140 Advanced Combat Moves - Self Defence and Street Fighting
4.8 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
31 students enrolled

140 Advanced Combat Moves - Self Defence and Street Fighting

Take Your Self Defence, Close Combat and Fighting Skills to the Next Level
4.8 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
31 students enrolled
Created by Alex Buxton
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Self Defense
  • Street Fighting
  • Martial Arts
  • Self Defence
  • Close Combat
  • Fighting Skills
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This course follows on from 140 Combat Moves, Amazon's most popular, and highest rated Self Defense and Close Combat DVD set.

This easy to follow step-by-step Self Defense DVD provides you with all the knowledge you need fight effectively. You will learn all the theory, techniques and tactics that normally take a martial artist or security professional years to acquire.

Practicing regularly, you will increase your fitness, increase your confidence and learn how to protect yourself, your family and your friends. A fight should not last longer than a few seconds. To ensure you win quickly, all these techniques follow three simple rules. They:

  • are realistic, designed against specific attacks you may find yourself having to defend against.

  • are effective, with fast moves aimed towards pressure points and target areas.

  • require no martial arts experience, anyone can perform these moves with a little practice.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who would like to learn self defense
  • Security
  • Door Staff
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 00:52

**Please view this before you begin this course**

Welcome to 140 Advanced Combat Moves. This course is a natural progression from 140 Combat Moves and the two courses together should really round out your self defence skills. Our principles remain the same however because all of these combat moves are

1) Simple

2) Effective

3) Don’t require martial arts experience

This course includes defences against grabs from the front, grabs from behind, straight punches, hook punches, knife attacks and headlocks as well as other principles including joint manipulation.

So lets get started and learn how to defend ourselves!

Preview 00:52
+ Advanced Principles, Joint Manipulation, Pushes & Walls, Ground Fighting
4 lectures 31:14

In this section we cover quick ways to cover your head if you are being attacked and ways to counter-attack in a close up situation. We also cover ducking and slipping so you learn how to move like a boxer to avoid getting hit.

Advanced Principles

If you can control one joint of your opponent, you can control them. If you control two joints, you can throw them. Here we introduce you to the art of joint manipulation – elbows, fingers and wrists – and how to evade your opponent controlling you.

Preview 11:23

It is common for your enemy to push or shove you. We show you how to deal with this if you are having to give ground. If you are against a wall, a whole new set of rules apply. Here we show you how to escape if your back is, literally, against the wall.

Pushes & Walls

The emphasis of this section is how to get up when you are already on the ground. Fighting on the ground is not generally a safe thing to do because there may be multiple opponents and you can’t fight multiple opponents when you are on the ground. So, the key message is to get up quickly so you can either defend yourself or escape.

Ground Fighting
+ Defences Against Hook Punches, Straight Punches and Grabs
3 lectures 41:54

These are the most common punches you can expect as people try to imitate the boxers they see on TV. There are many ways you can block and counter this attack, many of which will end with up you taking your opponent to the ground before they know what is happening.

Defences Against Hook Punches

We also spend some time showing your options if you are attacked with a straight, or jab, punch. These are also very fast counters, many ending with a takedown before your opponent can react.

Defences Against Straight Punches

Sometimes people will grab you with one hand to hold you in place while they try to strike you with the other. Here we show you your options when dealing with this scenario.

Defences Against Grabs and Strikes
+ Defences Against Wrist & Elbow Grabs and Grabs & Attacks from the Front & Back
5 lectures 48:14

If someone tries to grab your wrist, we show you how to escape from their grip and turn the tables on them, either striking them, controlling them or taking them to the ground.

Defences Against Single Wrist Grabs

Getting grabbed by both wrists may seem a daunting prospect. We will show you how to get out of this situation almost instantly, so you are free to apply your counter attack.

Defences Against Double Wrist Grabs

You may be grabbed by the elbow as an attempt to control you. We show you how to escape this and also, as usual, how to turn the tables and take your opponent to the ground.

Defences Against Elbow Grabs

You may be grabbed from behind in a Full Nelson or a bear hug. We show you how to get out of these positions.

Defences Against Attacks from Behind

If you are grabbed from the front, we show you how to get out of this situation very quickly and simply. Women may be particularly vulnerable to being grabbed from the front, so these defences and counters are demonstrated by our guest martial artist, Alicja.

Defences Against Grabs from the Front
+ Defences Against Headlocks, Chokes and Knife Attacks
3 lectures 34:02

It can be quite frightening to be caught in a headlock. You still have a number of options to escape – and even apply a headlock back on your opponent – and you will be shown these here.

Defences Against Headlocks

If someone tries to surprise you and choke you from behind, you have very limited time before you run out of breath. That’s why you only have seconds to get out of the situation. We will show you how to do this and to discourage them from trying something like that again.

Defences Against Chokes

Knife fighting is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Here we will include some principles which you can include in your toolbox just in case you absolutely cannot get away from a knife fight.

Defences Against Knife Attacks
+ Wrap Up and Next Steps
2 lectures 00:45

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