What exactly is the immune system that fights flu-viruses?

As per Ancient wisdom concepts and methods
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• This video course starts with the definition of Immune System as per western medicine.
• Then you will be introduced to a similar concept to immune system, offered by the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic.
• You will see the differences in the understanding and approaches between the two.
• • What is of importance is that you will find out in order to boost your immune system, there are so many things you can do yourselves in a practical way .
• Then, immune system is no more a mere concept, but a blueprint to your health and fight against the flu-virus attack.


  • Although all the courses in this series are inter-related, this course can be studied by itself first.


Doctors and health experts often say : "Your immune system is the best defense against flu-virus attack".

As we investigate further, there is very little information on concrete and implementable action one can take to boost the immune system.

Hence we can only conclude the advice given is more a general statement and a mere concept

In this video course : "What exactly is the Immune System that fights flu-viruses?", we introduce the similar concept of "immune system" as per the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, and you will find that there are so many practical things you can do to boost your immune system.

Take a historical perspective, for over 2,000 years, China has witnessed more than 300 epidemics, averaging one outbreak every seven years. Considering that the Mayan culture was wiped out by epidemics and the European population was reduced by half by the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages, the resilience of the Chinese civilization that has been continuing for 5,000 years, aided no doubt by its unique philosophy and theories of Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, can count as remarkable.

Are you not excited wanting to find out more.

Who this course is for:

  • Hold the belief that your body is a healing system itself when you know how to activate the healing power.
  • Deeply curious about life, well-being, manifesting potentials, health, and the universe.
  • In spite of challenges, poor performances, illnesses, you are determined to learn daily life cultivation towards total wellbeing.


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Near 30 years with oil and gas company, Malaysia Petronas, worked as engineer, manager, trainer and coach, observed much misaligned behaviors in organizations, performances and illnesses issues, which motivated me to search for solutions.


Research and practice Chinese ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, coach more than 600 people with all sort of issues : performance problems, depression, suicide, cancers, Parkinson, autistic children, relationship issues, .. 


Trained 500 over students (classroom & on-line), seeking health, better performance, life practice for autism, Parkinson, cancers, etc. Using the ancient wisdom. 

The philosophy of the ancient wisdom is also applied in trading market for successful trading as per video course "Buy Low Sell High".


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