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7 Secret Rules to speak English Quickly, Easily & Automatically without studying boring & confusing grammar books
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English [Auto]
How to speak English without studying boring & confusing grammar rules
How kids learn to speak English without boring grammar study
7 Secret Rules to speak any language naturally like a child
How to speak English like an American with excellent pronunciation. (Advance Level)
How to learn to think in English and to create thoughts without translating in your head before you speak
How to express your Ideas, thoughts & feeling clearly without translation & without hesitation
Perfect course if you are planning to target TOEFL, IELT or GMAT in the future


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Introduction to E Swayam English

  1. 7 Secret Rules to speak English Quickly, Easily & Automatically without studying boring & confusing grammar books

  2. The most powerful English speaking system based on Natural Language Learning Procedure (Kids learn their mother tongue with this procedures)

  3. The must have English speaking course for students to start speaking from Beginner level to Advance level speaking

  4. This course is completely designed to help people who hate English grammar rules, boring English drills activity

  5. This course is the best for those who want to speak English fluently & confidently by practicing the speaking skill.

  6. अगर प इंग्लिश बोलने के लिये ग्रामर स्टडी से बोर हो चुके हो और आप ग्रामर के लगभग सभी नियमो याद कर चुके हो. मगर फिर भी अगर आप इंग्लिश नही बोल पा रहे हो तो इस मेथड एक बार जरूर ट्राय करो

How does it work?

From the very first lesson you will get in to the English speaking Environment you will be watching English movie scenes with funny & exciting and easy to remember dialogues. But you will not only watch and listen the dialogues but you will be taking part in those dialogues. You will be learning to express you feeling, ask and answer the question.

You will be saying more than 5000 words in each lesson. In total during the course you would have said more than 1.2 lakh words.

With this much practice you will start speaking English fluently with anyone in the world.

What you get when you purchase the course you get more than forty hours of intensive English listening & speaking practice. You will easily learn most important 5000 thousand words & phrases which will help you in any situation.

You will be master of spoken English grammar & that too without studying boring & confusing grammar rules, just like your mother tongue & remember we never think about grammar rules when we speak our mother tongue


Mobile, Laptop or Computer

Space Approx. 4 GB

A Good Quality of Headphones

Internet to Download the Content

Most Important Patient, Courage & Self Inspiration


7 Secret Rules to speak English naturally like kids

1) Stop Studying Grammar Rules

2) Learn Phrase Not single individual words

3) Learn with ears not with eyes

4) Repetition and Deep Learning

5) Use Point of view mini stories

6) Use Real & Authentic English Material

7) Lister Question & Answer Stories

How To Speak English Fluently?

This course will help students transform their intermediate English into advanced!

A complete step by step video guide to transforming their intermediate listening and English speaking from intermediate to advanced!

This course will help you become an advanced speaker of English – you will learn how to speak English fluently!

When English speakers speak quickly, they break the grammar rules!!!

In this course you will learn step by step how to use and understand these little contractions when you learn English.

You will learn all the secrets to be able to speak English fluently and understand like a native speaker!

The course is very student focused and makes it easy to learn English. The videos all have practice exercises for you to train your English pronunciation and listening.

What will you learn with this course?

Your English listening skills will improve quickly easily & automatically

You will practice English speaking in structured exercises

You will feel more confident to speak English and communicate

You will learn English intermediate grammar, including advanced conditionals

Who is the course for?

Students who are beginner & intermediate students but want to take the next step with English speaking

Students who are preparing to visit or study in an English speaking country

Students who are already living and working in an international environment and want to communicate in English fluently


Expert English teacher Shri Amol Deshmukh has been teaching students from all over the world form last 7 years in Language schools and online.

He has helped people from all over the world achieve success with their English, helping people get better jobs with their English or adapt to living in a new country.

Today he creates video materials for his online students who want to improve their English fluency.

Who this course is for:

Students who already have intermediate English who want to learn to understand and speak more like native speakers of English

Anyone wanting to learn English speaking for work or study

Anyone who wants to learn how to speak English fluently

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner English speaker
  • Basic Pronunciation Course
  • English Conversation & Practice for Beginners
  • Intermediate English Speaking Student
  • Advance English Speakers
  • Grammar study basic to advance level
  • Spoken English For Beginners to advance
  • Spoken English level beginner to advance
  • English conversation practice

Course content

1 section8 lectures1h 14m total length
  • Introduction
  • Secre Rule No 1 Stop Studying Grammar Rule
  • Secret Rule No 2 How to remember vocabulary ?
  • Secret Rule No 3 How kids learn to speak naturally?
  • Secret Rule No 4
  • Secret Rule No 5
  • Secret Rule No 6
  • Secret Rule No 7
  • Secret Rule No 1 Test
    10 questions


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Hi My Name is Amol Deshmukh I Am an English Teacher from Aurangabad Maharashtra. If you follow my all 7 Golden Secret Rules & My Instructions I promise you and I guarantee you that you speak English in just 42 Days without studying boring & Confusing grammar rules & books. JOIN VIP STUDENTS MEMBERSHIP & Learn English 10 X faster with the help of English movies, Songs & Fun & Entertaining Stories