6 Simple lifehacks that will change your life dramatically!

Learn 6 simple lifehacks that will dramatically improve your life if taken to heart and implemented.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (56 ratings)
3,747 students
6 Simple lifehacks that will change your life dramatically!
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (56 ratings)
3,747 students
Change your life dramatically for the better simply by implementing these 6 simple hacks into your life.
You will be able to increase your knowledge base and vocabulary.
Improve your communication skills.
Improve your relationships with the people in your life.
Be more active and enjoy life more.
Be healthier.
Take action towards reaching your goals and full potential.


  • There are no requirements for this course, just a willingness to better your life.


This course will teach you 6 simple lifehacks that can easily and quickly be implemented into your life for massive results.  They are not complicated or hard to follow.  The course includes 6 short videos that explain each hack and motivates what the benefits of implementing these hacks will have on your life.  Everyone wants to lead a happy and successful life, but not everyone understands that it does not have to be anything massive or complicated that can actually improve your life or help you reach your goals - these 6 simple hacks can already make a huge difference and help you on your way to greatness. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who would like improve their life dramatically simply, easily and fast.

Course content

8 sections • 22 lectures • 1h 21m total length
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Marketing Consult & Enthusiast, Instructor at Udemy, Writer
Christa Van Greuning
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Hi there everybody, 

My name is Christa and I am proudly South African.  Being born and raised in such a diverse and multi-cultural country has given me the opportunity to work with, manage and lead a number of culturally divers and unique employees. 

I have more than 15 years marketing, sales, customer service & administrative experience and have had the pleasure of working for some of South Africa's largest organisations over the years.

I am currently a marketing & branding consultant for a company based in Germany, where I learn new skills almost on a daily basis. 

I enjoy learning and see myself as an eternal student. I have a certificate in PR as well as my BCom. Degree in Business Management - majoring in Marketing through the University of South Africa.  

Teaching and sharing my knowledge is a passion and I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I have learned over the course of my career with all of you!