L3. Knowledge TOOLBOX.
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L3. Knowledge TOOLBOX.

Have Knowledge and Address Cognitive Dissonance In a Mindful Way!
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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What you'll learn
  • Make modern life a lot more at ease by becoming mindful when it comes to knowledge and information.
  • Become active and proactive when it comes to information and cognitive load. Detox is sometimes needed.
  • Have an active communication policy. Cancel all noise and start having a silent mind first of all.
  • I am. We are. Don't fill-in-the-blank.
  • Possibly, start generating datasets. You might also be able to leverage datasets already produced.
  • It should work for most people. A decent command in English, possibly.

Having consciousness and knowledge is tricky in our time of information overload. It doesn't have to imply cognitive load or a stressful health hazard. It might be a walk in the park - in case you know what you are doing. All it takes is a mindful approach. The best tool might well be a decent pair of an over-ear headset to cancel out the noise. Everyone could do that.

This course is super-deceptive since epistemology is rocket science philosophy. The science is very cumbersome. It could be argued that epistemology shouldn't even be considered. However, these matters are needed to get somewhere with digitization and knowledge management. They are sometimes forced ignorance and delusions rather. The reasons aren't always obvious unless you have a trained eye for epistemology. Machine learning and information architecture are rocket science AI. There is a fantastic job market for IA people. Try to view the world in terms of leverage of datasets as an experiment if you're prepared for the digital age. Reasonably actionable and hands-on. If you want to spare yourself some conundrum, skip beliefs, opinions, and truths and jump straight to knowledge. Know-that are sometimes neglected and sometimes totally over-emphasized. We all need a list of facts now and then. Don't buy the narratives, or other constructs, without questioning. Socratic reasoning might sometimes be necessary but don't take it to extremes, please.

It should also be said that the most important knowledge is knowing what you don't know and how to acquire that information - if and when needed. Don't seek abundance when it comes to knowledge. Possibly, seek abundance when it comes to wisdom which is a whole other matter. Faith is a type of knowledge. Have absolute faith in both your ability as well as the ability of your squad.

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody who doesn't actively seek delusions, ignorance, information overload or cognitive load.
  • People with cognitive dissonance, in particular, will be beneficial.
  • It's a precursor to coding should be mentioned. An appetizer before we get to the main dishes like knowledge representation.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 04:43

Most people need some kind of policy when it comes to knowledge and information. Our time could be filled with distress unless we are knowledgeable in the matter. It's not a matter of abundance. Knowing what you don't know is a really good starting point. Seek abundance when it comes to wisdom rather. Take action from a state of being. Always be active, proactive and offensive. Don't be passive, reactive, and defensive when it comes to knowledge and information, please.

Preview 04:43
What really matters is, of course, knowing your don't knows. The more you know, the more you recognize what you don't know. The Professors are the most ignorant sort of. High school kids are misunderstood genius, know-it-alls.
Knows and Don't Knows.
2 questions
+ Beliefs and Opinions.
2 lectures 04:35

Freedom of conscience is very important. However, there is also freedom to recognize an opinion for what it is and ignore the statement altogether. Don't have cognitive dissonance because of opinions.

Preview 02:05
Please go ahead with being opinionated fi you prefer so. Don't be silenced. A code of silence is malevolent. However, a reasonable strategy is to take opinions further.
Add Value to An Opinion. Such As Asking Questions.
2 questions

Beliefs are similar to opinions in one way. However, there are various kinds of faith. Faith in your own ability or the ability of your squad is paramount. It's an antidote towards trust issues among other.

Preview 02:30
Beliefs appear in different kinds. Having absolute faith in the capabilities of your squad is different from fighting all other beliefs. Freedom of conscience is very important. A mindful approach is simple.
Civilized Behavior.
1 question
+ Truth
1 lecture 04:06

Truth is worth striving for, of course. However, seeking abundance is futile. Subjectivity is the reality. Don't seek abundance when it comes to falsehood, please.

Preview 04:06
Falsification is a standard method that is often very expedient.
Falsify an Untrue Fact Statement and a False Value Statement, Respectively.
2 questions
+ Knowledge and Science.
5 lectures 15:39

Knowledge management isn't necessarily modern. Neither is forced ignorance. There is a lot to be said about both old-school knowledge and modern transfer of knowledge.


