5 words German - Course 2 Free for beginners (A1)

Course 2 - Continue your studies to continue progressing in German. All with only 5 words a day
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  • Having completed course 1 or already having a basic knowledge of German
  • Classes are taught in English


Hello and Willkommen (Hello and welcome!)

Welcome to the Course 2 FREE German course for beginners.

In video lessons, I will guide you through clearly structured lessons, so that you can keep your studies in German.

This course has 4 lessons in which you will be able to practice your knowledge of German and continue your learning started in course 1.

You will learn new verbs and the conjugation of regular verbs and their endings in German so that you can solidify your knowledge acquired in course 1.

You will learn to conjugate the verbs "gehen" and "machen" in the present tense, as well as other structures. You will find that German is a very simple language if you study it seriously. And this methodology will surely take you a long way.

Hope you like the course. This methodology was very efficient and I'm sure you will benefit a lot from it.

I hope you have fun. Know that I will always be at your disposal if any questions arise during the course.

My aim is for you to take your first steps and learn German.

After completing this demonstration course, you will be able to speak a few sentences in German and the language will not be entirely foreign to you.

Vielen Dank (thank you very much)


Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn to speak German in a very simple, fast and objective way
  • Students who want to increase their skills when speaking German

Course content

2 sections6 lectures35m total length
  • Note before starting this course!
  • Introduction


Renan Dias
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 2,694 Reviews
  • 57,456 Students
  • 33 Courses


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