50 New Ways to Buy a Car

The Ultimate Consumer Guide for Novice and Experienced Car Buyers
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The student will learn how to avoid "old school" car salespeople and dealership and find those who will provide a transparent and friction-free experience.
The course will provide strategies to determine which car is best for them, how to find a dealership that matches their values, determine what they can afford, and whether they are getting a good deal.
The student will be able to get the information they need prior to visiting a dealership and arrive with the knowledge and confidence they need to stay "in the driver's seat" throughout the process.


  • The only requirement to take this course is a willingness to treat a vehicle purchase as a project that requires a set of basic skills that can be learned and applied to achieve a positive car purchase experience.
  • No special technical skills are required.
  • The course focuses on purchasing or leasing a NEW vehicle from a car dealership.


How to Insure a Great Car Buying Experience. Hi, I’m Gordon Wright, A Friend in the Car Business. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced car buyer or doing this for the first time, it’s an infrequent activity and that means we could all use a friend in the car business. I have structured this Udemy course into 5 Sections with 50 short bite-size video lectures covering the most important tips and pieces of advice that I have been able to put together based on a decade in the car business helping thousands of car buyers and car shoppers to navigate this important purchase decision and process. 

We start off with a short Introduction and then proceed to a series of tips and advice under the section: Before Visiting a Car Dealership - What You Need to Know. It’s possible to get some of the process accomplished prior to visiting the dealership and even connect with a salesperson that you can “audition” before leaving your home. Making sure you understand what you need and what you want before heading off to the dealership is critical to avoid scams and ripoffs that are all too common, even now. 

Then we move to What Happens at the Dealership so you are prepared to manage your way through your own buying process instead of the well-crafted sales process the dealership prefers. This part of the buying activity is where you must know what to expect so you don’t get de-railed by the dealership agenda. 

Then we’ll consider Some Thoughts on Buying a Used Car in the next section. This is a viable option for many people that has its own rules and potential pitfalls. Then, we will talk about creating A Great Delivery and Ownership Experience. I’ll suggest some things you can do to get your ownership started on the right foot. Along the way, I have provided some bonus resources you can use as well as short quizzes and questionnaires to help keep you focussed. 

How your car purchase project turns out will be much improved by learning and understanding how the game works.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for anyone planning to purchase a new or used car either for the first time or who has been out of the market for several years.
  • The target student is seeking tips and advice on how to navigate the buying process like a pro.
  • Anyone who is apprehensive about the car buying process and needs answers to the most common questions as well as some ideas they had not even considered will find this course very helpful.
  • This course will be of limited value to anyone planning to buy a car from a private seller as it looks mainly at buying at a dealership.

Course content

5 sections51 lectures1h 25m total length
  • Introduction - Shopping for a New Car? How is the Process Going So Far?


It's Great to Have a Friend in the Car Business
Gordon Wright
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Following a successful 25+ year career in corporate marketing and sales combined with an economic downturn that impacted many in that line of work, Gordon decided to follow a passion and a fascination that went back to his youth. He always loved cars and he also loved talking about cars. A car dealership looked like the perfect place to bring those elements together. As a marketing professional, he was intrigued by the relationship most of us have with cars. Working as a salesperson on the dealership floor, he started to learn first-hand how the glamour and the reality were often in opposition.

It seemed clear that people love cars and people love to shop but they do not love to shop for cars. He soon discovered that the way dealerships and car sales people are generally trained to conduct business was a lot different than what he had been used to in the corporate world. He soon developed a different approach with customers that was based on the philosophy that an educated buyer is an easier customer to work with. This is how he built a solid base of customers who appreciated his approach.

At the same time, the internet and social media were providing more tools for car buyers to begin to level the playing field. Unfortunately, the industry is still populated by a significant percentage of “old school” thinking in an increasingly competitive industry. The result is that despite some improvements in some quarters, it is still likely that you will be subject to a wide range of deceptive practices and “smoke and mirrors” techniques when you visit a dealership even though you arrive with lots of product information and research.

Gordon Wright pioneered a New Way to Buy a Car in the way he conducted business in the showroom and online. He realized that these methods worked better than the “old school” tactics employed by many of his colleagues and was rewarded with many repeat customers and referrals. Educated customers, he found, were happy customers and were eager to spread the word. 

His Udemy courses essentially provide the insights needed by car buyers as well as car sellers to navigate the car buying and selling process like an experienced pro. And let’s face it, buying a car should be an enjoyable experience for both the buyer and the seller. Gordon pulls back the curtain giving car buyers the tools they need to get what they want from the process and car sellers get insights into the new, digital age car buyer that make it easier to re-structure the traditional selling process into a means of creating customers for life.