21st Century Skills - Introduction

An Overview
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Gain an overview of 21st Century Skills
Introduction to Learning Skills - 4C's (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication)
Introduction to Literacy Skills - IMT (Information, Media, Technology)
Introduction to Life Skills - FLIPS (Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social Skills)


  • All you need is a zeal for self development through these learning, literacy and life skills


Do you want to posses a future ready mindset ?

Do you want to acquire a drivers license for the future?

What is that one important thing you need to be able do drive a vehicle?

Of course, you need drivers license, but more than license the driving skill is crucial.

Driving license doesn't give you the skill, it only qualifies you to certain requisites.

Driving skill is something that one need to practice to become proficient

Similarly, in life be it personal or professional, one need to be skilled to progress and prosper

This course introduces you to 12 21st Century Skills i.e. Learning Skills - 4 C's, Literacy Skills - IMT, Life Skills - FLIPS

  • 4 C's - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication

  • IMT - Information Literacy, Media Literacy, Technology Literacy

  • FLIPS - Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social Skills

21st Century Skills are the skills that are required by an individual for his/her holistic development so that he/she can contribute to the progress and development of his society/ nation and world the entire world has witnessed an era of intense transformation in all areas, whether it is education, global trade and economy, technology or society. Recently, the covid-19 pandemic is also throwing up challenges for an individual to cope with its impacts.

Naturally, for such times, a different skill–set is required that would enable an individual to cope-up and succeed in facing the challenges in real-life, leading to his holistic progress. These skills are addressed as 21st Century Skills/ Learning Skills/Transversal Competencies etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Doesn’t matter whether you are a school or college going student, young or experience working professional

Course content

1 section10 lectures35m total length
  • Skills
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Why 21st Century Skills
  • Learning Skills
  • Literacy Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Short Story - Critical Thinking
  • Short Story - Leadership
  • Short Story - Social Skills
  • Conclusion & Next Steps


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