2017 Affiliate Marketing Success with Facebook Live Ads

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn with Facebook Ads. Discover the BEST approach.
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Will be able to do market research properly and specifically .
can earn a huge income online in the field of affiliate marketing with facebook ads
can create a killer facebook ad with a eye-catching landing page
Will be able to generate more leads
Will be able to generate more sales on their promoted affiliate products through Facebook ads


  • PC with an Good Internet connections
  • The desire to learn more about how affiliate marketing works
  • The desire to learn more about how to promote products online
  • For the beginners no technical skill required


Are you a newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing through facebook ads and you want to make money online? Or are you already an affiliate marketer who is struggling to earn?

This is a hype-free, beginner-friendly course that provides actionable strategies and lessons that will help you make money by creating an AD online with the help of Facebook Marketing Tools and Softwares. I'll be using my own personal experiences with specific examples to illustrate how to be successful.

The web is littered with massive amounts of hype about affiliate marketing and other "make money online" topics and no information with any real valueMany of these sites and products are authored by people who aren't making a dime, and they're trying to sell you a product they don't really use or some get-rich-quick dream just so they can pad their pockets.I'm not filthy rich, but I make thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing -- much of it is passive. 

This course will put you in a position to make money with your affiliate product and facebook ads what you have to do is to just o through all the levels of this course from beginning to advance. 

By the end of this course you will have your first campaign up and running

This course is for beginners and, I reveal all secrets the gurus have been hiding from you so you can make serious cash online

MARKET RESEARCH: I show you how to do market research properly, how to find hot niches that have hungry buyers, Doing this wrong will lead to failure and guarantee that you wont make money online

TRAFFIC: I show you how to drive highly targeted traffic to your money page so you can make sales, am talking about traffic that convert into sales, I have done all the hard work for you searching and spending a lot of money trying all these traffic sources, Imagine how much it will cost you if you were to go out there and do this all by yourself

TRACKING: I show you how to track your traffic and conversion, this step is important, you need to know where your traffic is coming from such as countries, you will also be able to track sales.

Feel free to ENROLL IN THIS COURSE where you will be able to discover much more....


Who this course is for:

  • People who want to make money with affiliate marketing and facebook ads
  • Individuals who have tried to earn online but have failed
  • Individuals who have searched Youtube Videos one after another but didn't learn anything
  • Individuals who want the beginning but not getting any backward support

Course content

9 sections20 lectures51m total length
  • Affiliates Intro to This Course
  • Competition for Affiliates
  • Things to do in the Right Time
  • Advantages of Facebook ads


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Aparaj Rudra Paul
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My name is Mr. Aparaj Rudra Paul, and i am professional expert in internet marketing and product promotion, SEO expert, Professional Blogger, and also expert in 3D designing.  I'm a part-time Internet entrepreneur who has taught thousands of people online about marketing and the ways of its management and research along with the product promotional techniques. I had also taught more than 1000 affiliate marketer in 2016 and give them the right frequencies who are now happy with their dream jobs. I 've been on the web for ages and it's where i learned everything by going through a lot of information trying and testing things out. I first got started as a part time blogger, along this journey i discovered affiliate marketing, Website building, seo, 3D designing and much more

I am here to broaden my reach to the Udemy community and look forward to teaching even more people online.