Fingerstyle Guitar Mastery: 3 Techniques You Need To Know

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know how the play 3 important modern fingerstyle techniques on your guitar
use your new skills to make your own music more interesting


  • Have your guitar in tune
  • Know how to play basic chords on the guitar
  • Know some basic fingerpicking


Percussive fingerstyle guitar has become increasingly popular over the past few years, which is why I’ve made it my mission to teach students all the necessary skills and techniques to help them become better fingerstyle guitarists. Over the period of this course, I will teach you how to master three essential modern fingerstyle techniques that will take your guitar playing, as well as yourself as an artist, to a whole new level! 

Learn and Master the Three Essential Modern Fingerstyle Techniques in this Step-by-Step Guitar Course

  • Learn how to play slap harmonics
  • Learn how to play advanced body percussion
  • Learn how to play the over-the-top playing style
  • Get to know my favorite percussive warm-up exercise
  • Learn one of my most famous guitar riffs of my song „Memories“

Master Modern Percussive Fingerstyle and Play Like the Pros!

Well known guitarists utilize these fingerstyle techniques to make their songs sound more interesting to the audience. Besides being able to help you write more complex music, these techniques catch the eyes of your audience and make your songs sound more unique and appealing. In order to give you the optimal learning experience, I have carefully selected the exercises in this lesson to help you master these techniques. These lessons have been tested through workshops and private guitar instruction with my students before being recorded.

Contents and Overview 

This course focuses on quality instead of quantity and it provides straight to the point guitar lessons. In total, you will get five comprehensive tutorials, ten step-by-step exercises and one song riff. After this course you will be able to utilize these newly discovered techniques in your own compositions to write more compelling tunes and spice up your playing style.

To start with, I will introduce my favorite percussive warm-up exercise which is a combination of left hand legato lines and right hand percussive hits. This exercise helps to prepare you for other techniques because you will learn how to get your hands to play completely independent of one another. 

The main part of the course covers the three essential techniques: slap harmonics, body percussion and over-the-top playing. All of these are considered advanced techniques that requires the student to focus on each one individually in order to master them. Slap harmonics allow you to add exciting overtones that accentuate your playing. Body percussion on the other hand, introduces a completely new dimension to your music. By emulating a drum kit on your guitar, you are essentially playing two instruments simultaneously. Finally, with the tricky “Over-the-Top” style of playing, you will surely catch the attention of your audience.

At the end of the course, we will use all the techniques we’ve learned to play the riff of “Memories” - one of my most famous songs with over two million views on YouTube! 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for guitarists that want to learn modern fingerstyle but have a basic knowledge on the guitar
  • Intermediate to advanced guitarists


Guitarist & Music Marketing Expert
Tobias Rauscher
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Tobias Rauscher is a solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and music marketing specialist.

He initially worked in the music industry before directing his efforts towards promoting his own music. Through his dedication, he achieved significant success, amassing over 50 MILLION views on his music videos and garnering more than 500,000 followers across his channels. Tobias transitioned to a full-time solo artist, receiving endorsements from some of the industry's leading brands and performing worldwide.

Now, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with aspiring musicians, making it his mission to teach and inspire others.

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