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Technology is one of the key drivers of the future. We live in a society that is powered by technology, and it seems that the future will also be driven by technology. As we head into this future, it is important to understand the world we live in and what drives it. The technologies covered in this course form the foundation of what every professional should and must know at least at a concept level.

Definitions and explanations in this course have been kept very simple to appeal to everyone.

In this course, you will learn about the following technologies

  • 3D printing – Applies to healthcare, construction, manufacturing

  • Artificial Intelligence – is termed as the biggest technology revolution currently underway

  • Autonomous Cars- From tesla to countless other cars coming to consumer markets, the applications extend beyond just cars to the world of logistics

  • Blockchain - The trust creator technology the foundation of Bitcoin

  • Cloud – What drives everything

  • Cybersecurity – How vulnerable we are and keeping the bad guys at bay

  • Digital Identity – Driving governments to create secure countries

  • Digital Twins – A revolution in Manufacturing

  • Hyperloop – Super fast transportation technology

  • Internet of Things – Connecting everything to the internet

  • Nanomedicine – The future of healthcare

  • Robotics – Driving industry, healthcare, transportation, aviation

  • Virtual Reality – Learning, training, surgery, and other industries will benefit

  • Wearables – From Fitbit to sensors build inside our clothes

These technologies have been carefully selected for this course as they will have a broad impact on the world overall..

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Graduates


Technology Futurist
Ian Khan
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Ian Khan is a CNN featured Technology Futurist, 3 times TEDx Speaker, Director of highly acclaimed documentary “Blockchain City", Bestselling author of “7 Axioms of Value Creation”, and contributor to multiple industry publications including McGraw Hill and Forbes. He is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, The National Speaker Association, Association of Professional Futurist and the Project Management Institute.

Chief Futurist at boutique Future research firm Futuracy, Ian is one of the most widely quoted experts on Blockchain. He is also the creator of the “Future Readiness Score”, a revolutionary methodology to help organizations use a data based scientific approach to profitability and success.

Ian is author of 8 books, including the Future Ready Organization, The 7 Axioms and a multiple documentary film maker. His films Blockchain City, GX Now and Ai the Next Frontier capture key technological developments and the future. He is also an adjunct professor for ESADE, developing technology education curriculum for higher education and executive learners.

Considered to be one of todays most revolutionary speakers, Ian is a leading authority in change management, technology and future readiness and has spoken on the same platform as President Obama, Amr Diab, Carlos Viveres, Daniel Habif, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and others.

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