7 Minutes, 7 Days, 7 Meditations

New to meditation? Or tried meditation before and it didn't quite work for you? Then this course is for you!
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Come experience seven of the different types of mindful meditations and rediscover more joy & happiness in your life.
Some meditations suit us and some really don't. Come try a few different ones & see what suits YOU
Did you know that meditation can also be lying on the couch bathed in music, walking quietly or drinking a glass of wine....
Learn to quieten your mind and relax your nervous system- no matter where you are.


  • A space to sit, lie or walk.
  • A willingness to give something new or different a try.


If you’ve never tried a meditation before- this course is for you!

If you’ve ever tried a meditation before and didn’t like it- this course is for you!

In the following seven days, you'll get to try various types of meditations and discover the best one that suits YOUR brain and personality.

We'll try guided meditations, meditations using mantras, loving kindness meditations, a sound bath meditation, a mindfulness-based meditation, deep breathing meditation and more. None of these are based in any religion- so you can feel safe and in control as you try them all.

Meditation is a way to offer yourself some quiet time- a moment where you allow your mind and body to relax and to be present. It has been shown to offer all sorts of benefits from increased focus, to reduced stress hormones, to less anxiety to feeling happier.

Some you'll love, some you'll think OK…, and some will not suit you. I found it really helpful to try various different methods and ideologies of mindfulness and meditation years ago, before choosing which practice suits me best.

It makes sense to try a few different types to see which one you can build a regular practice on for the future.

You can lie, sit try a walking meditation. You can wear whatever you want. They can be done at a desk, in bed, in bath- wherever suits you to quieten your brain. The videos are specifically for anyone who prefers not to close their eyes, so that you can feel safe & sound and have a focus.

I walk you through the practice daily and it only takes a few minutes. I’d love for you to join us and discover this tool that has helped so many millions of people to feel better.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is really great for anyone wishing to learn strategies & practices on how to quieten their monkey mind.
  • These meditations are a great way to experience mindfulness in the safety & comfort of your own space.
  • This course is great for anyone who tried meditation before, but wasn't enamored by the incense, music, or mantras.


MBA, B.Sce, H. Dip, Founder of A Wee Bit Happier
Maeve Perle
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Hello! Lovely to connect with you.

Maeve (like Dave) here.

Throughout my life I’ve been captivated by happiness and wellness; taking oodles of classes in the science of well-being, happiness, and positive psychology. In addition, I’ve held a deep fascination for all things yoga and have earned personal trainer, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and transformational breathwork certificates. Having been a university instructor for many years, (16+), it seemed only natural to incorporate all my passions, and develop a happiness program to help people discover how to be a wee bit happier.

Blending the science of positive psychology and ancient-wisdom-traditions, my classes feature happiness practices that offer real, hands-on tools to bring about sustainable well-being and stress reduction.  All from the privacy of your own home (or desk)- sounds fantastic, right?! We think so too.

When I’m not teaching you’ll find me dreaming of the next adventure (or quite possibly the next shenanigans). A self-proclaimed nerd, I’m also a voracious reader and a recently published author. A lover of travel, gourmet food and fine champagne, a fan of music and a snow-shoer extraordinaire, I’ve thrived in the wild west of Oregon, USA for the last 23 years. There, I’ve had the honor of teaching college and university classes. My latest gig is at Oregon State University (OSU- ranked #4 in the uSA for online courses), where I have developed curriculum and courses, and enjoyed guiding students as they navigate their way into the world.

How am I uniquely qualified to teach happiness & wellbeing and why did I create my company- A Wee Bit Happier? Here's a glimpse into my education over the last few years:
-MBA Cornell/ESSEC (Full Scholarship- Grand Ecole/Ivy League) France, 1995.

-BA, Trinity College, Dublin 1992 .

-Higher Diploma DIT, Dublin, 1992.​

-Sixteen years of college & university teaching expertise with experience in curriculum development, course development and student guidance.

-Berkeley Science of Happiness Certificate, Spring 2015.

-Yale Science of Wellness Certificate, 2018.

-University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Specialization Program, 2018.

-Universiteit Leiden Mindfulness Training 2013 & 2018.

-Suicide prevention Certification 2018.

-Recognizing and Supporting Students in Distress- Kognito University Course, 2020.

- JPC Transformational Breathwork Teacher Training & Certificate, Winter 2020.

-Happiness Life Coach with Stella Grizont of the Work Happiness Method, 2017

-Yoga Teacher Training International Yoga Alliance, RYT200, 2013.

-International Fitness Professionals Association Personal Trainer & Women’s -Fitness Specialist, 2006.​

-Online College Teaching Certification, Quality Matters, 2012

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