Copy Alchemy: Sales Copywriting Blueprint

My A-to-Z copy system including exact sales page templates for effective sales copywriting.
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About This Course

Published 2/2015 English

Course Description

----Introductory Price ONLY---

Over $3 Million Dollars of Results from Our Copy Including Copy Personally Written or Managed via Outsourcing for 8x $100,000+ Products

Want to write ninja copy resulting in $85,767 of sales? The art of copywriting takes time but the secret psychological tricks can be learned quickly - copy are the words on a salespage, leadpage, blog, email or even a webinar - that influence the reader to take action or buy.

Guarantee: By the end of this course you'll be able to write copy for yourself that results in $3 EPCs or sell copy as a service for $1,000+.

Who is the DigiStrats Team?

DigiStrats has been involved with 49 product launches, 8 of which have grossed over $100,000. We have wrote the copy that sells, outsourced copy and taught students to write copy. Copywriting is the most critical skill of your life because it not only commands people to buy but every single moment you use copy to sell ideas when influencing co-workers, friends or even family with your carefully chosen words. It's not what you say but how you say it.

When strategizing the $85,767 launch, we carefully chose each and every word resulting in super high conversions and $14.03 EPCs - meaning each human visitor was worth over $14 on average.

In this 3-Day Course I'm going to take you from novice to charging upwards to $2,000 to $5,000 for sales copy.

We'll pull the cape off secret tactics that can be used to malevolently manipulate customers AND by buying the course you agree to only wield this influencing superpower for good.

You'll learn the following ninja copywriting secrets:

-Our foundational Cornerstone Copy Cube Framework

-Our 10-Step Copy Alchemy Transmutation System that turns weak copy into a $5+ EPC sales funnel

-Practical applications of copy to webinars, email marketing and JV pages

We'll even build out a high-converting salespage live during the course and by the end you'll even have completed your first sales copy.

Plus you'll get 3 Bonuses

-Bonus #1: The $85,767 Salespage "Fill-in-the-Blank" Copy Template

-Bonus #2: Our Udemy "Fill-in-the-Blank" Copy Template to write sales copy for your Udemy course in minutes

-Bonus #3: Our Done-for-You Salespage - an actual salespage both in HTML and as a Leadpages template so you can just throw in your copy and have our exact hot looking high-converting salespage

The Better than Money Back Guarantee

One tenant of good copy is throwing weak 30-day money back guarantees out the window so we're giving you a double your money back guarantee. Take action, get in our Private Facebook mastermind and if you don't succeed I'm going to give you double the money out of my own pocket.

Special Introductory Price - Rising Soon

Even though we've done over $3 million in sales (closer to $4 million now) and we normally charge $497, $697 and $997 for our life changing courses, we will keep this introductory price before raising it as a special for the Udemy community.

Take Action & Enroll

Enroll now, make the commitment and jump straight into the course right now. I know this course will revolutionize the way you do business and write copy.

See you on the inside and check out the preview videos to see what value you'll be getting!

Talk soon,


What are the requirements?

  • Nothing - we walk you through copy from A to Z from introductory all the way to extremely advanced profit-generating tactics

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Write copy for sales pages that will deliver a minimum of $3 in EPCs
  • Use our done-for-you salespage template to create a high-converting eye-popping salespage even if you have no graphics experience
  • Approach other product creators with your new copy skills and sell copy as a service for a minimum of $1,000
  • Create high-converting sales videos in minutes with our Video Sales Letter (VSL) Insta-Creator Tool
  • Leverage copy strategies to structure high-converting webinars, JV pages and network effectively

Who is the target audience?

  • People interested in learning copy to optimize their online business
  • People interested in hiring copywriters so they don't have to write copy themselves but they still acheive top notch copy
  • People interested in selling copy as a service for $1,000+
  • People interested in copying and pasting our salespage templates, sales videos & our entire Copy Alchemy Transmutation System
  • Whether you have no knowledge or advanced knowledge of online businesses, copy is a MUST if you want to be really successful online

