5 Lessons from World War II & 
How Europe Changed after 1945

with Dr Emmett Sullivan
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Five Lessons from the 
Second World War & 
How Europe Changed after 1945
The Dangers of Appeasement and 
Coalitions of ‘My Enemy’s Enemy’
The Need for Planning and Management
Control of Resources Meant Control of the War
The End of Nineteenth Century Empires
Pursuing a ‘Good War’ Against the Devil ... 
Can Make You a Devil too
How Europe Changed after 1945
Technology Could Hold the Key … 
If it is the Appropriate Technology
Beginning of new Empires
Co-Operation over Competition
A ‘Truncated’ Political Distribution


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Documentaries often tell us about the wars themselves, but what about the legacy of the war and what lessons can we learn. In this 9 part programme. Historian, Dr Emmett Sullivan takes us through the 5 most significant take aways from World War Two, the lessons we should all know. He finishes with four parts on how Europe, specifically, has changed since the war both economically, politically and socially.

Who this course is for:

  • This programme is for everyone interested in learning roe about World War Two and the effects it has had on our society.
  • Politicians, historians and economists plus any students of history, economics and politics and international relations.


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I have 30 years’ experience in teaching History, Politics & International Relations, and Economics at universities around the world. I have qualifications from Kent, University of London Worldwide, LSE and ANU, and worked at the ANU, La Trobe, Leicester, RHUL and VUW, concentrating on the World Economy, Great Depression, the Cold War and Nuclear Issues.

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