. By bringing the timeless principles of economics to your workflow, you can dramatically improve your productivity, your sales, and ultimately, your net income.


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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is concerned about stagnant revenue growth at their business.
  • Any digital entrepreneur who wants to dramatically grow profit in their online business.
  • Anybody who has an interest in success psychology in general.
  • Anybody who has an interest in time management, productivity hacks, and success psychology in general.
  • Anyone who doesn't want to blindly follow the growth strategies of the internet marketing gurus or "make money online" experts
Course content
Expand all 36 lectures 03:03:47
+ Introduction
1 lecture 04:07

An introduction to the course content and an example of the business and productivity breakthroughs that can occur for the digital entrepreneur.

Preview 04:07
+ Using the 80/20 principle to work faster and smarter, not necessarily harder.
4 lectures 15:47

What is the 80/20 Principle and what does it mean for entrepreneurs and online business owners? This lecture defines the 80/20 Rule and reviews it's history in economics, as well as 21st century examples and applications to the business world from the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Preview 04:30

Is it really possible to quickly go from $3,000/month to making over $40,000 in real money every month from home? An Amazon Kindle publishing example of the 80/20 Principle is demonstrated, showing the massive gains that can occur in online marketing and sales from this and similar growth hacking campaigns.

Preview 05:25

Answers to the short pop quiz are covered, demonstrating the leverage that can be discovered in the smallest, most surprising places.

Preview 01:25

Business intelligence and analytics 101 -- or how the world really works. Richard Koch's "50/50 fallacy" is introduced, showing us how we can ramp up our productivity by letting go of 50/50 thinking.

Visualizing the 80/20 rule for optimal results as an entrepreneur.
+ Doing online business analysis the 80/20 way to 4x your revenue
11 lectures 48:50

Here we dive into how we can actually apply 80/20 insight to our business, whether we are seeking to create more value and make more money from home, online, or at the office. We learn how to identify areas of our business to scale up, and those to cut. We learn how to conduct 80/20 business analysis to acquire actionable business intelligence. Plus, we begin the discussion on outsourcing and delegation.

Preview 04:21

An example of 80/20 business analysis from Amazon kindle publishing, and the multipliers that can be discovered by thinking like a trained business analyst. Applications to business development, product development, and hiring or outsourcing are all covered.

How to identify the “crucial 20%” and amplify your investment in winning areas.

Business development that works by focusing on the vital few products or customers that actually produce huge results. We discuss how we can achieve the goal of maximizing how much value we create (and consequently how much money we can make in online business), while minimizing the investment of time that is required by us as digital entrepreneurs.

Why more products don’t always lead to more results—and what actually does.

How to match the business model to the market. How the 80/20 imbalance operates in: a) customer segments, b) salespeople, c) employees or team members we delegate tasks to, d) tasks we automate, e) online advertising and marketing campaigns,

Automation & applying business intelligence to the unique needs of your market
80/20 profitability analysis—by region, distribution channel, product, customer

Why personal productivity gains require us to eliminate the nonessential first, and scale up the essential second.

How to “double up” on investments in the top 20% of your online business.
How to defeat risk aversion and eliminate FOMO in entrepreneurship.
The Reverse Pilot Project—or how to eliminate the trivial many.

This productivity hack is used by tech CEOs and lean startups to eliminate recurring tasks that are trivial, but time-consuming.

How to save boatloads of hours every day and become a serial entrepeneur.
The Steve Jobs case study—how 80/20 saved Apple, and what it means for you.

Take action today by looking at your business analytics to find the 80/20 imbalances unique to your business or online marketing campaigns.

How to break your business down to find out what to multiply—and what to cut.
+ Growth hacking
2 lectures 09:56

The leverage that can be gained by growth hackers when looking deeply at the 20% within the top 20%

80/20 Squared: How to identify the crucial 4% responsible for 64% of your sales.

How we oftentimes are throwing away 50% of our potential productivity or online sales potential by failing to block off the time necessary to do the most vital 1% of activities.

The elusive 1% of your customers that can deliver insane amounts of profit.
+ Finding massive leverage with your online marketing & sales experiments.
5 lectures 29:40

A theoretical demonstration of why some employees or virtual assistants are 16x more productive than average, or why some online marketing campaigns are 16x more profitable than others, etc.

The rule of 16x and what it means for your passive income online.

A real-world example of 16x in an online publishing business.

The rule of 16x illustrated in crystal clear detail on Amazon.

Ignore the internet marketing gurus and "make money online" experts, and instead take the time to do some serious analysis of your business to apply this one crucial idea boost your advertising ROI.

How to QUADRUPLE your revenue from advertising—the easy way.

Effective delegation & outsourcing to virtual assistants on Upwork and Fiverr starts with identifying (and rewarding) the best of the best. It works with GTD and other popular time management systems.

Delegation--and how to identify and incentivize “elite performer” freelancers.
Quick Quiz
1 question

A visual look at the power law and leverage in action.

The Power Law, Multipliers, and Leveling Up
+ Productivity hacks for the solo entrepreneur or lean startup founder
11 lectures 48:09

Traditional goal-setting and time management have their place, but real productivity starts with getting clear about what you want--and what you don't what.

Clarity is king in productivity maximization.

This lecture covers how to find your "unfair advantage" -- whether in internet marketing concepts, facebook advertising, copywriting, niche expertise -- that will give your online business a massive (and sustainable) competitive advantage.

What can you do better, faster, or more easily than almost anyone else?

This lecture helps you find your 20% skill spikes to determine your own "core".

How to identify what you can offer clients that’s both rare and valuable.

Personal productivity comes through "deliberate practice" and focus in one niche area.

Why you should focus 90% of your effort on just one niche area in your business.
How to get paid to practice your one key skill as an entrepreneur.

What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and even Einstein all repeatedly cite as the key ingredient to their success? Plus identifying what your market needs or the value the world needs you to create, and how to be strategic about your point of entry.

Convergence—identifying where your skills, passions and market demands meet.

This productivity hack can help smash the bottlenecks in your lean startup or online business and save you hours of wasted time and effort when making recurring decisions.

One time decisions that eliminate the need to make dozens of future decisions.

Parkinson's Law is now a well understood time and business management principle, but actually implementing it is often difficult for the stay-at-home solo entrepreneur. Some solutions that work are introduced.

Parkinson's Law--and how to make it work for you. Hint: Make It Binding.
Article: Do you suffer from Decision Fatigue?
16 pages

How to find the digital entrepreneurship anomalies to learn from, and discover the great business ideas / business models that can be found by studying success.

Success Leaves Clues

Productivity for lifelong learners: How to separate out important and timely information that must be consumed now, from unimportant information that should be consumed later.

"Just-in-Time" vs. "Just-in-Case" information
+ Extras
1 lecture 00:00

A friend of mine is a serious daily fantasy sports (DFS) player on sites like Draftkings and FanDuel -- maybe you have been following the news about them recently -- and found this document on We were both struck by how closely the numbers follow some of the principles we've discussed. It shows that the top 20% of DFS players have earned 86% of the Net Winnings in 2015 (~ 80/20) and the top 1% of players have earned 40% (~ 50/1). Meanwhile, the bottom 20% of players (part of the "trivial many") have earned just 0.4% of the Net Winnings. With the top players, we can see that there is a concentration effect that tends to occur (as with almost all sociological or economic phenomena) wherein players who have a little more skill or early success likely devote more and more time and study into winning in DFS --> they win more --> their bankrolls and capital grow --> they can play more games for higher stakes --> they win more....and the cycle repeats.

Player Profits in Daily Fantasy Sports
1 page