Practical Passwords

Choosing Strong Passwords That You Can Actually Live With
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After completing the course, students will have a general understanding of how passwords are compromised and how to create strong passwords that they can actually live with (more easily remember, type, change, and manage)


  • This course has been designed for just about anyone, all that's required is a basic understanding of passwords and a desire to create stronger passwords that you can actually live with


If you're like most people you've probably experienced some pain and frustration because of passwords. This course is intended to look at new ways to create strong passwords that you can actually live with (ones that you can remember, easily type on different devices, and just generally manage better).

Throughout the course, we'll take a look at some of the techniques hackers use to compromise passwords and how you can better defend yourself against them. You won't just be told what makes a strong password, but you'll actually see some of the most popular hacking tools and techniques that are used to compromise passwords today! The course is intended to be informative and valuable for anyone using technology (that includes younger children and teens).

As our world continues to grow more and more connected with (and dependent on) cyber technology, it becomes even more important to be equipped to defend against cyber attackers. Cultivating a cyber defender mindset and skillset is not only critical for individuals but it's also important to prospective employers as many are looking to hire people that have basic training in cyber defense. There has never been a better time to invest in these valuable skills!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is really for just about anyone who wants to learn how to create strong passwords that are easier to remember, type, and manage
  • Although the course was designed for an adult audience, the presentation the course was created from has been delivered successfully to elementary and high-school students, so if your child is old enough to have a password he or she may benefit from the course as well.

Course content

4 sections8 lectures1h 40m total length
  • The Story of 5shield
  • Critical Essentials
  • Introduction


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Roger Galitz is an IT Professional with specializations in Cyber / Digital Forensics and Security.

With over 17 years of professional experience serving in a wide range of organizations including Law Enforcement, Environmental Engineering, Telecommunications, Non-Profit, and Software Development, He has had the opportunity to encounter and solve a range of complex technical challenges throughout his career.

He recently founded the company "5shield" to better assist individuals and organizations in defending themselves from cyber threats and cyber enabled criminals.

Roger's hobbies include.......kay...he doesn't really have any hobbies, but he loves spending time with his wife and kiddos.

If you don't find Roger sitting in front of a computer screen he's...well...probably been abducted against his the the police!