Hypnotherapy: Complete Hypnotherapy Certification
3.6 (17 ratings)
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367 students enrolled
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Hypnotherapy: Complete Hypnotherapy Certification

Should this type of conversational Hypnosis be classed as mind control if you can out hypnotise anyone anywhere.
3.6 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
367 students enrolled
Created by Scott Jansen
Last updated 10/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end f the cousre you will be able to hypnotise someone with just your eyes and language
  • Be covert in your hypnotic influence and do it with ease
  • Have a DEEP understanding on how Hypnosis works on the mind and its true power
  • Poses more than 5 hypnotic trances and therapy solutions for your subjects
  • Its an ABC of Hypnosis for the begginer or advance
  • No long scripts to learn or obscure techniques , just the use of language
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  • Nothing is required for this course
  • Note pad and pen to take notes and to revisit sections
  • No understanding of Hypnosis and it usages is required as is all covered in great details through out lectures
  • Time to practice techniques either by ones self or with a practice partner to master your skills


The unknown secrets of conversational hypnosis is about to reveal to you , how to hypnotise anyone , anywhere with just the use of language. Through out this course you will be taught by a Master of Hypnosis Scott Jansen and he will be guiding you through simple to learn covert techniques of hypnosis

Build a strong foundation with conversational hypnosis and wow your clients and subjects with ease

  • This is your ABC into the world of hypnosis for fun with engaging lectures , and lecture notes giving you a step by step program to follow
  • Even if you are brand new to hypnosis or a season therapist , this course will give a you an understanding on how to use hypnosis on the fly
  • lectures and demo's with actual students are used to explain with clear and concise steps on how to achieve mastery in hypnosis with lecture notes as a guide through these steps
  • You will find ever lecture has a recording ( from a live Hypnosis training ) and set notes that correspond to every step Scott teaches
  • With easy to follow material you could master your first Hypnotic trance with in the first hour of this course giving you an upper edge of long , laborious material . This is direct and too the point . Over all 3-5 hours of learning

A powerful hypnosis skill at your finger tips:

If you have every had the interest on Hypnosis or seen the likes of 'Derren Brown' or other mind magicians this is for you . The fundamental corner stone of covert , conversational hypnosis is at your finger tips . Soon subjects around you will be dropping like fly's into trance and they will have no idea when you started or how you did it so quickly .

*Discover 8 in depth lecture with 15 SUBJECTS COVERED , WITH VIDEO AND SLIDE SHOWS taking you step by step

These hypnosis techniques were taught to current therapists , coaches and gurus to develop them selves in their chosen field .

These ideas and method are easy quick and fun to learn and even a novice to hypnosis, can master these for amazing results.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in Hypnosis
  • No previous Hypnosis knowlege is required to master this course
  • Therapists and coaches will benefit greatly from using covert tactics to help clients
  • If you are an advanced practitioner of Hypnosis new skills inside this course will enhance your hypnotic knowledge
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Curriculum For This Course
9 Lectures
The basic format for Conversational Hypnosis
2 Lectures 12:30

Description :

3 simple steps that all hypnosis must go through ,in order for complete success every time.

This simple formula is what all hypnosis will follow in one shape or form , and is the key to mastering hypnosis.

If one of these steps is missed it becomes a guessing game .

Regardless of which type of Hypnosis you use , clinical , scripts , Ericksonian , relaxation , deep trance . They will all need the attention from the client , to bypass critical thinking ( conscious mind ) and stimulation of the unconscious mind or an unconscious process .

A : Absorption of attention - This is key for your success

B : Bypass of the critical factor - The conscious mind is the 'gate keeper' to the unconscious

S : Stimulate an unconscious response - By interacting with the unconscious the client WILL stay in trance

Key Tip : There are multiple ways to achieve all 3 steps , I wonder how many you can create

The A.B.S Formula To Master Hypnosis

What is the A.B.S

Fundamentals of the A.B.S
1 question

Fundamentals PT 2
1 question

Fundamentals Pt 3
1 question
Hypnotic Language for trance with ease
3 Lectures 26:18

Description :

This type of Hypnotic language will tick all the boxes for our A.B.S formula . These power words link ideas together and causes FLOW of language .

With a clear , smooth , flow of language we can easily bypass the critical factor , almost like talking softly to a child as they drift off, or rocking them back and forward to sleep.

