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How to Conquer the Negativity of Life

Learn how to overcome the negativity in life, reach happiness and inner peace.
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Created by Georgi Danchev
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Learn how to effectively deal with the negativism of your life.
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  • It is recommended you have a pen and paper to make some notes.

Why do you feel so much negativity in your life? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever felt that something was making you feel excessively sad or always sabotaging you from getting what you deserve? There is something that exists with all of us, which can be amplified by all sorts of different reasons and make your life an unbearable nightmare. This force is called negativity, and like every habit in life, if you suffer negativity for too long without understanding it and holding down its effects, at one moment something will change in you and you suddenly will become a negative person. Suddenly, small things will make you depressed, everything you hope for will seem to fail on you, every new idea you have will be stopped by a wave of doubts and fears, people will ignore you and avoid you, life will seem like this absolute crap and you will be painfully wondering, why is this happening to you.

We all have bad moments in our lives, but what if we learn to understand and control them to certain extend? Can you imagine how your life will be, if you didn’t worry about every little negative vision that never happened? How much more could you achieve, if the seeds of doubts didn’t stop you from pushing ahead? How much more you will be able to accomplish in your life if you learn how to overcome this negative force? In this course, I will precisely teach you wide range of ideas, tools and tricks you could immediately apply to shift your whole mid set from negative one to a positive one and also I will teach you how to sustain that positive outlook regardless of the circumstances.  You will be able to realise the reasons for your misfortunes, how you can turn them into positive gains and how you can stop them from ever bothering you again.

If you want to make a difference in your life, then you are on the right course, it will be all pretty simple, but let me warn you: it would not be very easy at all. However, if you are willing to pay the price in time, effort and dedication, this course will serve you as a blueprint for your transformation.

So what are you waiting for? Start your transformation today!

How will this course help you?

  • This course will help you realise what causes your depressions.
  • This course will help you effectively overcome your depressions.
  • This course will help you understand why you have some fears.
  • This course will help you firmly overcome your deep fears.
  • This course will help you grasp your buried self-limitations.
  • This course will help you gainfully overcome your self-limitations.
  • This course will help you realise how you have been negatively conditioned.
  • This course will help you overpower and overcome your negativity conditioning.
  • This course will help you recapture your positive life outlook.
  • This course will help you regain and win back your confidence.
  • This course will help you realise that you are already on the right path.

Table of Contents

  • The basics of what causes depressions
  • The basics of how to deal with depressio
  • Depression from wrong expectations
  • Depression from a known cause
  • Depression from choosing the safe path
  • Depression from lack of control
  • Depression from lack of purpose
  • Depression from lousy thinking
  • Depression from lack of basic needs and self-sabotage
  • Depression from learned helplessness
  • How to deal with the fear of failure
  • How to deal with the failures in your life
  • How to deal with the fear of rejection
  • How to overcome your fear of rejection

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people who are hungry to change their life for the better, people who desire to realise what has been stooping them achieve their goals and learn how to overcome their self-limitations.
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Curriculum For This Course
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To kick off this course in this first video we will go over 3 tips that will help you get the most out of this course.

1. Whenever you something useful, make sure that you make some notes. You won't have to ever review them if you don't want to, but by making some notes you will help yourself to effortlessly remember the useful information on much deep level. So when time of need comes you will be ready to apply it without even thinking about it.

2. Try doing the whole course in one sitting if possible. If you can’t do the whole course in one sitting do as much as possible at one time, by doing that you will be able to sustain your deep focus where you will be able to easily understand and memorise more information with less effort.

3. Last and most important point is to memorise how you feel, what things make you angry and sad. Memorise how you deal with the negative people and the negative situations and the negative people. By remembering this you will be able to clearly see how you change while we go thought the material of this course, and how much positive and better prepared you will become.

So enough with the preliminaries and if you are ready let’s get started.

How to Deal with Depressions
9 Lectures 44:32

Before we get into how to deal with the depressions in your live we must first understand why we feel those depressions, what causes them. The truth is that we already know that, but the truth is hiding deep inside us hidden by our ego. As it is really painful to understand the truth of it here comes the paradox of not doing what we should be doing, not doing what we can easily do. Suddenly we feel sadness, intense sadness that won’t go away we call depression. That sadness is amplified by our modern word and our expectation of everything to happen fast, we expect it to get solved fast but don't realise how long the problem has been growing. Like suddenly realising that our garden has turn into jungle, fixing it will take quite considerably more than just the regular maintenance.

