1 Month Inspiration @ 1 Min Per Day
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1 Month Inspiration @ 1 Min Per Day

Expand your mind, uplift your spirit, motivate and improve your emotional state of mind.
4.5 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
773 students enrolled
Created by Wolfgang Riebe
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Do you need inspiration, but don’t have the time?

Here is a quick course consisting of 31 insights & quotes of 1 minute each covering various topics. You could complete the whole course in under 35 minutes.

However, why not benefit to the max and try a completely NEW way of doing this course.

This is my recommended route.

Watch 1 insight per day and use the day to think about what has been shared and apply it in your life. Ideally, when you wake up in the morning, decide what number between 1 – 31 resonates with you at that moment. Now simply click on the equivalent insight, and use that as your inspiration and food for thought for the day. In this way, a month later you should have a completely new outlook on life and expanded your mind to a new level of consciousness.

To start... watch the short introduction and decide on your first insight, and then continue for the next month!

Plus you can download the E-Book on everything covered as well!

Topics covered:

These are the topics covered: Memories Stay Forever; The Meaning of Discipline; Truth & Fruitfulness; Be Consistent; Build Someone Up; Be Happy Now; Make Your Dreams Become Reality; Worry is Pointless; Magic Exists in All of Us; Fairy Tale Belief; Don't Hold On To Anything; Don't Be An Askhole; No One Owes You Anything; Coping with Fear; Stop Complaining; Stop Judging Others; Find Yourself First; Stop Trying to Impress People Who Don't Care; Only You Have the Power; Declutter Your Life; Find Time to Relax; Friendship is Based on Commonalities and Not Differences; Honesty is the Most Important Human Trait; Passion Defined; Keep Track of Awesomeness; Struggle is Part of Success; The Power of a Smile; Time Moves On, Regardless of What I Do; We All Do Things Differently; Only You Have To Live with Your Thoughts; Do It At Least Once.

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Hello and welcome to my 1 min insights and quotes to keep you inspired for an entire month!

Somebody said to me the other day, “Why do you put all these videos on the Internet? Do they work?” They felt that motivation doesn't work! It’s weird how you always get those negative types, isn't it?

In fact there is a well-know speaker in the United States, Zig Ziegler's and someone said to him that motivation doesn't work, and he replied, “Well, it's like bathing. Bathing doesn't last either, you've got to do it every day!

Not bad huh? I believe motivation is like fitness. If you want to become a big body builder, or get a six pack, you have to go to that gym every single day, or at least 4 to 5 times a week and you've got to constantly exercise those same muscles over and over to get to that point that you are now fit and healthy. It is exactly the same with inspiration! You've got to be constantly reminded so that you get into that mindset that you stay inspired.

So how does this work?

When you wake up, ask yourself what number between 1 and 31 feels right for you today. Simply go to that insight, and let that be your seed thought for the day. In this way you will have enough insights to keep you going through a 31-day month, and by the end of the month your whole outlook to life should have shifted to one of being positive and enjoying life to the maximum!

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+ 31 Quick Quotes & Insights
31 lectures 43:29


People may come & go in your life, but memories stay forever.

For those people that do come and go in your life, are you creating those everlasting memories with them or not? I firmly believe that whomever I meet in life, I respect that person and try learn from them. In fact I try to connect with them 100%, because whatever happens in our lives (whether we remain friends or not) by creating perfect moments of living in the now with that person I am creating awesome memories for one day when I look back at my life. But if I am constantly bickering, bitching and speaking behind someone’s back and fighting, I won’t have any good memories one day when I look back at my life. So the question is... are you having a great time connecting, respecting and having fun together, or not? What you do now will affect the memories you have one day at the end of your life. Think about it!

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A character of discipline is not an oddity in life – it is the foundation of success.

Those people that are successful in life have a dream, a goal, and they have the discipline to act out all the action steps in order to reach that goal. Sadly, the majority of people in life give in when their mates ask, “What you doing tonight? Let’s go out. Let’s party, etc.” You get distracted and you don’t keep on following the routine. Why, because if you are not popular, everyone thinks you are boring. But if you really think about it, if you want success, you have to sacrifice certain things. And one of those things is to religiously do that amount of stuff every day that is needed to achieve your final goal – whatever those actionable steps are. You can only do it if you have the discipline to follow through every single day and not let yourself be distracted, or influenced by anything around you.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "Nur das ist wahr, was fruchtbar sich erweist" (Only that is true which turns out to be fruitful.)