So what are these words ?

  1. Because
  2. As soon As
  3. And
  4. Which means

These are linking words . They will allow the hypnotist to link hypnosis ideas together to get this smooth , charming hypnotic flow . The best thing of all you will just be able to talk and talk without it sounding boring , and this is key.

The easiest way to begin to practice these words is to link RANDOM ideas together ( as seen in the clip )

For example : The sky is blue and you drive a car to work which means as grass grows you can hear the radio and the tv is large because a dog can bark and the world can spin you can eat your dinner and as soon as you go to the gym you washing can be hung out to dry .

*Just have some fun with it . We will move onto using these for Hypnosis but its easier to link random things *

What interrupts flow of language ?

  1. 'Uming' and 'Arghing' from the therapist - this generally happens when a therapist is trying to think of what to say ,or does not have the required confidence yet . Luckily they are easily obtained
  2. Talking too fast - will disrupt the clean flow of hypnotic ideas , so slow down when you are talking , after all we are conversational hypnotists .
  3. Talking to loud - keep your voice soft and sit in amazement ,how these simple ideas start to turn you into a Hypnotist .

Want to master your * Hypnotic Voice * . Follow these simple steps

  1. Grab a book or novel
  2. Read a passage out loud , normally
  3. Rad the same passage out loud , but at half speed
  4. Read same passage out loud , half speed and extend your pauses
  5. Same passage , half speed , pause , and stretch a word in each sentence , as almost to emphasis it.

Let me give you an example :

The word relax

Lets stretch it to reelaaxx. Give it a go its really simple.

Key Tip : By having slowed down your voice its a lot easier to extend your words.

Power words for Hypnotic flow and trance

Instant Therapy Method - power words / themes combination

Description :

The Blitz is essentially a Hypnotist using the

- Therapy themes

- The power words

and adding a few extra steps to it to make it really powerful and very conversational

  1. We ask the client the problem , but this time we do not need to write down the details of the problem
  2. As the client tells us what occurs when they feel the problem we just want to ask them what would they feel if the problem wasn't there ( like normal so far )

Here is the twist

C - I feel nervous when I'm in crowds "

T - ' So if you didn't feel nervous, what would you rather feel '

C - " Id like to feel strong "

*As soon as the client responds with a positive feeling ( feeling strong ) , as the therapist i want you to *echo back*

For example: Client says - Id feel strong - therapist echos back - "so you would feel strong , you'd be in a crowd and feel strong"

Echo Description :

The echo cements in things , it makes things real . If we use this as soon as the client repeats a positives feeling , by the therapist echoing it , the client will begin to feel it . Its an amazing little tool.

(When we echo do it slowly and do it 2-3 times with each bit of info)

After doing this with 3-4 positive feelings ,ask your client to close their eyes , and just keep talking saying the same things and just make a little story with it .

The Blitz is an induction and therapy in one . After the client is in hypnosis for a while, just tell them to return when they are ready " feeling absolutely amazing " !!

Key Tip : Use your voice , pause and slow right down with this one

Notice everything i do is the exact steps i have planned for you . See if you can notice them all

Hypnotic Stare

Description :

As you will notice from the Blitz demo i spend a lot of time looking directly into the clients eyes .

Why would we want to use our eyes to create a powerful trance ?

Its very simple . When we stare at someone it creates a certain pressure if you will.

This pressure is because people do not like to be stared at and it creates a nervousness ( energy )

As Hypnotists we can use this nervousness from a client and use it to put them into trance .

How do we start this process

- When working with a client become extremely comfortable with looking into the eyes

What you will notice - a client will blink a lot , want to look away , maybe begin to move . This is the pressure building.

- Once the pressure has built up to a certain amount ( it happens very quickly ) the pressure releases and lowers the conscious mind . ( so already we have the attention , by pass critical factor , and the BLITZ to stimulate the unconscious mind )

This is a very quick way to get rid of the conscious thinking and it is impossible to resist .

The Powerful Hypnotic Visualisation for Hypnosis

Description :

Now we are going to use other types of memories to turn it into a Therapy session

  1. Ask your client for 1 scene in nature that was SAFE and PLEASANT
  2. Ask them for 3-4 bits of KEY information about what they remember from that day - eg . The smell of the water at the beach.
  3. Ask your client to close their eyes and spend a few minutes using the power words and trance themes to put theme into a little trance , or even a revivification will be fine at this stage .
  4. When you can see them going into that relaxed state imply these statements.

