6 Steps to Crack Any Interview

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How to create an Abundant and Altruistic Mindset to align with the Interviewer?
How to RESEARCH your Strengths and Weaknesses, and map it with the Research of the Companies?
How to BUILD a SKILL DRIVEN RESUME that can get you Highlighted even before you sit for your Interview?
How to PLAY THE GAME, install a program to crack any Interview anytime, anywhere?
How to CREATE A RESONANCE Effect while we align OUR PRINCIPLES with the Company's
Mocks to help you master the best Industry Practises to help you prepare better


  • No prior interview experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know


Embark on a transformative journey that transcends conventional interview preparation.

Welcome to 6 Steps to Crack Any Interview a powerhouse of insights and strategies that will elevate your interview game to unparalleled heights. All this happens in just 6 steps

Step 1 - Breakthrough Mindset

Unleash the power of a breakthrough mindset that transcends limitations. Learn to navigate the psychological landscape of interviews, turning challenges into opportunities and transforming self-doubt into unshakable confidence

Step 2 - The Ultimate Job Search Template

Unlock the secrets of an unparalleled job search template. This step is your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of opportunities and helping you strategically position yourself as the ideal candidate

Step 3 - Resume and Skill Stacking

Craft a resume that isn't just a document but a compelling narrative. Learn the art of skill stacking, transforming your resume into a magnetic force that captivates recruiters and sets you apart in a sea of applicants

Step 4 - Align Your Mission and Vision

Align your personal mission and vision with the company's ethos. Discover the art of presenting yourself not just as a candidate but as a crucial part of the company's future success

Step 5 - Step Up to Play the Job Game

Step into the arena with confidence and poise. This step is your playbook for mastering the dynamics of the job game, from the initial handshake to the final negotiation.

Step 6 - Be Your Company's Biggest Asset

Transform yourself into an indispensable asset for any company. Learn how to not only secure the job but to become a driving force in the success of your future workplace.

To help you immerse and enjoy this journey with us even more, we have garnished this course with these amazing additional content

1. In-Depth Personalized Workbook - Receive a personalized workbook designed to delve deep into your unique strengths and challenges, turning your learning into actionable steps that guarantee results

2. Simplified Mindmap - Navigate the intricacies of the interview process effortlessly with a simplified mindmap that encapsulates the entire course, ensuring you stay on track and absorb every crucial detail

3. Real-World Examples and Roleplays - Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios with examples and roleplays that bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing you for the unpredictable nature of interviews.

4. Live-Like Immersive Experience - Experience the course content in a groundbreaking immersive format, making the learning process not just educational but genuinely enjoyable and memorable.

5. Experience-Backed Training, Bite-Sized Action-Packed Learning - Benefit from training grounded in real-world experiences, delivering bite-sized, action-packed learning that ensures every minute spent in this course propels you closer to interview mastery.

Enroll now to not just crack interviews but to command the room, leaving a lasting impression that turns interviews into opportunities.

Your dream job awaits – are you ready to seize it?

Who this course is for:

  • This is for someone who is looking for a step-by-step strategy to crack an interview
  • This course is for the one who wants to learn the mindset and skillset to sit for an interview
  • It is for you, if you would like to find the missing piece in the jigzaw puzzle to crack an interview


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Dr. Suryadeep Majumder is a recently graduated dentist. His passion towards psychology and human behavior has propelled him to get himself trained in different forms of alternative healing modalities like energy medicine, law of attraction, manifestation, peak performance.

Having grown up with challenges like Dyslexia, joint family politics, he has grown up to discover the essence of BEING, acknowledging the gifts and talents given to him, healing himself, and expanding his powers and skills towards humanity.

His goal is to UPGRADE HUMANITY TO BE(A)ST MODE, through his company, SUNS DEN.

In January 2020, he was devastated and broken, almost on the verge of giving up his life, then he decided to step up, and follow his dream of creating his online coaching and mentoring business. He has coached close to 20 clients on relationships, marriage, parenting, business expansion.

He is presently pursuing his training in coaching, psychology, reiki, cognitive behavior therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, mindfulness, and simultaneously working with his clients one-on-one.

Dr. Suryadeep is also a phenomenally energetic public speaker. He has spoken in global platforms like Speak and Grow, Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, various schools and colleges. He is also a proud winner multiple Communication League Award Nights.

He brings his personal experiences, the exuberance, innocence of a little four year old, merged with proven strategies, techniques and methodologies. What is indeed fascinating, is every single video created is freshly baked from the soul.

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