Now Wikipedia describes Goethe as a writer and Statesman. He was so much more than that. He was a philosopher, a poet and was to Germany what Shakespeare was to England. Only that is true which turns out to be fruitful can be interpreted in many ways. For me Goethe implied here that optimistic people who are productive can change the world for the better. They have something to show for their efforts – hence there is truth in what they do and leave behind. As for the rest that produce nothing – they are simply forgotten. Are you following your true purpose in life?

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An unknown author once said... “What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.” Isn’t that great?

Be consistent. Consistency is an integral part of walking your talk. Think about it, will you ever respect someone that only does what they say once in a while? No! You respect people that remain constantly consistent in what they do. Only by being consistent and disciplined in doing a little bit every day towards a bigger life goal, will you eventually achieve that goal. Think about studying, cramming like crazy before the exams is madness, but doing a little bit every day makes the final exam much easier and less stressful to handle. So whether it's studying, life goals, career plans – whatever – do your bit every day! Remain constant!

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Recently I was thinking, when last I had built someone up? Think about it, today’s world is full of darkness, greed and hatred. Why not make it a point to change this? To add light and magic to someone’s life today! Think about this seriously! Everyone is into everything only for them self. Imagine we actually just made a little bit more time, and tried to make someone else’s day for them – just to add value to someone else’s day. Do you know how that would change the world if we all did that? And at the end of the day, happiness is derived from doing things for other people. Go out and add some magic to somebody else’s life. Do it today!

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You cannot change anything that happened yesterday, but you can change everything that happens from now on!

Look at people around you - they are negative, aggressive and full of hatred, hence all the wars! Why? Because they are living in yesterday! You cannot do anything about yesterday – you cannot change it. You can stand on your head and sing through every orifice of your body – the past will never change! What you can do is change how you feel now, how you feel tomorrow and how you feel in the long term in the future. All you have to do is shift your perception. Realise you cannot change it. I’m not saying you must forget, I’m saying you cannot change it. Learn from it and make sure you don’t do the same mistakes again and go out and enjoy your life to the fullest now.  Why haven’t you done it yet?

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Imagine how awesome life could be in 6 months from now if you stopped talking about your dreams and actually started making them happen!

You see, most people on earth just talk. Every time we meet them they talk about what they are going to do. Do they actually do it? Some even change their dreams, their desires every week, every two months – what about you? I don’t believe you should talk about things, because then in the future your life is not going to change. You have to make things happen now. You have a dream, focus on it and go out an achieve it. Because then your life will be better in 6 months from now! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Insight 7: Make Your Dreams Become Reality


Are you someone that worries, or do you know someone that worries a lot? Worry is pointless. It changes nothing, but it does rob you of being happy in the now!

When you worry, you worry about something that you cannot change. Plus you become so preoccupied with that worry, that you do nothing else. You are being completely inoperative as you are just sitting vegetating and worrying about something you cannot change. You are not being productive. Why choose the negative if I can go for the positive? I would much rather be happy and see what becomes of the situation I intended worrying about, as I cannot change the outcome anyway! In the meantime go out and be happy in the now. Stop the worrying - it gets you nowhere! Choose happiness!

Insight 8: Worry Is Pointless


Magic resides in all of us, it's just that some people don't search long enough to find it.

As a magician I keep on looking for the magical and the different in my life. I truly believe that we all possess magic, but not all have us have accessed it within ourselves. You have that magic too. Never give up and keep searching for it. Granted you need to do some deep internal introspection and above all you need to be brutally honest with yourself and identify who you truly are. But guess what, when you do that and you access your inner magic, your power to change people and the world for the better will be limitless. So what's stopping you? Do it now!

Insight 9: Magic Exists In All Of Us


If you could believe in the Tooth fairy, Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny for approximately 10 years of your life, how come you cannot believe in yourself for just 3 weeks?