But only doing the little effort to fix things up, not paying the full price for our sins only pushes them out the gate while leaving the gate it self-wide open.  Maybe we don't realise that we must change something essential in order to change the mundane. In this video I will precisely set you on the path of fixing things up properly and permanently so that they won’t return any time soon. I will give some examples which might seem far-fetched but if you were in those situation at that moment it self you probably weren't seeing the proper solution.  Then after the fact the feeling of regret comes which tears us apart from the inside for not acting on the opportunity. To counteract all of this I will cover how you can deal with the depressions to overcome them and how to prevent them from coming back, how to prevent us from making the same mistakes again.

The basics of what causes depressions

In this video we start digging deeper into the basics ideas of how to deal with depressions. We will build up on the previous lecture and expand greatly on the ideas of how to deal with the depressions more effectively. This lecture will open the eyes of most people wide open as it will offer few simple ideas of how to deal with causes of your depressions in a way that you will be not just fixing them but you will be taking advantage of them to improve yourself and your life. We will also discover another self-limitation which has been stopping you from achieving more, again the failures have been conditioned you to feel depressed and not see the opportunities, but we will work on those with ideas and techniques to work them out so that they won’t stop you anymore.

The basics of how to deal with depression

Here we will tackle depression when you have wrong expectations about something and it doesn't work out. When you are fully expecting something to happen and doesn't work as expected or it fails. At those moments we tend to feel really bad. Even if we accept the failure we still feel bad, so bad that it can break us apart and make us feel really depressed. This video will take how to deal with depressions when your expectations don't work out. We have all sort of expectations like; expecting the world to be fair, expecting to deliver much higher quality work, expecting to meet much shorted deadline, and when those fail we tend feel really bad because we thought we could make it. In this I will show you how to deal with depressions when you have the wrong expectations, how to deal with them so they don’t ruin you, how to deal with them so that you move on quickly.

Depression from wrong expectations

Depression form a known casuse

Depression from lack of control

Depression from lack of purpose

Depression from lousy thinking

Depression from lack of basic needs and self-sabotage

Depression from Learned Helplessness
How to Deal with Fears
4 Lectures 18:46

In this video we will cover how to deal with the fear of failure by first exploring where do does fears of failure come from, and what can cause them to magnify their effects on you, and cause you to feel intense depression. After we laid out the basics of this fear I will go into exploring ideas of how you can view your fear of failure in a different way to change its effects on your feelings, and how you have been seeing the whole challenge in a wrong way.

At about the middle portion of the video we will dive into how ideas of how earlier failures in your life have conditioned you and how that has built limiting believes inside you, ideas that have made you give away easy opportunity, because your conditioning has been telling you that you will fail anyway. To counteract and overcome those limiting believes I will give you another one which will be the exact opposite, a believe which will allow you to make your fears useful. Afterwards I will contrast the whole ideology by describing few famous people who had conquered their fear of failure, so that you can get a deep understand and inspiration to do the same.

At the end of the video will conclude everything with another simple idea that will help you view your fears in a positive way, idea which will allow you to progress further than before. Finally, at the end of this video you will understand why you feel the way you feel, you will understand how you must deal with the fears of failure to take advantage of them to reach your goals quicker and to feel a lot better along the way rather than to let it tear you apart from the inside.

How to deal with the fear of failure

In this video we will start out by laying down some pretty cool and basic ideology on how you can deal with the failures in your life in a way that will make you feel better about them, and how you can prevent them from letting them tare you apart. Our aim is to make those seeming negative events into positives for you. This new ideology will promote you do something which is considered by most backwards and on the surface seemingly hard. This new prospective will allow you to overcome what once was limitation for you, it will allow you to overcome your failures and your fears of them. By overcoming this limitation, you will feel as if you lifted your inner handbrake, you will suddenly be capable of achieving a lot more then you once thought you were capable of in every aspect of your life. 

However, this new idea might bring too much exiting for some people. This can cause the exact opposite effect of what we need, so at about the middle of the video we will discuss the reality of it all. What limitation can trick you into wasting your time working hard on something you shouldn't be on first place. We will lay out the prospective for winning and losing, so that you can clearly see the probabilities and understand what will happen when you try to achieve your goals. We will also cover the idea of short cutting your way to your goal.  how much exactly you can shortcut? what could be the most effective way to increase the probability of achieving your goal in life as to increase the chance of winning. 

