Constructing a Complete FileMaker 16 CRM - Part 3
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Constructing a Complete FileMaker 16 CRM - Part 3

Learn FileMaker 16 Scripting, Calculations, Relationships and Reporting while building a Contact Manager
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
43 students enrolled
Created by John Mark Osborne
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Design a multi-user solution
  • Identify and create one-to-many, many-to-one, one-to-one and many-to-many relationships
  • Create an Entity-Relationship diagram (ERD)
  • Design according to the principals of anchor-buoy relational design
  • Translate business systems from real-life to electronic using data modeling
  • Create portals, filtered portals and filtered relationships
  • Learn how to print properly in a multi-table environment
  • Work with columns, merge fields, labels and a variety of other print mediums
  • Create reports using sub summary parts and summary fields
  • Learn how to script complex automations with decision making intelligence
  • Create adaptive or dynamic scripts
  • Work with modular scripting
  • Capture errors and redirect programming with error analysis
  • Save and restore found sets for a better user experience
  • Compare and contrast different approaches to a problem in order to design better solutions
  • Validate and format a phone number for consistent data entry
  • Understand record locking and script for multi-user solutions
  • Learn the differences and best uses for global fields, variables and parameters
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  • Students should be familiar with the basics of browse, find, layout and preview mode which can be achieved by taking any of the beginner courses also available on Udemy
  • Students do not need to have experience with relational design, scripting and calculations but familiarity can help in faster learning
  • Part 1 & 2 of Constructing a Complete FileMaker 16 CRM

Continue learning FileMaker 16 Scripting, Calculations, Relationships and Reporting from the guy who actually wrote the book, Scriptology: FileMaker Pro Demystified. With over two decades of experience teaching FileMaker, John Mark Osborne will help you understand tough FileMaker concepts with ease. Intermediate and advanced FileMaker techniques will be taught throughout the three part tutorial series. In order to better understand every nut and bolt that goes into designing a solution, a single file will be created from scratch. The chosen solution is an Contact Manager or CRM solution for its familiarity to a wide audience and flexibility of applying techniques to other solutions. The completed FileMaker file at each stage is provided to assist with the learning process.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students will learn how to design a complete solution from the ground up including layout design, scripting, calculations, relational design and reporting
  • An contact management solution will be used as the basis for the course but the concepts learned can be applied to any solution
  • This is an intermediate course with some beginner information
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Curriculum For This Course
74 Lectures
Part 3
1 Lecture 08:51

A recap of what was created in part 2 of this video series.

Preview 08:51
Ultimate Find
15 Lectures 01:31:23

The find operators I like to use on a daily or weekly basis.

Important Find Operators

The index controls how finds and other features function so it's good to know how it thinks.

Preview 06:00

A bevy of reasons to script a find instead of relying on the standard FileMaker find feature.

Why Script a Find?

I prefer to build scripts in pieces during training in order for a better understanding.

Basic Find Script

Replicating and modifying the functionality of the Continue and Cancel features found in FileMaker scripting.

Continue and Cancel

What used to take two layouts can now be accomplished with a single layout for data entry and finding records.

Hiding Objects

Replicating the new request and omit features.

New Request and Omit

Capturing the error for "no records found" and substituting your own message and actions.

No Records Found

When capturing or suppressing FileMaker errors, you have a great responsibility to know all the errors that could occur.

No Find Criteria

Replicating the modify find feature is not as easy as it might seem.

Modify Find

If more than one record is found, show the found set in list view.

List Versus Form

Making your scripts adaptive so they can be copied and pasted from table to table and file to file is one of the keys to efficiency.

Dynamic Scripting

Table Occurrences (TOs) can store separate found sets.

Table Occurrence Found Sets

This method for restoring a found set is ideal for a scripted find.

GTRR with TOs

The final steps to restoring a found set with GTRR and TOs.

Becoming a Developer
12 Lectures 01:22:56

Keeping users of your solution happy!


Centralizing code is an important technique for any savvy FileMaker developer.


Simple examples of modularization are often the best.

Preview 07:24

How does a database become corrupt?

Corrupting a Database

Is Recover the best option for fixing a corrupt database?


Backups may never be needed but whenever they are, you'll be glad you have them.


Keeping your database solution neat and tidy is not only good for you but anyone who adopts your FileMaker solution.


A simple example of a plug-in to demonstrate how they are used in general.

Plug-In Example

The Database Design Report (DDR) cross-references schema in your solution in order to allow for clean up.

Database Design Report

The script debugger is my best friend when a script isn't performing the way I want.

Script Debugger

Comparing and contrasting advantages and disadvantages is the most import method for choosing a solution to a problem.

Compare & Contrast

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) is an acronym by which I lead my FileMaker career.

Custom Menus & Security
14 Lectures 01:39:05

What can custom menus do for you as a solution developer?

What is a Custom Menu?

Creating your first menu set.

Creating a Menu Set

Determining the best way to install custom menus.

Automatic Installation

Calculated menu sets make installation much easier!