We don’t achieve our dreams because we don’t believe in ourselves. From childhood we already learnt that it is really easy to believe in Santa Clause & the Easter Bunny - therefore we understand what belief is. We’ve all gone through it. We know how to do it! So what’s stopping you doing it in adulthood? It takes 3 weeks for a habit to get into your subconscious, or out of it again. If for 10 years you could believe in all that fantasy stuff, surely, just for 3 weeks you can believe in the real you! This simple technique allows you to cement your dreams within your subconscious mind and achieve all your dreams!

Insight 10: Fairy Tale Belief


If you don't hold on to anything, no one can take anything away from you.

Have you ever wondered why we get upset, possessive, nasty and attitudinal to protect what we have? We should realise that nothing in life in permanent. Everything is borrowed – from your family, your possessions, your health, in fact everything! Understand that nothing is permanent and that whatever you have now, will change. Your life will also come to an end. Learn to savour the moment and not be possessive. Once you can do this and realise that everything is borrowed for a short moment of time, you can start becoming content, as you don’t need to hold onto anything. People will start seeing you in a different light and question your happiness. Maybe you can then change their outlook too, and in turn make the world a better place for everyone!

Insight 11: Don't Hold On To Anything


What is an askhole? We all know people like this! They are those individuals that constantly ask for your advice, yet do completely the opposite to what you tell them.

 I tend to like giving and helping, but often we meet people we try to help to the best of our abilities - yet they never listen. This becomes really frustrating. Hence I found a way to cope with this annoyance, and I say to myself, “They don’t know any better, they’re just an Askhole!” Guess what, it makes me laugh about them, rather than get annoyed & frustrated. And when you do find those people, and they are a reality, you simply have to reach a point where you say, “Enough is enough.” Stop and let them go. Don’t waste your time on people that don’t appreciate your advice and help.

Insight 12: Don't Be An Askhole


No one owes you anything. Until you learn to accept this you will remain disillusioned and you won’t be respected.

We live in a world today with an entitlement attitude! Just because my parents and/or my grandparents worked for something, I believe I am entitled to what they had. Big mistake! No you are not – you are not entitled to anything others worked for! You have to make it happen in your own life! If you don’t make it happen, this means you are not taking responsibility for your own life. How then do you expect to be respected? The constant excuse that people use that they were brought up in tough circumstances is now overplayed. I know people that really had everything against them in life, yet they managed to stand up, take responsibility and make a success of their lives. Bottom line, what’s your excuse? 

Insight 13: No One Owes You Anything


If you end up in a fearful situation, turn the meaning of fear around so that is stands for Face Everything And Rise!

When most people are in a fear situation, they freeze. In fact they Forget Everything And Run – instead of realising that in life there are always total opposites like day and night. If you are in a fearful situation, it is actually quite easy to convert that thinking into something opposite and positive. So instead of thinking, Forget Everything And Run, how about Face Everything And Rise. Then you look at it from a completely different perspective. So the next time you encounter fear, just remember Face Everything And Rise.

Insight 14: Coping With Fear


Instead of gossiping and complaining about the success others, use that same time to create your own success!

Think about, it’s logical... while we spend time bitching, moaning and complaining about what others are doing - we are wasting time. Instead we could have taken that same time to create our own successes and way surpass those that we are complaining about. Imagine you look back in 6 months and realise that you have converted all the negative moaning into positive productive achievements. The feeling of accomplishment will be awesome, and all those people that always annoyed you will not have stolen your time – instead they will now be the ones moaning about you and questioning how you achieved what you did!

Insight 15: Stop Complaining


If you judge people according to their religion, race or culture. Then the only problem lies within you!

How many people do you know that judge strangers around them? They don’t know the person, but make judgements on how they dress, their culture or their religion. This is all because of pre-conceived ideas that they have grown up with due to psychosocial, socio-cultural and behaviouristic reasons. The biggest mistake we can make is to judge others and not give them the opportunity to prove who they are. Everyone that I meet, I will respect first. I leave the rest up to them! I give everyone a blank sheet of paper on which they write down who they are. Guess what? 99% of people turn out to be awesome! Why? Because I did not prejudge them! Think about this, if you judge first, are you not the problem? 

