Cooking Lessons for Dad: Learn to Cook Food the Easy Way!
4.5 (11 ratings)
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Cooking Lessons for Dad: Learn to Cook Food the Easy Way!

Cooking lessons for beginners. Learn to cook healthy, delicious food the easy way! Simple instructions and easy recipes!
4.5 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,178 students enrolled
Created by Karen Breyer
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Prepare a huge variety of simple, delicious, healthy recipes.
  • Make more than 30 great recipes!
  • Use many new cooking skills and methods.
  • Mix and match different recipes so you will have a never-ending variety of terrific meals and snacks.
  • Prepare an endless variety of wonderful, tasty, health-promoting meals and snacks for yourself and those you care about!
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  • No cooking experience necessary!
  • You will need basic cooking equipment such as pots with lids, baking dishes, baking sheets, bowls (various sizes), measuring spoons and cups, bowls, and basic serving and cooking utensils.
  • You will need access to a stove (or single burner), oven (or toaster oven), slow cooker (like a Crockpot), blender (or food processor). A microwave is helpful but not necessary.
  • You will need the ingredients listed in the recipes. Some recipes have optional ingredients or possible substitutions.
  • You will need to be ready to cook some delicious food!

Cooking Lessons for Dad is for beginner cooks (like my dad) who want to enhance their health by learning how to cook simple healthy, delicious food. By the end of this course you will know how to cook an endless variety of delicious, healthy food and recipes. I also expect you will be eating lots of healthy, delicious meals, snacks, and desserts! You will be able to crowd out harmful processed and junk foods, and instead eat more health-promoting foods. Very soon your body will be happier, healthier, and more energetic! Those you cook for will get to enjoy the same benefits, as well. What a gift of love!

Would you like to cook more but you are so busy with life and have an overloaded brain? To top it off, you have no cooking experience? No problem! These cooking lessons are perfect for you! Learning to cook is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. These delicious recipes will help to enhance your health and easily fit into a busy schedule.

In this course you will receive more than 29 step-by-step cooking demonstrations to show you exactly how to prepare each recipe (and more to come!). I recommend that you try each recipe soon after you have watched the lesson. With these instructions, along with your free cookbook and kitchen reference chart, you can easily master the recipes and have excellent results.

I suggest that you complete two lessons and their recipes each week. Each recipe varies in the amount of time and preparation needed, but are all easy. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised when you see several recipes with only one, two or three ingredients! I predict that some of these super-simple recipes will become favorites in your home.

In this course you will learn:

    ·How to cook many easy, healthy, delicious recipes

    ·Many cooking techniques and methods

    ·How to measure ingredients and easily remember basic measurement terms

    ·How to mix and match many of these recipes and have a huge selection of meals!

    ·How to sneak chocolate in some already delicious recipes (for you mental health of course!)

    ·How to create new recipes by varying the ingredients

    ·Time-saving cooking methods and recipes

    ·How to be a great cook for yourself and others!

The first section of recipes is so-easy you will be amazed! They will help to build up your cooking confidence so you can progress to the more advanced but still simple recipes. As you progress through this course the recipes will include a few more ingredients, but not many. Even so, the last 2 recipes are still easy as pie! Really!!

So what about shopping for the ingredients? The ingredients are mostly:

    ·Easy to find


    ·Easy to pronounce (except quinoa!)



    ·Not chocolate (but some are!)

You will get to use a variety of cooking appliances such as:

    ·Slow cookers (Crockpot)

    ·Oven (or toaster oven)

    ·Microwave (optional)

    ·Blender (or food processor)

    ·Stove-top burners


Necessary materials:

    ·Recipe ingredients (some recipes have optional ingredients or possible substitutions)

    ·Cooking pots with lids

    ·Baking dishes

    ·Baking sheets (or cookie sheets)

    ·Bowls (various sizes)

    ·Measuring spoons and cups

    ·Serving, cooking, and eating utensils

    ·Hot pads

    ·Aluminum foil

    ·Wax paper or parchment paper

    ·Food storage containers or bags

    ·Paper towels or napkins

If you are a beginner, I think this will be the most valuable cooking course you will ever take. You can try it for 30 days and if you do not see its incredible value, you can get you money back with no questions asked.

I believe this course will change your food world! Many of the lessons will encourage you to try different variations of the same recipe. In addition, lots of these recipes can be mixed and matched together to make an unlimited variety of meals! By the time you are done with this course you will be able to cook so many different healthy, tasty recipes you will never run out of possibilities! You will be able to prepare an endless variety of delicious, healthy meals for yourself and others. As you easily fit these recipes into your life you will crowd out the junk and processed foods. As you replace worthless foods with simple, health-promoting foods you will be on your way to living a longer, healthier and happier life! Learn how to cook and sign up for this course now to start your exciting new cooking adventures!!