Recognize a Know-that Statement. Right or Wrong Questions.

The interesting part about know-that is that they might well be incorrect. This is usually not the case in terms of know-how or know-why in more specific terms.
Create New Know-that.
2 questions

Recognize a skillset. Usually not a question of right or wrong.

Know-how is not always recognized. It might well be tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is very different in nature.
Create New Know-how.
2 questions

Always a (social) construction.

There is often all reason to question why? Why am I spending time in front of a computer screen? If you are really lost, try a whole set of whys for five minutes. The answers often speak volumes. It should also be said that in most cases, the know-whys should be ignored.
Create New Know-why.
3 questions
+ Mental Constructs.
4 lectures 24:27

Most matters are constructions. A lot is to be gained by becoming an expert.

Lot's of mental constructs shouldn't even exist such as why do we wake up in the morning. If you don't know that you're awake, you're sleepwalking which is usually malign. There are often many perspectives and viewpoints.
Make a Basic Construction.
1 question

Make realist assessments of what is really going on.

What defines us is how we respond to the adversities that occur. It also makes life fun and rewarding. Everything is a process. Achievers don't quit. We either make it or not. There are no victims, only volunteers. Seek and find antidotes. Focus on the process goals.
Recognize Realism in Your Life.
1 question
Rationalizations don't have to be irrational first of all. However, they are often rather insidious. Which is the case in terms of our own rationalizations as well. Just ignore the rationalizations of other people. Their problems are their problems.
Recognize a Rationalization and Replace It With a Rational Approach.
1 question

Both modernism and postmodernism are controversy. However, worth considering if you want to gear up on mental constructs. Be in fashion - whatever that means. Also related to being progressive.

The progression and process of modernization are always stunning. Certainly in our times of automation and digitization. Accountability is a typical dimension. Assets and accountability are 2D. Assets, accountability, and human capital is a typical box that could be considered.
Make Traditional In-fashion.
1 question
+ Digitalization.
4 lectures 20:49

Our times are exciting for a number of reasons. There is a stunning abundance of everything basically. There is no shortage of knowledge and information. Everybody could start producing datasets. A virtual representation of your car, bike, pet or plant soon become very valuable. Everybody looks for that right Toyota Corolla or whatever CAD model as opposed to "wrong" year and color. Everything is a model-based design in our time. High-quality images and videos are often very much monetizable.

Audio and video quality is sometimes a real challenge and sometimes overkill times ten. Youtube doesn't have the same requirement specification as BBC documentaries. The right quality and format is the issue.
Assess Quality of Images, Audio, Video etc.
1 question

The information architecture is paramount. This is the case in many areas such as machine learning systems, expert systems and knowledge bases in general.

Information Architecture.
Producing a .csv table may seem silly. However, it still takes some considerations.
Make A .csv Table.
4 questions
XML is convenient and easy to comprehend. It has plenty of advantages just like .csv. Not an obvious choice which way to go. There are various ways to transcode them interchangeably.
Make An .xml File.
1 question
Scripting is usually the most convenient way to go. However, there are lots of opportunities for creating glitches. Luckily, they are easy to fix.
Make A SQL Script.
1 question

Launch a simple information system. A good layout and mindful user interface makes a difference.

Information Systems.
The basic considerations are matters like purpose, technology, and structure. It's supposed to be a valued resource.
Design a Simple Information System.
1 question
Information systems soon turn into a matter of user interface rather. At the most simple level are found stylesheets.
Have Your Own Stylesheet.
1 question
Having your own website doesn't mean going online. Cool enough to use localhost. HTML files could be viewed from the browser since they are static. There are other static formats such as XHTML.
Have Your Own Website.
1 question

Start building a digital asset portfolio.

Digital Assets.
The main point is relationship marketing. I took an image as an example.
Relationship Marketing Of An Image.
1 question
+ Wisdom
1 lecture 02:19

Wisdom is one of these areas where it makes sense to seek abundance. Don't seek abundance when it comes to either of know-that, know-how or know-why. Make it an intention.

Wise action isn't necessarily specifiable and could mean a lot. Some basic steps would be to stop performing actions that aren't your intention, enjoy what you perform, etc. Other basic actions are being calm and present. Often we are - full stop. Ask your girlfriend to be more intense and so forth.
Take a Wise Action Today.
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