Core Concepts in HTML 5

HTML 5 is the future of the web. Learn the essential Core Concepts to get started in HTML5. Invest in the future now!
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  • Lectures 23
  • Length 2 hours
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 7/2014 English

Course Description

HTML5 is the future of the the entire web. An investment in the future.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to setup the environment to work with HTML5 documents
  • Dive-in to create your first webpage using the new HTML5 markup
  • Understand the HTML tags and how to use them properly
  • Learn to document your work
  • Learn to create section heading on your webpage
  • Apply text formatting to paragraphs on your webpage
  • Learn to insert special characters
  • Make text subscript and superscript
  • Learn to create tables on your webpages
  • Learn to insert beautiful images on your webpages to make them look attractive
  • Use hyperlinks to link to other pages and files on your webpage
  • Learn to create lists on your webpages
  • Lifetime Course Support
  • Regular Course Update


Why learn HTML5?

Earlier it was just HTML, and then came XHTML, HTML 4.0 etc. And now it is HTML 5 the current language of the World Wide Web (Internet) and a language on which nearly all websites will be based-on in future.

HTML 5 is simple, clean, fun and the easiest language to learn. All the new technologies in HTML 5 enable web developers to create websites that are smarter, faster and more secure than they have ever been before. So, whether you want to create websites just for personal use, business use or if you want to enter the world of web-development, think no farther. HTML 5 is the right tool to get started with and its basic rules are simple and easy to pick up, it’s an investment for lifetime, and once you know how to put it to use, you are only limited by your imagination.

Course Mission

The mission of this course is to provide a quick and accessible way for you to learn and understand the core concepts in HTML 5, so that you can get started in programming for the web (Internet) using HTML 5. This course does not assume that you have any prior experience with any programming language or building any websites. Therefore, in this course you will learn the core concepts in HTML 5 from the ground up. I hope that this course provides hands on introduction to the core concepts in HTML 5 and fills in multiple roles as both a learning tool and a reference once you expand your skillset.

Supplementary Files:

Each lecture in this course contains additional supplementary files in the supplementary file section, in order for you to understand the concepts better. It also contains example codes, figures and lecture keyword documents. In case you want to download a zipped folder of these files, kindly send me a message and I will send you a link to download the zipped folder.


I’m constantly working on to improve this course. Therefore, if you have any feedback you are welcome to send me a message and I will definitely work on to include that in this course.

What are the requirements?

  • No prior knowledge of any programming language required
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Notepad or Notepad++ (A free text editor but better than Notepad)
  • Free Programs such as, Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader (To access supplementary files)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will learn the essential core concepts must for anyone to get started in HTML5
  • You will make an investment in future, since nearly all the websites in future will be based on HTML 5

Who is the target audience?

  • People with no prior programming experience (Beginners)
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hobbyists

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture Goals:

  • Why should you learn HTML 5?
  • Quick History About HTML and Why was it Created
  • Overview of Tools You Need to Start Programming in HTML 5

Notepad is a Windows text editor program. It is great for learning HTML-5.

Lecture Goals:

  • Introducing Windows Notepad Editor
  • Launching Notepad for the First Time
  • Tips on Saving Your Work Files
  • Organize Your Work into One Folder
  • Opening, Saving Files and Working in Notepad

Notepad++ is a free text editor program that has much more capabilities than Windows Notepad. We consider it a great tool for both beginners and professionals.

Lecture Goals:

  • Introducing Notepad++
  • Downloading and Installing Notepad++
  • Launching Notepad++
  • Customizing Notepad++
  • Opening, Saving Files and Working in Notepad++

Its time you start designing your first web page

Lecture Goals:

  • Introduction to Tags in HTML
  • Opening & Closing Tags
  • Creating Your First Webpage

People usually give up learning HTML altogether, because they have a hard time understanding how to work with tags.

Lecture Goals:

  • Introducing tags in HTML
  • Anatomy of an HTML tag
  • Opening and Closing tags
  • Containers in HTML-5

A quick recap of what you learned so far

15 questions

Use this section to determine how much you understood in this section.

Note: If you score less than 80%, you should perhaps revisit all lectures in this section

Section 2: Basics of HTML 5

If you do not understand how to close tags correctly in html, then you must attend this lecture.

Lecture Goals:

  • Introducing Nested tags
  • Closing tags properly
  • Closing tags - Rule
  • Closing tags - trick

Documentation is an essential part when you are working as part of a team.

Lecture Goals:

  • Importance of documentation When Programming in HTML 5
  • Introducing Comment Tags in HTML
  • Understanding and Using Comment Tags

Lecture Goals:

  • Basic Elements of an HTML Document
  • Understanding the DOCTYPE Tag
  • Understanding the Metatag Tag
  • Adding Character Encoding to Your Webpage
  • Using the Body and the Paragraph Tag
  • Building a Basic HTML 5 Document
2 pages

Not all file types are support by web-browsers.

Lecture Goals:

  • Basic ".html" extension
  • Other file types supported
  • Saving files as supported types

Lets quickly recap, what you learned so far.

15 questions

Use this section to determine how much you understood in this section.

Note: If you score less than 80%, you should perhaps revisit all lectures in this section

Section 3: Core Concepts in Text Formatting

Section headings separate sections on your web page

Course Goals:

  • What are Section Headings?
  • Section Heading Tags in HTML
  • Creating Section Headings

Lecture Goals:

  • Why Format Text on Your Webpage?
  • Applying the Bold Style
  • Applying the Italic Style
  • Applying the Underlined Style
  • Nesting Bold, Italic & Underlined Styles

Lecture Goals:

  • Understanding Superscripted Text
  • Understanding Subscripted Text
  • Where to Use the Superscript & Subscript Formatting on Your Webpage
  • Superscript & Subscript Tags
  • Using the Superscript & Subscript Tags

Lecture Goals:

  • Understanding Monospace Text
  • Importance of Monospace Text
  • Using Monospace Text in HTML 5
  • Understanding Preformatted Text
  • Importance of Preformatted Text
  • Using Preformatted Text in HTML 5

Lecture Goals:

  • What are Special Characters?
  • Understanding Entities
  • Inserting Special Characters in Your Webpage
  • Dividing a Page by Using Horizontal Line Tag

Let's quickly recap, what you learned so far.

15 questions

Use this section to determine how much you understood in this section.

Note: If you score less than 80%, you should perhaps revisit all lectures in this section

Section 4: Other Core Concepts in HTML 5

Lecture Goals:

  • Understanding Tables in HTML 5
  • Creating Tables in HTML 5
  • Applying Borders to Tables in HTML 5

Lecture Goals:

  • How to Show File Extensions in Windows 7?
  • Adding Images to Your Webpage
  • Adding Images to Your Webpage - The Efficient Way

Lecture Goals:

  • What are Hyperlinks?
  • Creating Text Hyperlinks in HTML
  • Creating Image Hyperlinks

Lecture Goals:

  • What are Lists?
  • Types of Lists in HTML
  • Bulleted Lists (Unordered Lists)
  • Numbered Lists (Ordered Lists)
  • Nested Lists
  • Definition Lists

Let's quickly recap, what you learned so far.

Checkpoint #4
15 questions

Learning advanced techniques in HTML 5 and Goodbye!

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