Insight 16: Stop Judging Others


To find happiness, find yourself first.

Ask yourself, “Am I happy?” Are you content with where you are right now? Most people are not! To find happiness, you first have to find yourself. Look within your heart, ask yourself whether you are living the life you are meant to live, or are you living the life other people, including family and friends want you to live? Most people do what everyone else and society expects us to do. Very few people follow their own hearts. When I look at people that are retiring I question whether they are looking back on their lives, regretting every day, or are they thinking that this was the most awesome time ever? Sadly most people don’t do the latter! But you can change that now! Live the life you are meant to live. Find your own happiness and then life starts being fun.

Insight 17: Find Yourself First


Stop trying so hard to impress people that don’t care and who will only be jealous of your achievements anyway.

I look at the rat race and how people behave and I am confused as to why people are constantly trying to impress others that don’t care about them, and who will only be jealous of their achievements anyway. Why would you want to go out and impress people that merely get jealous of you? Sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense to me! You have got to do in life what you do for yourself and for nobody else! You and you alone have to be content and happy with what you do. Only then can you find true happiness. Surely that makes sense?

Insight 18: Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don't Care


As the magician of your own life, you and you alone posses the magic within you to create the magic around you. You alone are responsible for the magic in your own life.

This quotation summarises what I believe to be the magic that we all possess. We are all creators and in charge of our own life. The big secret here is that you need to accept and take responsibility for all your actions while focusing on creating, rather than breaking down. The more you create, the more you realise and see the result of the power within you to make positive change. So what’s stopping you? Start now!

Insight 19: Only You Have The Power


To calm the mind, de-clutter your life.

Most of us cannot sit still because our minds are in overdrive, working overtime. Basically we have too much clutter in our minds! You need to simplify your life by getting rid of all the unimportant stuff. How I do this is that I think of everything that is going on in my life and I label this 1, 2 or 3. One is the imperative stuff. Two can wait a while and Three is not important. I now group everything and get rid of the 3’s. I put the 2’s aside for later and focus on dealing with the 1’s. Therefore I logically categorise and prioritise what I need to do in order of importance. The clutter becomes an organised system – freeing up my mind from random thoughts and therefore I find calmness. Surely you can do that to?

Insight 20: Declutter Your Life


When people see speakers like me who work in different parts of the world, most people think, “Oh how lucky he is.” In reality a hotel is a hotel – doesn’t really matter where it is in the world it is. But when I am in a holiday destination such as Tenerife, I make a point of finding time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Instead of stuffing my face from the incredible selection of foods available at lunch – I quickly eat a small portion of healthy foods and then take 15 minutes to relax by the pool, or beach. I use this time to find a private spot and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. With today’s rat race lifestyle, do we all take that needed time to de-stress and enjoy that ‘vitamin injections’ of appreciating our surroundings and relax? Most people make excuses instead of making time (even if it is 15 min) to relax. If more of us attempted this, we would have a lot more chilled people on this earth.

Insight 21: Find Time To Relax


I was watching the news the other day sensationalising all the hatred around the world. Suddenly I thought... friendship includes creating a relationship with someone of another culture, race and religion by first connecting on both your similarities, and secondly respecting each other’s differences. Never on forcing your beliefs on the other person! We all need to stop meeting other people and trying to force our opinions and beliefs on them! How about getting to know them first on a level where you can both connect so that the trust builds up? Then when you start becoming aware of each other’s differences you respect them rather than criticise them and hence don’t force your own views. In that way we learn and grow from and with each other. Remember that the next time you meet a stranger.

Insight 22: Friendship Is Based On Commonalities, Not Differences


My standards are not higher than yours, I simply believe that honesty is the most important human trait that defines us.

At one stage my wife told me that my standards in life where to high. All they were is to be honest! In fact I always believed that if you are going to do me in, at least tell me to my face and I will still respect you. But never backstab me, or do something illegal, unethical, or dishonest to me, as then I will never respect you again. Imagine if each of us just began being honest to everyone around us – the world would change overnight. It can! And it all starts with you!

