"30 Second" nutrition label Breakdown

6 fitness & nutrition label hacks which save you time | be a nutrition expert
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (15 ratings)
769 students
"30 Second" nutrition label Breakdown
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (15 ratings)
769 students
Breakdown Nutrition/Supplement/Food labels
Deconstruct into 6 parts
Raise awareness of food
Do it in ~30 seconds
Get nutrition/food literate


  • An interest in nutrition literacy!

Behind every great food, every nutrition supplement and every restaurant drink list, there rests a food facts label.

Also known as the Nutrition Facts Label, this is basic info about the food we eat daily, incorporated, into American food packages, since 1994.

And since 1994, this information is standard practice in food processing/packaging.

If you are like many of my clients, these labels look to you like hieroglyphs.

These arcane labels is confusing:

Serving sizes are almost never ONE; the scientific names on the bottom look like Esperanto; key elements like oils and empty calories are rarely if ever in plain sight.

Typically, I get asked three main questions about foods and oils, powders and pills that folks bring to me weekly:

  1. When should I take this?

  2. How much should I take?

  3. Is it safe?

I’ll spin the package around, ignoring the front-side in favor of delicious science and the empirical evidence splayed on the reserve side, often never seen by consumers (it never lies)

In 30 seconds, I will know exactly what food they’re eating and why.

It is a skill I have learned from being a nutritionist and athlete over time.

Anyone can learn.

Who this course is for:
  • Health minded folks
  • Nutritionists
  • Athletes & active men & women
Course content
5 sections • 20 lectures • 40m total length
  • Real use of Food Labels
  • Meet Coach Johann, CSCS
  • Intro | Breakdown a Label in ~30 Seconds
  • Packaged vs. Unpackaged Foods
  • Whole foods and boxed foods
  • Intro: the 3 parts & supplement label Differences
  • #1 Serving Size
  • #2 Macros & Micros
  • Macros & Micros (part 2)
  • #3 Ingredients
  • Supplement Labels are Different
  • 6 Points of every Label
  • #1 Serving Size (3 seconds) | Donut Hole Breakdown
  • #2 COMPLEX carbs are Hidden (10 seconds)
  • COMPLEX carbs... (part #2)
  • #3 Hi-protein or low-protein (5 seconds)
  • #4 Fats and Hidden Calories (5 seconds)
  • #5 Hidden Ingredients (7+ seconds)
  • #6 Case for Extra Sugar
  • Wrapping Up!

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Johann Francis CSCS
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In 17 years, Johann has run a nutrition store, trained professional and hi-level amateur fighters like San Jose’s Chris “the Warrior” Washington, other future professional and junior Olympic competitors, CFO’s, registered nurses, accountants, vegans, pH.D’s, project managers, underweight folks, overweight folks, tradesmen, and elementary teachers (his most dutiful contingent) representing all of the Bay Area’s mega-diverse cultures and population.