* We will use the example of a beach , and they saw warm sand , blue water and a warm sun *

" Find yourself on that beach now, standing on that warm sand , over there in the distance is the blue water and you can feel that sun on your skin . Notice that clear blue water as you walk along that sand and absorbing that warm sun "

We will just use the 3-4 key bits of info and paint them a picture using a slow voice and repeating those key elements over and over .

5.Let them rest in silence , then ask " whats happening now " at this point the client will start telling you what they see .

6.Echo back the new info they give you . Repeat this until they client is ready to come out

Key Point : Just talk , that's it

Preview 09:00
Hypnotic inductions and therapy methods
3 Lectures 24:45


Piggy back suggestions is a way we can formulate a question and allow the clients unconscious to answer it in the way of a therapeutic outcome

For example : if a client is anxious about a situation and we have them in a deep trance . Instead of saying you will notice this and notice that ( which becomes extremely complicated to know what to say )

we will just frame our question as an open question and piggy back what ever the client is feeling or seeing in the trance state and ' piggy back ' it to the problem being resolved

EG : I wonder what this trance will teach you about overcoming your anxiety

I wonder what that twitch in your arm is teaching you about feeling confident

I wonder how many ways you will find a solution to your challenge in this trance

It can be anything . you can link anything to anything and leave the question open and you will find the clients unconscious will answer it

Stealing trances :

Essentially we will use a memory and re illicit the same trance again

Follow the steps in the slide show presentation and you will find its the same 3 steps repeated over and over

Piggy backing suggestions / Stealing trances

Hypnotic Visualisation for hypnotherapy

Dynamic Mental Imagery for deep trance
The end ..... But only for now
1 Lecture 04:03
The end summary as you are now a Master Hypnotist
About the Instructor
Scott Jansen
4.1 Average rating
143 Reviews
3,147 Students
25 Courses
Owner of The Conversational Hypnosis Academy

Welcome the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, and your trainer Scott Jansen owner of the Academy.

Scott Jansen formally found hypnosis from buying old VHS tapes of Dr. Milton Erickson from a garage sale, only later to find out that the seller was a personal student of Milton Erickson. These tapes provided a glimpse of the power of conversational hypnosis and the uniqueness of hypnosis Scott had never witnessed before, and he was instantly hooked.

To only 12 months later ( at age 17 )  seeing his first paying client who opened up a career for Scott, from the success of the session, to spreading the word about a 17 year old kid. Within that following 12 months, Scott was so inundated with clients that he needed to refer them on to other therapists, which created a friendship and professional approach to the industry and other working Hypnotists.

Following the next 18 years. Scott becomes so well requested that his session rate was triple the average Hypnotist, and only acquired bookings from the socially elite, that could afford his prices.

This ranged from International celebrities, singers and entertainers, Australia Idol contestants, NFL and NHL sports stars, Business men and women, and even current and ex-Olympic athletes.

After a flourishing career, Scott's attention turned to giving back to the industry and opened an Academy to fill in the educational gap of hypnosis trainings, to within 2 years having personally certified close to 3000 students ( 2015 – 2016 ), indirectly trained over 35000 students through home-based courses worldwide, produced over 285 hours of audible content.

In addition Scott Jansen is the author of Spotting Unconscious Moments For Hypnotherapy, the 6 stage conversational hypnosis formula and an intro to Meta Mind Analyses,

Owner of Australia largest hypnotherapy training company which has traveled globally to teach students in over 35 different countries and been invited to speak internationally. 


Scott Jansen and the Academy strive to create unique and powerful courses, that are accessible on our training platform, YouTube and a multitude or face to face courses. The goals of these programs, is to teach, train and inspire Hypnotists around the globe with conversational hypnosis and a no script approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Programs available :

Online Hypnotherapy Program

Stop Smoking Mastery

Storytelling Mastery 

Emotional Trance Method

Spotting Unconscious Moments INTRO

Spotting Unconscious Moments LIVE ( DVD )

Working With Resistant Clients

Introduction to Meta Mind Analyses 

Ericksonian Suggestions 

Secrets Of Conversational Hypnosis DVD

Strategic Hypnotic Interview

Hypnosis For Sales

For any further information please contact our team