Insight 23: Honesty Is The Most Important Human Trait


Passion... what I can do 24/7 and never be tired!

 Even the routine stuff that I have to do over and over, I can still do it and smile and not get tired, as I am doing what I love in life. If you look at the world around you – how many people are really happy? Are they doing what is expected, or what really makes them happy. You need to ask yourself, “What is it that drives me and makes me want to get up in the morning?” When you find that answer – you are following your passion and having fun in life rather than being tired. I am passionate and enjoying my life. I am no different from you – what’s your excuse?

Insight 24: Passion Defined


For the next 12 months write-down every awesome thing that happens in your life. Save the slip of paper in a jar, and on New Year empty the jar and recall the incredible year you had.

Why? Well, most of us only remember the negative happenings in life. When good things happen, do we write a letter? Not really, but we are the first to complain and write about bad stuff on social media. It seems that we are conditioned to focus on the negative, rather than the positive. Therefore, every positive thing that happens in your life, write it down. At the end of the year look at all this good stuff that happened. Suddenly you won’t be thinking that it was such a bad year, but realise that it was in fact a great year. In this way you recondition yourself to start appreciating and enjoying life.

Insight 25: Keep Track Of Awesomeness


An Unknown Author once said, “Just because you are struggling, does not mean you are failing. Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there. Opportunity always comes with opposition – hang in there.”

Speak to any successful self-made entrepreneur. It's rare that something lands on your lap and takes no effort. Most success stories start out with much struggle and hardship. It's all part of the journey. I once read a great quote by another unknown author that said, “If no one criticises you, then you are not doing anything right!” In other words, when people appose and challenge you - that's when you are seen as a threat – and that's a sure sign you are on the right track. Makes sense... doesn't it?

Insight 26: Struggle Is Part Of Success


A smile a day keeps the depression away.

Think about this, when you are depressed in life, when was the last time you smiled? If you are sitting on a tube, or in a bus and you smile at a stranger (nothing weird – just a pure smile) that stranger is forced to smile back at you. No matter how angry, depressed, or annoyed you are, as soon as you smile, that feeling goes away! Are you smiling every day? Whether you are or not, try smiling one more time than you did before. Smile at those around you – it will make a difference in your life.

Insight 27: The Power Of A Smile


Whether you make the effort to accomplish a dream or not, the time will pass by regardless. So why not make the most of the time that you have?

Sadly, most people just sit and dream and don’t do anything else. Now whether you make the effort to achieve your dreams or not, time still goes by – regardless! Surely therefore it is more logical to use that time productively? Right now I could be vegetating and watching television or socialising, instead I am creating videos/books and this short course with insights that may just change your life. I am being productive, and guess what, I am no different from you! So what’s stopping you? Go out and make the most of every minute of your life!

Insight 28: Time Moves On, Regardless Of What We Do


5 + 3 = 8, but so does 4 x 2! The way you do something isn’t always the only way to do things. Respect other people’s way of thinking too!

We live in a society today where we believe that if someone does not do a thing my way – they are wrong, stupid or even disrespectful. Sadly most people forget that not everyone sees the world in the same way as you do. We need to respect everyone’s views and understand that as long as we all get to that same goal at the end of the day together, that is what counts, regardless of how we all do it. Stop being judgemental.

Insight 29: We All Do Things Differently


Only you have to live with your own thoughts.

No one else has to live with, or knows what your thoughts are. So if you are down and depressed because of all the negative thoughts in your mind, it’s only you that is living with these thoughts, no one else! And its only you that is putting those thoughts in your mind – no one else! So why not rather opt for positive and fun thoughts? Then you live with fun stuff rather than negative stuff in your mind! Remember, from the outside – only you know what is in your mind and only you have to live with those thoughts. I chose awesome thoughts – don’t you think you should too?

Insight 30: Only You Have To Live With Your Thoughts


It's better to see and do something once... than hear about it a thousand times.

This is so true, as just speaking about something will never give you that personal satisfaction, or the ability to experience it in real life using all 5 of your senses. Rather go an out do something once – experience it for what it really is, than regret not having done so and speak about it more than a thousand times for the rest of your life.

Insight 31: Do It At Least Once
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