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner cooks who want to enhance their health by learning how to prepare simple healthy, delicious meals and snacks.
  • Busy people who want to improve their health by crowding out junk food with delicious, healthy food.
  • People who want to learn some new, easy, healthy recipes.
  • Those who want to keep cooking simple and healthy.
  • Those who have an interest in cooking and want to start with the basics.
  • Those who want to eat some healthy, delicious food everyday.
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
Introduction to Your Cooking Adventures!
1 Lecture 01:30

In this introductory lecture you will learn what to expect from this course. If you have any more questions about this course feel free to ask me in the course discussion section.

Introduction to Cooking Lessons for Dad
Cooking Lessons for Dad Cookbook
1 Lecture 00:10

Here you will find the downloadable Cooking Lessons for Dad Cookbook. I recommend that you print this cookbook and have it with you during the lectures. You will also need it when you cook the recipes. Please let me know if you have any questions about the cookbook or it's contents. Happy Cooking!

Cooking Lessons for Dad Cookbook
Easy Kitchen Measurements
2 Lectures 05:10

Here you will find a helpful Kitchen Reference Chart. I recommend that you print this chart and hang it somewhere in your kitchen for easy reference while cooking. The refrigerator door and inside a cupboard door are convenient places to keep this chart. There is also a copy of this chart in the Cooking Lessons for Dad Cookbook. It may be handy while you are watching the cooking demonstrations. Please let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see on this chart.

Kitchen Reference Chart
1 page

In this lecture we will review some basic kitchen and cooking measurements. You will learn some easy ways to remember these common measurements. You can find these and other cooking measurement terms and their abbreviations in the Kitchen Reference Chart.

Preview 05:10

In this quiz you will review what you have learned in the Easy Cooking Measurements with Dad and the supplimentary Kitchen Reference Chart.

Measurements and Abbreviations
4 questions
Easy Oven Recipes
5 Lectures 01:01:23

In this lecture you will learn how to prepare Oatmeal Surprise Cookies. These are a fun, delicious, healthy recipe (as long as your surprise ingredients are healthy). These cookies can be a surprise to others every time you make them! You will find out why when you complete this lecture!

Preview 17:09

In this lecture you will learn how to make Mexican Veggie Pizzas. This is a recipe that is loved by everyone! It can be made for just one person or a crowd. There are lots of possible toppings for this recipe and each person can choose their favorites.

Mexican Veggie Pizza

In this lecture you will learn how to make Apple-Oatmeal Muffins. Although I used a Red Delicious apple in this cooking demonstration, I do not recommend using that type of apple for baking. Some good apples for baking include Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Jonathan. You can try different types of apples in this recipe to find out which ones you like the best!

Apple-Oatmeal Muffins

In this recipe you will learn how to make Oven-cooked Brown Rice and Rice-cooker Rice. Rice is a delicious accomplishment to many dishes. In another lecture you will learn how to cook Stove-top Long Grain Brown Rice. You can prepare rice using several different methods.

Oven-cooked Brown Rice and Rice-cooker Rice

In this lesson you will learn how to prepare Roasted Red Potatoes in the oven. They are so easy and delicious! 

Easy Roasted Red Potatoes
Stove-top Recipes
10 Lectures 01:13:16

Cooking on an Electric or Gas Stove-top

For the next few lessons you will be cooking on a stove-top. I will be using a gas stove-top for these cooking lessons. If you have an electric stove-top you can use it too. Just be aware that gas and electric stove-tops do function differently. I have shared lots of tips and things to know about using an electric or gas stove-top in the downloadable material resource section. Please let me know if you have anymore questions about your stove-top. 

Stove-top Cooking Tips

In this lecture you will learn how to make Black Bean Chili. You can serve this chili alone or over rice, potatoes, or couscous. It is also great as a dip for tortilla chips and in a burrito!

Black Bean Chili

In this lecture you will learn how to make Whole Wheat Couscous. It is super-fast and easy. Use it in place of rice in many recipes or as a side dish.

Preview 03:52

In this lesson you will learn how to make Scrambled Egg Surprise. This is a healthy breakfast (or lunch or dinner) that can include a variety of ingredients. You can make scrambled egg surprise different every time you make it! Have fun!

Scrambled Egg Surprise

In this lecture you will learn how to prepare lentils. This is a delicious hearty, healthy dish. These lentils are great served over rice, couscous, quinoa, potatoes, and yams. You can also use these cooked lentils as a base for other lentil recipes such as lentil loaf or patties.


