Business Building in 5 Steps
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Business Building in 5 Steps

How to Dominate the Market, Grow Your Business and Create Massive Profits
4.6 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
24 students enrolled
Created by Andy Ng
Last updated 6/2017
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What you'll learn
  • At the end of this course, students will be able to know, understand and apply the 5 steps to massive results in business. The 5 steps are: business model success, cash flow success, expand, defend and capital success.
  • You will also know how to overcome the many business challenges at work
  • Plus, you will also pick up valuable strategies that you can grow your business at very low cost
  • You will acquire over 20 strategies to up your sales and profits
  • You can builld your brand and bring your business to the next level
  • Some basic knowledge of business, include knowing what is sales and what is profits

As a business owner, director, boss or manager, you would have suspected for a long time that, instead of owning your own business, all you actually owned was your job as a business ‘owner’. You are in fact ‘all-in-one’ – planner, executor, delivery men, operator, accountant, salesperson and worker.

By now you would also have realized that most of the business owners that you know are in the same boat as you – working longer and longer hours, and many of you earn less than your employees or your previous job.   

But you know that there is another way. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn from seminars and retreats, while others engage professional consultants to help to revitalize their business. Some people say the answer lies in getting a Business Coach.   

AndyTheCoach has, since May 2001, coaching and training business owners on how to work on their business, not work in their business. He guided them on cash flow management, business planning, sales management, and talent attraction and retention.  To date, over 171 businesses have benefitted from his programs, chief among them are ERS Industries, Stylistique Ads, Teck Seng Enterprises and Duramex Industries Sdn Bhd.     

Now you can get all the best of Andy’s over 33 years of experience in this power-packed one-hour Udemy course: 5 Steps to Massive Results.   What you will bring back in this 1-hour Udemy course include:   

  • Why most business owners are happy in their struggles and what to do about it   

  • Step 1: Successful Business Models

  • Step 2: Cash Flow Success   

  • Step 3: Expand   

  • Step 4: Defend   

  • Step 5: Capital Success

Who this course is for:
  • People in business, sales and management
Course content
Expand 10 lectures 59:00
+ Introduction: Step-by-Step is Key to Massive Results in Business
10 lectures 59:00

After completing this lecture on business models, you will learn the following:

  1. Importance of step-by-step to business
  2. Business models is about offering, monetization and sustainability
  3. How BBK Electronics is able to be number 1 in China's mobile phone market in 2016 and 2017 by having a strong offer in the form of positioning
  4. The 2 strong foundations of successful business models: growth and systems
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A business differs from a promotion in that it has repeat business. In this lecture, we will look at how to get repeat business successfully and the other elements of business model success. This lecture includes the following: 

  1. The 3 ways to get repeat business: low way (compulsory), middle way (save money for customers) and high way (make money for customers)
  2. How companies offer unique value to their customers and make good profits: a good look at 7-11 logistics business
  3. Importance of People Tapping Capabilities of successful businesses: how tapping into the desires of people, not their brains, are more effective
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After you have business model success, before you can talk about expanding your business, you need to have the 2nd step: cash flow success. In this lecture you will be rewarded on the powerful points:

  1. Life cycle of companies: how cash flow is the key to business success
  2. What is business cash flow and how does it differ from cash and profits
  3. The 10 areas where cash is stuck and how to avoid them
  4. How lack of action is the biggest contributor to cash being stuck
Step 2: Cash Flow Success

At the end of this lecture 4, which is a continuation of cash flow success, you will learn the following: 

  1. What is cash gap and the need to have small or negative cash gap 
  2. Power of Weekly Cash Forecast for effective cash management
  3. Sample of weekly cash forecast and the steps to compute weekly cash forecast
  4. Difference between a good debt and a bad debt
  5. Ultimately, cash flow management alone does not lead to cash flow success, you need to have growth in your business or expand
How to Boost Your Cash Flow with Weekly Cash Forecast

Once we have business model success and cash flow success, we can safely move into the 3rd step to get massive results:expand. In this lecture you will learn the following:

  1. How to expand by dominating the market, learning from the Mongolians and the Dutch
  2. How to expand successfully by doing profitable marketing, which turns all marketing from an expense into an investment
  3. Concept of acquisition cost and lifetime value, with an example of how your salesperson can give you profits
  4. Introduction to the 5-Ways Leverage to boost sales and profits
Step 3: Expand

The 5-Ways Sales and Profits Leverage is one of the most powerful yet easy to use formula to get massive results in your business.  In this lecture you will be empowered with the following:

  1. How the formula works with 3 key objectives: customers, sales and profits
  2. Work-through of the formula with numerical example
  3. How a 10% increase in each of the line produces a 61% increase in profits
  4. How to double profits with just a mere 15% increase in each of the 5-ways
  5. The ultimate massive results formula: double each of the 5-ways to produce 31 times increase in profits
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This lecture takes a detailed look at the 5-Ways Leverage: Lead Generation, Conversion, Transactions, Average Sale Value and Margins:

  1. Key Ideas in each of the 5-ways
  2. Top 10 Strategies in each of the 5-ways
  3. Top 10 ways to increase leads cheaply: referrals, strategic alliance, host beneficiary, phone-mail-phone, pro-bono, government tenders, classified ads, working for competitors and network and networking
Expand with 31 Massive Results Marketing Strategies

After we looked at Lead Generation Strategies in the previous lecture 7, in this lecture we look at the other 3 ways to expand massively: leads conversion, transactions and average dollar sale

  1. Top 5 ways to increase conversion from leads to sales
  2. Top 6 ways to increase number of transactions cheaply
  3. Top 5 ways to up your average dollar sale
Strategies on Leads Conversion, Transactions, Average Dollar Sale and Margin

We've come to the 4th step to massive results, and now is to Defend. We need to defend as our business have reached some success now and we will be subjected to attacks from 3 fronts: contribution margin, attacks from our team and attacks from the competition. We will cover the following;

  1. How traditional Profit and Loss statement may not tell you the real profit
  2. Contribution Margin statement as a more accurate reflection of your profit
  3. Fixed and variable cost
  4. How to maximise your contribution margin by increasing your sales and reducing your variable cost
  5. How to increase sales by adopting the 7 Strategies for Limitless Business
  6. How to defend against attacks from your team with the antidote of connect and contribute
  7. The top 5 ways to connect with people and make them contribute
  8. How to defend against attack from the competitors by having your Ethics
Step 4: Defend

The 5th and final step to massive results in business is simply Capital Success. Capital success is when you have money coming to you non-stop. In this lecture we will teach you the following:

  1. Capital success in 3 ways: Using OPM (Other People's Money Human Capital and Data Capital
  2. Difference between raising funds from shareholders and creditors
  3. The importance of a Business Plan and how to write a business plan that raises funds easily
  4. Andy's 1% Difference Theory: how a 1% difference will result in 78% increase in your profits and increase your business value by 3 times
  5. The ultimate in massive results: aim for more and shoot for the stars
Step 5: Capital Success