15 Successes of a Marketing Master

A free, conceptual, introductory course bringing everything you need to enhance your business' marketing success.
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The 15 crucial concepts you need to become a marketing master.
Understand the emotional nuances required to ensure all your marketing activity resonates.
Understand the pathway you need to create in order to achieve success.
Understand how it all overlaps, merges, combines and becomes an intricate multi-dimensional force that resonates with your customers.
Understand the power of building marketing assets, leveraging resources and exponentially growing.


  • A desire to be masterful and successful at marketing
  • A desire to understand the strategic thinking needed rather than short term tactics, tips, and tricks.


Marketing is all about "doing" now-a-days. And that is wrong. Many marketers are busy fools. Many small businesses are wading through mud (or rowing upstream). Whichever metaphor you want to use, marketing has become about tactics, tools, and tricks... when it should be about creating a beautifully crafted, strategically thought-through journey. Both for you, and your customers.

One where "less is more". One where you have a sense of calm and have constructed pathways, stepping stones and marketing assets to help make it all happen.

This introductory course takes you on a journey... to teach you 'the journey'. How good is that?

We have created the idea of a "Golden House of Enchantment". This house is located beautifully on a wonderful small island. The island sits in a calm lake, surrounded by glistening water. And all around, stretching into the distance are hills.. and further away, great moutains.

We use the idea of water. The flow of your communication across the land to invite people to your golden house. And the flow of the customer down the mountains to visit your golden house. And then keeping those customers in your house as treasured guests.

We had a lot of fun putting this together for you.

And we hope you enjoy this free course. It's incredibly powerful.

Be sure to see our other courses on Udemy by checking out our instructor profile.

And be sure to message us if you have any questions.

Best of luck on your journey to marketing mastery.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people who want to understand the deeper, emotive and powerful forces behind successful marketing
  • People new to marketing
  • Business startups
  • People asked to do marketing for their boss but feel a bit out of depth.
  • Business owners who want to use marketing more and want to 'do it right'


Seasoned business and marketing consultant and trainer.
Adam Clark
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With over 20 years of running a successful advertising, marketing, graphic design & digital agency - as well as helping hundreds of businesses start and thrive, I have a wealth of knowledge and "real world" hands-on-skills that I am passionate about sharing with as many people as possible. These break down into 4 key categories:

- Business startup, modelling & launch

- Business Growth

- Marketing & Marketing Communications

- Technology, data integration and CRMs

I have been delivering business & marketing consultancy, and training sessions for global brands, blue chip companies, housing assocations, mom&pop startups and scores of companies from zero to £20million.

My sweetspot is helping businesses from Zero to £5m turnover.

I have helped dozens of startups raise more than (a combined) £7million in funding to launch their ideas and make a difference in the world, and I am considered a marketing expert by my clients, colleagues and in the wider community.

I speak regularly at networking events, Chamber of Commerce events and provide my time for free to help people get started in business.

I know what it is like to be daunted, over-whelmed and I also know what it is like to go from running a £250k turnover marketing agency to 'total collapse' and ending up in hospital through stress. I have been there, done it, broken it... and built it back up again. I feel your pain and can relate.

Now, I am looking to help as many people as I possibly can, have the joys, freedoms and successes of starting and running a great business... and having a great life.

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