In this lecture you will learn how to cook Stove-top Long Grain Brown Rice. This is one of several methods to prepare brown rice. Brown rice is a healthy addition to many meals.

Stove-top Long Grain Brown Rice

In this lecture you will learn how to prepare Steamed Green Beans. Steaming vegetables is a easy, healthy method to prepare green beans and other vegetables.

Steamed Green Beans

In this lesson you will learn how to make this delicious Mashed White Beans and Vegetables recipe. It is like mashed potatoes only tastier and healthier! Mashed White Beans and Vegetables is a perfect side dish for lots of meals or you could even serve it as the main dish. Watch this cooking lesson and try this Mashed White Beans and Vegetables recipe today! 

Mashed White Beans and Vegetables

In this lecture you will learn how to prepare Quinoa on the stove-top. You can also cook quinoa in a rice cooker by adding two parts water to one part quinoa. I sometimes make half brown rice and half quinoa in the rice cooker.


After this watching this cooking lesson you will be able to make this delicious Indian Spiced Lentil recipe. If you enjoy Indian spices and easy recipes, I think you are going to love this Indian Spiced Lentils recipe! 

Preview 08:00
Super-simple Recipes
5 Lectures 50:46

Make your own healthy, delicious popcorn in a paper bag! In this lesson Karen Breyer will show you step-by-step how to make Microwave Popcorn in a Paper Bag. This is such a fast, easy, inexpensive way to make popcorn anytime! Make this easy, healthy, tasty popcorn for your next game night, movie night or any night! Grab a paper bag, some popping corn and pop some delicious, crispy, fresh popcorn tonight! 

Microwave Popcorn in a Paper Bag

In this lecture you will learn how to make Apricot-Orange Balls. Box these candies in a fancy box for a special, inexpensive gift that anyone will love. I suggest you eat these in moderation if you can.

Apricot-Orange Balls

In this lecture you will learn how to make Frozen Grapes. I think it is the most simple lesson in this course!

Frozen Grapes with Dad

In this lecture you will learn how to make a variety of Toasted Nuts. It is important to complete this lesson early in this course as you will need the toasted nuts in several of the upcoming lessons. I suggest you choose at least one type of nut to try this week! You can use the toasted nuts in many recipes or just eat them plain. This recipe is very easy and delicious!

Toasted Nuts

In this lecture you will learn the special art of making Trail Mix! After completing this lesson you will be a pro! This is a very fun and creative recipe as you can choose from a variety of your favorite ingredients. Trail mix can be enjoyed at any occasion and the possibilities are endless! The next time you are invited to someone's house take some of your personally made trail mix to give to your host. They will love it!

The Art of Trail Mix
Adventures with Peanut Butter!
3 Lectures 17:56

In this lecture you will learn how to make delicious homemade Peanut Butter. You can make it in a blender or food processor. If you use a blender, make sure it is a sturdy blender that is strong enough to grind nuts. Once you try this homemade peanut butter you will never want to go back to the store bought variety!

Peanut Butter

In this lecture you will learn how to make Toast with Peanut Butter and Applesauce. This is one of the easiest, fastest, and most delicious, recipes in this course. You can enjoy this recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack. This will become one of your favorite go-to recipes when you are in a hurry.

Toast with Peanut Butter and Applesauce

In this lecture you will learn how to make a Peanut Butter and Grape Sandwich. This is a super-simple, healthy sandwich that is loved by everyone. It is a very convenient sandwich that is easy to take on the go!

Peanut Butter and Grape Sandwich
Easy Blender Recipes
4 Lectures 32:11

In this lecture you will learn how to make Hummus. This recipe is made in a blender but you can also make it is a food processor. Hummus is a versatile recipe to keep on hand to use as a dip for vegetables, crackers, or bread. It is especially good as a spread in sandwiches and pita bread!


In this lecture you will learn how to make Tofu Sour Cream. You will love this healthy sour cream more that the real things! It is a great topping for potatoes, beans, Mexican food and as a spread in sandwiches. You will want to keep this handy in your refridgerator at all times.

Preview 06:52

In this lecture you will learn how to prepare a very fresh and flavorful Avocado Salad Dressing. It is great as a dressing on salads, a vegetable dip or a tasty addition to your sandwiches. This recipe will be prepared in a blender but you could also use a food processor.

Avocado Salad Dressing

In this lecture you will learn how to make Tahini Dressing. You will use this dressing later in the Quinoa Salad recipe.

