15 Street Smart Tactics for Negotiation

Negotiation tactics that can be employed and how to counter them if you face them
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Negotiation Tactics
Street Smartness
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"I want a candy" - Negotiation

"I want a private plane". - Negotiation

Whether you are renting a car, buying a house, cracking a corporate deal or just shopping grocery, even when you are choosing dinner with your spouse or family - We are negotiating all the time, on a daily basis. Negotiation is an essential part of your life. Most people often think of negotiation in terms of big, one time events like contracts, compensation, or benefits, but in reality, we negotiate every single day. These smaller, everyday negotiations serve as great practice for when something bigger comes up.

This course consists interpersonal techniques for building different bargaining styles and effective tactics to ensure that you have a favourable deal and are guarded from being ripped off unknowingly.

This course

  • is easy, practical and powerful

  • can help you hone your street smart skills

  • works for both sides, whether you are buying or selling

  • Maximize value in agreements

  • Increase your ability to persuade and effectively communicate.

  • explores bargaining styles, tactics, and emotion

  • can be used in both - personal and professional situations

Additional Content: This course also analyses a movie scene as an example.

By the end of the course, you will be able to effectively negotiate for win-win scenarios without giving away anything you want. It takes practice but overtime you will get more proficient with it.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn some negotiation tactics to get an upper hand during a negotiation
  • People who are in sales or who require to constantly engage with people for buying and selling items/products/services
  • Someone who wants to become street-smart and crack better deals in personal or professional life


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Hi, I am Videesh! I am passionate about teaching valuable and futuristic courses to students motivated to learn and grow professionally. My courses will help you enhance your skillset, differentiate yourself and help you become more creative and reflective.

All my courses are designed for a variety of audience. If you need more help or support, shoot me a message and I will be right there for you!

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More About Me:

I have a B Tech in Engineering, MSc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and MSc. in International Management. I am an alumni of Esade, Copenhagen Business School, Harvard Business School and part of the prestigious CEMS Network.

Professionally, I have worked in Accenture. Made a successful exit from my start-up Greenlance Energy. Currently, I am an independent consultant. I help build and scale small businesses. I am also authoring a book on financial freedom.

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