Adaptive Menus

An overview of the different areas of security.

Security Overview

Mimicking the security in FileMaker with scripts is a bad idea!

Ersatz Systems

Creating accounts.


With FileMaker 16, there are even more ways to authenticate logon credentials.

Authentication Types

Privilege Sets control table, record, layout, script, value list and field access.

Privilege Sets

The Data Access and Design section of Privilege Sets is where the bulk of the power lays.

Data Access and Design

Capturing no access errors to present the user with custom messaging and actions.

Scripting No Access

Predefined Extended privileges allow access from different guests like FileMaker Pro, Web, FileMaker Go and more. Custom Extended Privileges can extend business logic.

Extended Privileges

Allowing access to records based on a the result of a boolean calculation formula.

Record Level Access

File Access prevents access from other FileMaker files and the Re-Login script step allows for faster testing.

Preview 04:45
20 Lectures 02:50:57

Defining the basic structure for the reminders system.

Preview 09:50

Additional modifications to the reminders portal to complete the core functionality.

Portal Changes

Making the reminders portal more useful through sorting filtering and formatting.

Formatting & Filtering

Choosing the best interface for the reminders portal.

Choosing an Interface

Showing contacts with active reminders.

Finding Reminders

A report to organize reminders.

Reminders Report

Scripting the display of the reminders report.

Report Script

Add the ability to specify reminders for different people.

Reminders by Person

Fixing the Ultimate Find script to work with employees.

Updating Find

Reusing address, phone and internet tables for employee cause it's so easy.

Contact Information

Adding an account in security when a new employee record is added.

Add Account

Adding the logged on employee to the reminders find script.

Finding Reminders Revisited

Auto-Entering the current account onto each new reminder.

Auto-Enter Me

Adding a reminders portal to the employees table so each employee can see their own reminders in one spot.

Reminders in Employees

Adding am employee record when an account has already been added.

Account First

An overview on the Install OnTimer script step.

Install OnTimer

The structure for the automatic reminders

Reminders by Time

Loading the reminder times for the entire day on open.

Reminders Open

Displaying reminders in the header.

Reminders Show

Adding a button to display the contact for the reminder.

Navigate to Reminder
Wrapping it Up!
11 Lectures 01:26:53

Naming windows helps a user identify them easily in a multi-window dominated screen.

Naming Windows Adaptively

Naming windows on new records requires a little extra work.

Naming New Records

A nifty trick for getting a larger notes area.

Notes Revealed

Notes in a portal are better organized, can be filtered, sorted, reported and are all around more flexible.

Portal Notes

A simple but powerful trick for adding new portal rows without a script.

Adding Notes without a Blank Row

Groups allow for disparate contacts to be organized together.

Preview 12:19

Tracking family members for contacts is beneficial for all business people.


Software Quality Assurance or testing is boring but essential for a successful solution.


Cleaning up schema is important for you as a developer when you need to add new features 6 months down the line as well as any developer who adopts your solution.

Clean Up Schema

I always save the tab order for last since you never know how many times the interface will change.

Fix Tab Order

FileMaker 12 through 16 have the same file format but not the same features, requiring some consideration.

FileMaker Versions
Working with John Mark Osborne
1 Lecture 05:18

Find out about the services Database Pros offers like development,meta-consulting, training and solutions.

Preview 05:18
About the Instructor
John Mark Osborne
4.6 Average rating
582 Reviews
4,515 Students
9 Courses
FileMaker Pro Expert

John Mark Osborne has been working with FileMaker Pro for over 20 years. He earned his FileMaker Pro degree working on the frontlines of Claris technical support. John was the Technical Lead for FileMaker, serving as an escalation path for other technical support representatives and writing a large portion of TechInfo (now called Knowledgebase), their technical information reference. John also acted as a liaison between the technical support department and the FileMaker development team, reporting bugs, attending product meetings and acting as resource for the development team.

John Mark is best known as the author of the popular FileMaker Pro web site Database Pros. The Database Pros web site has been on the internet for 20 years and gets over 35,000 hits a day by offering free FileMaker Pro tips, tricks and techniques.

John Mark is also well known as the co-author of the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM. John Mark launched a hands-on training class based on his Scriptology book and it has become so popular that it is now taught at MacWorld Exposition in San Francisco and New York. Most recently, John Mark was one of twelve trainers in the United States authorized to teach their new FileMaker Training Series of classes.

John Mark has been a featured speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference for 15 years. At the 1999 Developer Conference, he was awarded the FileMaker Pro Excellence award for "creation of outstanding technical resources".

John Mark is a former technical editors for Advisor magazine working on the tips and tricks section which is the most popular column in the magazine.

John Mark has recorded beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorial videos for FileMaker 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 totaling thousands of hours.

John Mark Osborne is an FBA member (FileMaker Business Alliance) working closely with FileMaker, Inc. and their most important customers. John Mark Osborne has also passed the rigorous FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 certification tests and is proud to display the FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 certification logos.