Tahini Dressing
Fresh and Colorful Recipes
4 Lectures 01:09:13

In this lecture you will learn how to make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. This is a very versatile recipe as you can use many different types of chocolate and toppings. The finished product is so beautiful you could consider it art (and you will be an artist!) This is one recipe that you should probably eat in moderation if you can. Make this simple dessert for your guests and they will love it!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

In this lecture you will learn how to make an endless variety of different Colorful Salads. Here is an opportunity for you to be as creative as you want. Salads are the perfect opportunity to get more healthy, colorful foods in your diet.

Colorful Salad

In this lecture you will learn how to make and endless variety of beautiful, healthy and delicious fruit salads. You can decide what ingredients you want to add and how much time you want to spend making it. I will demonstrate several different types of fruit salads and show you one that you can make in one minute or less!

Fruit Salad

In this lecture you will learn how to make Quinoa Salad. You will need to prepare the Quinoa and Tahini Dressing recipes for this salad. These recipes can be found in the two lectures right before this one. This is an amazing salad and worth the effort!

Quinoa Salad
Easy Crockpot Recipes
3 Lectures 34:26

In this lecture you will learn how to make Crockpot Potatoes. This is a super-easy way to make baked potatoes. You can cook a variety of different types of potatoes at the same time, including sweet potatoes and yams! Baking potatoes has never been easier!

Preview 09:31

A review of Crockpot Potato tips.

Crockpot Potatoes
5 questions

This is my Dad's Favorite Chicken Stew recipe. It is the first crockpot recipe I taught him and he makes it often. He likes that it is easy, healthy, and delicious. This stew has a variety of vegetables cooked with the chicken. He also likes to make a big batch so he has leftovers that he can easily re-heat for a fast, healthy meal. This recipe can be modified for a vegetarian stew. I have made this recipe both with chicken and with vegetarian chicken and it is very delicious both ways. This chicken stew can be a meal in itself or you can add a salad and bread or crackers. Let me know how your chicken stew turns out.

Dad's Favorite Chicken Stew

In this lecture you will learn how to make Crockpot Pinto Beans. Making beans in a Crockpot or slow-cooker is super easy! These beans are delicious over rice, couscous, potatoes, or in a taco salad. They are a great side dish, filling for burritos, and on tostadas.

Crockpot Pinto Beans
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About the Instructor
Karen Breyer
4.4 Average rating
34 Reviews
2,283 Students
2 Courses

    My name is Karen Breyer. I am a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Masters in Public Health (MPH). I received these degrees from Loma Linda University. I am also certified as a Health Education Specialist (CHES), Health and Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches) and Health Fitness Specialist (American College of Sports Medicine).

    Before I was a nurse, I worked over 10 years in restaurants. Cooking has always been a big part of my life and working in restaurants really helped me to improve my cooking skills.

    After working for a while in restaurant management, I decided I wanted a different career path and went back to school. I later received my B.S. in nursing and became a registered nurse. I worked many years in the hospital with sick people.

    My career took another change in direction when working in a center for health promotion where the focus was on wellness and prevention. This opened a new world for me as I witnessed many patients making positive changes in their lifestyle and benefiting with improved health. Healthy eating is one of those changes that make a huge difference in preventing and reversing many chronic diseases. This was exciting and inspired me to go back to school to get my Masters in Public Health. My school curriculum focus was on prevention and health education.

    I now have an enhanced focus on health and wellness. A special focus on healthy eating has renewed and refocused my interest in cooking. I am always on the look-out for healthy recipes that taste delicious. When I succeed at trying a new healthy recipe that tastes good I feel like I just won a prize. If it is easy, it is a double bonus and if it has chocolate I think I won the grand prize!

    If you are wondering how I came about creating Cooking Lessons for Dad, it was from a combination of my interests, skills and life circumstances. My dad really inspired this course when he asked me to teach him to cook after my mom had a stroke. She was the cook in our house and he never learned (with the exception of his expert grilling skills!).

    When I was visiting my parents soon after my mom’s stroke I noticed that my dad was eating a lot of fast food and processed foods. I asked him about this and he said he didn’t really know what else to eat. From my healthcare experience I knew that this negative change in his eating habits could lead him down the path of poor health if it continued. I asked him if he wanted me to teach him to cook a few healthy meals while I was there and he said yes. After I taught him to cook a few easy recipes he got very excited and said he wanted to continue to learn to cook more. He suggested I continue his cooking lessons live by Skype as we live very far apart. He felt he needed to visually see step-by-step instructions to help him master the recipes. Of course I was happy to continue teaching my dad to cook. As I was thinking about how to do this, I imagined that there are probably many others who also have no cooking experience but would like to learn. At that point my journey began to create this course and here it is! Cooking Lessons for Dad has been created especially for my dad and anyone else who wants to learn to cook. I hope you will join us in this cooking adventure!