Hack the IELTS Speaking Test

Get Ready to Crush IELTS Speaking!
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10 Hacks for the Speaking Test
What Examiners Expect
How You Are Evaluated
Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid
Keywords when Speaking
Impress Your Examiner!


  • New IELTS candidates should have at least a moderate command of the English language.


Are you new to IELTS or unfamiliar with the Speaking Exam?

If you are fresh to to this component of the IELTS exam, this one-hour course will provide ten hacks, tips, and an overview of what you should expect to experience when you meet your speaking examiner. In addition, we'll cover accents, how you will be evaluated, and all the criteria used to assess your speaking skills.

If you have never experienced the IELTS exam, chances are that you are feeling more nervous and stressed out than you need to be! This is your chance to reduce that anxiety by learning all you can about the speaking test, so you are confident and prepared well in advance.

Catch inside tips on the speaking test from a certified English teacher and former IELTS examiner. Chris is originally from Canada, and graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Secondary Education, and also holds a diploma in TESOL. He teaches English every day, and prepares his students for their upcoming IELTS exams every year. He also spent years as an IELTS examiner for the the speaking and writing components.

So, what are you waiting for? See you in the course! Let’s work together and get you up to speed for the speaking test!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner & Intermediate IELTS Test Takers
  • If you haven't taken the actual speaking test yet, this course is for you!

Course content

1 section18 lectures53m total length
  • Welcome to Your Speaking Test Course!
  • Tips for Test Day
  • Hack 1 - Know the 3 Sections & Their Time Limits
  • Hack 2 - Caught on Tape!
  • Hack 3 - Questions for the Examiner? The Test is Scripted
  • Hack 4 - How Long Should I Talk?
  • Hack 5 - 3 Habits You Need to Avoid
  • Hack 6 - Should You Be Honest...or Just Lie?
  • Hack 7 - What About Memorizing a Response?
  • Hack 8 - Is There a Theme, or Random Questions?
  • Hack 9 - How Much "Me" in Part 3?
  • Hack 10 - The Tool You Need to Download & Understand!
  • 5 Common Grammar Mistakes
  • Be Different From Other Test Takers
  • Keywords & Part 2 of the Test
  • Part 3 is a Dialogue
  • Connectors & Regionalism
  • Wrapping Up & BONUS RESOURCES


IELTS/English Instructor
Christopher Fehr
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Chris holds a degree in Secondary Education with a major in English from the University of Alberta (Canada) along with a diploma in TESOL. He is a former IELTS examiner and has been helping test-takers for 10 years. In addition, Chris has taught English to hundreds of students in South Korea, Canada, and the UAE over the past 17 years. Check out his podcast  and YouTube channel, Hacking IELTS.