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Day 0: Introduction - Copy is Everything and Everywhere
  1. Introduction to selling copy as a service or in business situations - fundamentals are the same
  2. Copy is everywhere and all around us
  3. 40+ products launched with 7 (now 8) being 6-figure launches
  4. Experience writing copy and even outsourcing copy
  5. Copy is a must for your business
  6. Warning: Copy can be used to manipulate people so use with caution
  7. Our company mission is to to turn as many nine to fivers into six-figure marketers
  8. Commitment required before continuing!
  1. #1 action step is to join the Facebook community
  2. Introduce yourself once you join
DigiStrats University
  1. Earnings proof from a launch for which I wrote the copy for the entire funnel
  1. Earnings proof from a webinar for which I wrote the copy for
  2. Copy is not just for salespages but also for webinars, emails and many other parts of an online business
  1. Personal 1-on-1 strategy session once you complete the course
  2. Complete the course and take action to get your bonus worth $125
  1. Easy to follow structure taking you from novice to Copy Alchemist
  2. Introduction to copy
  3. Copy fundamentals
  4. Salespages & sales videos
  5. Webinars, email & JVs
  1. Primary objective is to close sales that are win-win
  2. Copy is everywhere, in every situation and in every moment
  3. Business copy situations - email, webinars, sales scripts, team meetings & resumes
  4. Personal copy situations - trips, dates, girlfriend & wife, emails & yourself
  1. Potential of copy is either freelancing, receiving a % or creating products
  2. You can profit from copy by creating it in the form of sales copy, sales videos, webinars, email or recruiting JVs
  1. Follow a 3-step process for high-profit freelancing
  2. Find a $50k+ launch, contact & offer copy services for free!
  3. Once you do copy for one launch charging $2k+ is easy
  1. A good product with high value will always make you more long-term
  2. High conversions don't always equal good copy and vice versa
  3. Bad products will lead to emotional consequences
  1. You are always selling whether
  2. If you don't have a product you can freelance
  3. Everyone writes even if they're not a "writer"
  4. This course will help you become an expert
  5. Copy is essential to make good copywriter hiring decisions
  1. Black Art Digital Strategies FB Group– Join the group now!
  2. Cult of Copy– Join the FB group (optional).
  3. No Product– Message marketers or anyone that you know is selling products online and offer to do their copy for a salespage, an email, anything – for free!
Section 2: Day 1 - $85,767 Copy Fundamentals (CCC Framework & CAT System)
  1. Step 1 - Copy modelling
  2. Step 2 - Soft fundamentals
  3. Step 3 - Hard fundamentals
  4. Step 4 - Copy templates
  1. Find top Udemy courses and study their copy strategies
  1. Find top JVZoo products and study their copy strategies
  1. Doing the proper in-depth product & customer analysis
  2. The importance of empathy and an emotional connection
  1. The Balkans story
  2. Warning: Secret tactics that can manipulate emotions
  3. Why most decisions are emotional
  1. Attention. Interest. Decision. Action.
  2. Connection to Glen Gary Glen Ross movie
  1. Don't focus on features
  2. Focus on benefits to your customer
  3. The corporate exception
  1. How to quantify your copy to make a great impact
  2. The power of a "$118,237 launch"
  3. Resume exercise and how to quantify your resume
  1. 3 types of proof - small personal proof, beta proof & borrowed proof
  2. How to get testimonials and where to include them on the salespage
  1. Analysis of they psychology behind the $50,229 of proof
  2. Establishing credibility via proof
  3. Engaging the audience with proof
  4. What if you don't have any proof?
  5. 3 ways to obtain proof: small proof, beta proof & borrowed proof
  6. Leveraging proof for the main sales angle
  7. Crazy articles to "lead-in" with
  1. 3-step system to implement - break down your process, group and create your dead simple system
  2. Simplifying the process and making everything doable
  1. How to include pictures to increase conversions
  1. Think Short. Think Click.
  2. #1 tenant of copy is that the goal of the current line is to get the reader to the next line and the goal of that line is to get the reader to the next line
4 pages
  1. "Fill-in-the-Blank" template to easily write Udemy sales copy
8 pages
  1. "Fill-in-the-Blank" template to easily write copy for JVZoo and other products
  1. Leveraging proof in your headlines
  2. How to engage from the beginning
  3. Including 3-step simple systems
  1. Attention - leading in with proof or questions
  2. How to demo the software if that's the main selling point
  3. Closing with a call to action
  1. Where to include proof on the salespage
  1. Software and Udemy are moving away from old-style salespages
  2. Understand your target market and gear your body copy towards it
  1. Nice mockups and images drive sales
  2. People are more visual - show them
  3. Overview of mockup tools
  1. Taking proof shots using PowerPoint, Jing or Snagit
  1. Using real images
  2. Using stock images
  3. Mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars
  1. How to stack value to justify pricing
  2. Sometimes not apart of newer salespages such as Udemy salesletters
  1. Icing on the cake that pushes buyers over the edge
  2. Examples - webinars, done-for-you templates and/or scripts
  1. The 30-day money back guarantee versus the "I get behind this fully" money back guarantee
  1. Daily scarcity drives sales thus the 4-day launch method
  2. Teach affiliates how to mail the scarcity angle
  3. Case study of Udemy courses
  1. Determine Lead-In Angle– Proof/story
  2. Plan– Fill in the name, headlines and start thinking what images will make an impact
  3. Fill in the Specifics– Finish the outline following the CAT System
  1. How I fill in the outline and create copy for my courses
3 questions

