3 Essential Coaching Skills for Project Leaders

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Describe the 3 essential coaching skills to make your next conversation (or interaction better
Apply at least one coaching skill in your next conversation
Identify at least one coaching skill to improve as a Project Leader
Receive additional resources for the 3 essential coaching skills


  • A curious mind and a willingness to learn and apply


In this course, you will be introduced to 3 essential coaching skills that will make your conversations better. Whether you are a Project Leader, Project Manager, Scrum Master, or Team Member, the skills introduced in this course will help you level up your conversations and how you interact with your team or colleagues in general.

This course will raise your level of awareness of 3 essential coaching skills. Even if you are already using these coaching skills, you will become more intentional about how to use them more effectively. You could start applying one or all of these skills immediately in your conversations and interactions.

This course offers concrete examples for each skill. Any new skill starts with awareness and with new awareness comes choice. First, you will become aware of how these skills improve your conversation. Second, you can choose to practice these skills. Third, you will notice the impact on your conversations.

Throughout the course, you will be able to pause and reflect on how to apply these skills. You can practice after each skill or you can watch all the skills and then choose one of them to practice to improve.

Finally, most lessons have additional resources that will help you on your journey! Time to start your journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Project Leaders or Project Managers who want to improve interactions on their teams
  • Scrum Masters who are looking to get more engagement from their teams
  • Team Members who want to connect better with their team


Leadership/Agile Coach & Facilitator
Salah Elleithy
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Salah is a Leadership, Co-Active, Agile Coach and Learning Facilitator on a mission to spark courageous curiosity with play. He helps individuals, teams and leaders learn faster and become better one day at a time.

Salah has been focused on helping individuals, teams and leaders learn, grow and achieve their goals faster. He views coaching as a conversation that leaves someone with something to think about or take action on. His coaching philosophy can be summed up as: Take action and get clarity then repeat. It’s hard to take action when you don’t have clarity and it’s hard to get clarity without taking action. I help you balance the two in order to make progress towards your goals.

Salah is an ICF-credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He works with clients to identify their strengths and build on them to achieve their goals. He works with individuals, teams and leaders in the corporate and the federal world. He also hosts The Coaching Conversation Podcast  on soundcloud.

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