Screenwriting Tools - Know them to Build a Great Story

Learn the tools to sell your stories
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Learn the industry secrets in writing a story
Entirely downloadable for offline use
Lucid video examples for conceptual understanding
Learn the techniques to build the drama and conflict
Learn in detail about your protagonist


  • No Software expertise is required
  • Enough curiosity to tell great stories


A music composer needs to master the musical notes and instruments before he compose for a film; without basic knowledge of colors a painter can't paint; likewise a screenwriter or playwright should require certain tools to express his/her vision clearly. It is a difficult skill to acquire. To build scenes, sequences, acts, and the whole story is not an easy job.

So the answer to this quest is learning principles, tools that are required for screenwriting or any kind of storytelling, because screenwriting is film making on paper. The screenwriters' job is to visualize the story on paper before making into a movie or any kind of visual grandeur.

The main objective of the course is to provide you with the industry secrets to enhance your screenwriting skills to excellence.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Screenwriters
  • Film Students
  • Writing Aspirants
  • TV Production Students
  • Studio Interns
  • Literature Students
  • Corporate Managers - for telling "BRAND" stories
  • Anyone who is in the business of Storytelling
  • Bloggers - for writing effective blogs
  • This course is probably not for those who are looking for technical aspects of Cinematic Storytelling like operating the camera, learning editing software etc. That would be dealt in another course.

Course content

3 sections79 lectures1h 41m total length
  • Introduction


Filmmaker at Newlight Cinemas
Kamal Sucharan Burri
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Kamal Sucharan Burri is a Filmmaker and Instructor. With the teaching experience for over 12 years, he is now pursuing Ph. D., on Storytelling Dynamics. He teaches Film production, TV production, and screenwriting as a Visiting Professor in various Universities and Colleges in India.

He is also the founding Director of Newlight Cinemas, a film Production Company dedicated to teaching and making cinema.

He staunchly believes that storytelling can change the world and always aims to do so.