20 Step Introduction to the Filipino Martial Arts (Escrima)

DFA Kali Level 1 (Kali/Escrima) - Introduction to Filipino Martial Arts of Kali & Escrima
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After the course you will know more about the history of FMA (Filipino martial arts), basic punching and kicking, along with some street defensive techniques. You will also learn the beginning moves of using the rattan stick which is the backbone of FMA.


  • Loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes are helpful along with a short 28" (71cm) stick. No prior martial arts training is necessary.


The Filipino martial arts are known by the names Kali, Escrima and Arnis.  Most people think of it as "That Stick Fighting Art" , but it is much more.  The Filipino martial arts are a complete system encompassing Hands, Feet, Weapons and Joint Locking.  Many police and military around the world are now learning these arts are due to the effectiveness of the techniques.

The course teaches the following:


  • FMA History

  • The Salute or Bow

  • Warm-ups and Stretching


  • Forward Angle STepping

  • Reverse Angle Stepping

  • Six point Stepping


  • The Jab

  • The Cross

  • The Hook

  • The Uppercut

  • Hand Speed Drills


  • Front Kick

  • Side Kick

  • Thai or Shin Kick

Street Defensive Tactics

  • Front Choke

  • Rear Choke - part 1

  • Rear Choke - part 2

Ground Fighting

  • Ground Fighting #1 - Guard, Mount, Side Mount

  • Ground Fighting #2 - The Reality of the Street

  • Ground Fighting #3 - Maneuvering in the Guard

Single Stick

  • Warm-ups for the Stick

  • Nine Angles of Attack

  • Long Range Blocking


  • Curriculum

  • Certificate of Completion

"If you want to learn to fight go somewhere else.....If you want to learn to survive, join us."

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to know more about the Filipino martial arts is welcome to take the course.


Instructor, Producer, Writer
David Seiwert
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David Seiwert has been studying, teaching and training in a wide range of martial arts from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines since he was 12 years old.

He is currently retired from the engineering field and regularly travels to Southeast Asia to further increase his knowledge and understanding of these indigenous arts.

When not traveling he spends his time teaching, giving seminars, writing books (found on Amazon) and producing videos about the fighting systems of these regions.

For more information or training material on the martial arts you can contact me by email or please check our website.

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