Weight Loss Solutions That Work

33 Secrets and Solutions From the Most Effective Weight Loss Programs
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Weight Loss Solutions that Will Work for You!


  • Be familiar with a few basic nutrition terms (i.e., macronutrient, micronutrient)


This self-paced 6-module course is designed to  help you determine what weight loss tools might work best for you. There  are a lot of weight loss products and programs on the market. But all  will not work for you. Sustainable weight loss is usually a combination  of dietary restrictions, exercise, behavioral modification, and social  support. These things are the core of some of the most effective weight  loss programs. This course explores those core components while  providing you solutions, resources, and methods that will be helpful to  your weight loss endeavors with or without any additional programs or  products. This "quick course" includes brief lectures, short quizzes,  multiple assessments, and a plethora of resources compiled for your  convenience.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals interested in losing weight; those who have plateaued in their weight loss journey; those interested in working with others to help them lose weight

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Ph.D in Nutrition
Jenelle N Robinson
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Dr.  Jenelle Nicole possesses a PhD in Nutrition, a Master's degree in  Dietetics, and a Bachelor's degree in Health Education and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Dr. Jenelle has advised, mentored, taught,  and coached over a thousand individuals in the areas of weight loss,  nutrition, and holistic health. In the last decade, Dr. Jenelle has functioned in several  roles including professor, educator, researcher, conference speaker, health coach, and nutrition  consultant. She has developed and taught online nutrition and health courses in a university setting for over a decade.