7 Reasons Your IT or Other Projects May Fail

How to spot the signs of potential project failures
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How to spot the early signs of potential project failures
How to take remedial action when project failure points become apparent


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Project Management is not a role to be taken lightly.

It requires a great deal of planning and control to keep any project on plan, on target and on budget. But no matter how much you do that, there is always a chance that things will turn out differently.

This class will not teach you to be a project manager per se, but instead will teach you how you can assess your project plan to see where there may be some potential problems along the way. By failing to spot signs of potential failures or just ignoring those issues can be detrimental not only to your project success but your career also.

Therefore, not only will I teach you what to look out for, but I will go as far as teaching you the steps you can take to counteract such potential problems and to bring your project back on track.

Projects do have a tendency to go wrong somewhere along the way, even if you think it may not...

You will learn about 7 potential issues which may be affecting your project, such as:

  • Poor project management and lack of direction given to the stakeholders and project team members

  • Releasing insufficient communication

  • Lacking in the provision of change, risk, financial and performance management

  • Failing to align with constituents and important stakeholders

  • Ineffectively involving executive management in the project

  • Working with a project team which lacks the skills, knowledge and experience required to support your project

  • Running a project without any project methodology and suitable support tools

  • PLUS - 11 basic project assessments you can take to analyse potential shortcomings in your project planning

But not only am I sharing with you the 7 potential issues that could turn your project upside down, but I am also sharing with you tips for remedial action you can take to avoid the worst.

Join me on this exciting class today.

Who this course is for:

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Course content

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  • Class introduction and content overview
  • Poor project planning and direction
  • Insufficient communication
  • Lack of change, risk, financial and performance management
  • Failure to align with constituents and stakeholders
  • Ineffective involvement of executive management
  • Lack of skilled team members
  • Poor or missing methodology and tools
  • Basic project assessments you can take
  • Summary & close


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