Mid-term to check your understanding

Section 3: Day 2A - Creating the $85,767 Salespages
  1. Step 1 -
  2. Step 2 - HTML version
  3. Step 3 - Upsell pages
  4. Step 4 - Outsourcing copy
  1. How to use Leadpages and their templates to create simple high-conversion salespages
  1. How to use our Leadpages template to create a high-conversion template based on our framework
30 Minute Salespage - HTML Version
  1. Using the same template for the upsell pages
  2. Differences between normal salespages and upsell pages
  1. How to correctly outsource copy
  2. Thinking required otherwise copy will not turn out well
  3. In the end you are responsible as it's your copy
  1. The proven high-converting template to create your salespage
  1. Input your copy into one of our templates before continuing
Section 4: Day 2B - 30-Minute Software & Udemy Sales Videos
  1. Sales scripts
  2. PowerPoint videos
  3. Camtasia videos
  4. Bonus discussions
  1. Why I start my videos with proof
  2. How to engage with questions
  3. Don't go "boring" and remember ATTENTION
  1. How to fill in the template
  2. Cutting words during the second and third iterations
4 pages
  1. The "Fill-in-the-Blank" Sales Video Copy Template to create quick sales videos
  1. Creating quick PowerPoint sales videos
  2. How to use animations
  1. The "Fill-in-the-Blank" Sales Video PowerPoint
  2. Just replace the text and start recording
  1. How to record in Camtasia
  2. 720x1280 recording dimensions for Udemy
  3. Correct audio settings
  1. Recommend to include a demo if your market is knowledgeable and needs it to make a buying decision
  1. Choosing the right headset for the webinar
  1. The best mic for recording
  2. How to use pop screens and mic stands
  1. Sales Script – Use the “fill-in-the-blank” template
  2. PowerPoint– Input into PowerPoint
  3. Film– Use the Camtasia free trial
Section 5: Day 3 - Copy is Everywhere (Webinars, JVs & Bonuses)
  1. Step 1 - JV Pages
  2. Step 2 - Networking
  3. Step 3 - Webinars
  4. Step 4 - Bonus
  1. How to use copy to create JV pages
  2. Leading in with proof on your JV page
  3. How to structure your JV contest
  1. Attention: Lead in with proof in a non-cocky way
  2. Interest: Give value and show them you'll make them money with launch
  3. Build an emotional connection
  1. How to write copy when you structure your webinar presentation
  2. More of a focus on value with webinars
  1. Case studies make the content real and replicable
  2. 4 steps to powerful case studies - concrete details, leaving no stone unturned, making the content step-by-step and showing live proof
  1. Breaking down systems into step-by-step formulas anyone can follow
  2. Using live demos and walk throughs
  3. Have audience follow along
  4. 3-steps to "step-by-step" - complete presentation/instructions, separate out each step and group together for 4 to 7 steps
  1. Select 1 Situation – JV page, networking, webinars
  2. Apply Copy– Create the page or webinar
  3. Minimum Action: Networking– Reach out to 5 JVs
Section 6: Conclusion & Next Steps
  1. Congratulations
  2. Audio version of course
  3. SD card trick
  1. Final action steps with course
5 questions

Final exam for you to become a Copy Alchemist

  1. Secret discounts to products mentioned in the course
Sources & References for Images Used
4 pages

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Instructor Biography

Digi Strats, Software Investor|Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Asset Investing

Focusing on digital asset investments including a portfolio of companies that include:

-Part of investor consortium that executed buyout of a 7-figure SEO SaaS investment
-Select investment increased bottom line by 40% in less than 6 months

Digital Marketing

With over 50 product launches from information and software products, DigiStrats uncovers the true secrets of success of top marketers.

Product Creation

A specialist with multiple product launches in the fields of:

-Social Media & Facebook Marketing
-Wordpress (html5, UI/UX, themes)
-List building

Some marketing achievements include:

-Strategist behind multiple successful software brands
-Creating webinar sequences & funnels
-Selling 1,000 units of a software product in under 45 minutes

Traveling & Internationalization

-Master at lifestyle design mixing online ventures with perpetual travel
-Lived in 5 different countries across 4 different continents
-Knowledgeable in 5 languages
-Managing remote staff members with primary operations in the Philippines and India

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