In the last portion of the video we will go over and build up on this previously mention idea of how to work on your goal as to increase your chances of winning. Also, by this point we will understand the probability of failure, so we will cover some additional ideas of how you can be prepared for it, and how to deal with the future failures more effectively as to mitigate their effects on your life. We will discuss if it is worth doing what you desire to do and what will happen if you were to fail. Finally, after we cover everything you should have a new or much improved prospective about the failures in life. You will be much better prepared for anything and be able to deal with any failure or potential failure. You will be able to not just mitigate the effects of the failures but know how to take advantage of them to improve yourself and your life.

How to deal with the failures in your life

We will begin this video by going over what causes those fear of rejection and how we have been unconsciously conditioned into it. Afterwards we will contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of allowing those limitation to take a hold of you, especially shining light on how we should view them and why it is important to change your outlook about them. The whole aim will be change your prospective, so that you view the fear rejections as something positive, something normal, and something that will add to your character if you use it right. 

In the middle portion of the video I will give you an example with our early childhood about how we have changed since those early days. How when were younger we didn't have those nasty limitations, and also what exactly is causing us to create those limitations for ourselves. In this section I will also share an ideology which I believe is something we've all had at one point in our lives, but have lost when the adult live drummed it out of us. The aim will be to make you realise how you have changed, how you already have been where you want to go, and how to get back there.

At the last portion of this video I will cover what I believe is the origin of those feelings, why we feel them, what is their benefit and why they exist. As we now understand human beings have been around for long time, but our feelings haven't changed much over the past hundreds or even thousands of years. As such we are left no option but to have to deal with them, even thought they might be a bit outdated now, they are still useful at times. At the end you must understand all of this before I teach you how to efficiently overcome those fears, so that you don't become a reckless person but rather a much better and smarter person.

How to deal with the fear of rejection

At this stage you should understand the basics of why you might be feeling your fear of rejection. In this video we will go over how to overcome your fear of rejection, so that you don't let those feeling get in your way and stop from achieve everything that you can easily achieve if you didn't have those limitations hiding deep inside you. Because we've all had a lot of amazing opportunities in our lives but being unprepared can by not learning how to overcome on our limitations has caused us to lost a lot more we even realise. A lot more then you were ever willing to ever give away.

In this video I will cover for you how exactly you can overcome your fear of rejection. How to overcome your fear of rejection as to become better person, smarter, and have more charisma rather than someone reckless who just goes blindly into it hoping that it will work out at the end which it rarely does. You will also learn a trick of how other people might view you when they rejection you and how you mess it all up thinking it all has something to do with you. We will lay it out all out so that you can clearly see how you might have been doing everything wrong and how you have viewed the whole thing in wrong way making it detrimental to you rather allow it shape you into something better. 

The last portion of this video we will cover how to balance it all out, so that you don't become reckless by knowing how finally to control this absolute titan of a feeling in your life. We will contrast few examples so that you can clearly see how you might be tricked into making really bad decisions, the kind of decisions which you regret for years later. By the end of the video you will understand how to overcome your fear of rejection and also know how to balance it out, and not make it something that allow you to remain pretty much the same only with a different outlook.

How to overcome your fear of rejection
1 Lecture 01:30

In this video I will congratulate you for completing this course, as this really sets you well above average.You are not just seeking to let life happen to you, but you are actively seeking to understand and deal with the challenges you face. I hope that you’ve gotten a lot of useful information. As you now understand negativity is something that we all have to deal with, and I hope that I have helped you learn how to deal most, if not all of the negativity in your life.

If you ever feel that you have forgotten some key ideas from this course don’t hastate to go back to re-watch and re-make some of your notes, if you do this you will refresh your memory or even get new ideas that you’ve missed before. Also try everything you’ve fond useful, the best way to learn is by trial and error - If you found something useful make it a part of you, use it whenever you can and share with people who you deem worthy, otherwise you will just forget it.

Before you go I’d like to tell you that I will be making few more bonus videos, if you want to stay updated with them please follow me on Facebook, also if you want more free content like this please follow me on YouTube where I will be posting a lot more videos.

Lastly before you go I’d like to ask a favour of you, could you please let me know I did? Please rate and comment this course, I would love to read your feedback.

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