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Instant Connections: Establish Relationships with Anyone

Learn The Secrets Behind Connecting With Anyone - Break Down Your Inner Emotional Barriers, Forge Positive Relationships
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2,165 students enrolled
Created by Mark Fiveman
Last updated 11/2014
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Do you struggle to connect with people? Do you ever feel like you are all alone, like you are missing out on genuine connections with others?


Imagine there were simple exercises you could do, easy strategies that reliably cultivate the ability to forge deep, intimate connections with anyone, whether that is your idol, your boss, or that women you are falling in love with.

This is NOT a course of theory, but of application. It will show you what, then how...and you will execute with simple 30-minute guided meditations that will break down your own emotional barriers and insecurities, and open you up to a fantastic new world of connections.

This course is based on the personal results that I've help thousands of people achieve in live events, for over 20 years!

In this course you will learn...

  • How to automatically attract positive connections and affection from others
  • The process for making internal changes to release negative emotions and experience
  • Tricks for creating connections with anyone
  • How all of this will dramatically change your life in every way

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About This Course:


"Already I feel myself less afraid in the world and more able to open to the

love that is available." ★★★★★

"I plan on reviewing these exercises several more times to see how things

change for me over time. If you want to “have the experience” rather than just

hearing about it from someone else, then give yourself a gift and try this course!”

Reviewer: Rebecca Wagemann from Georgetown, CA USA


"I strongly recommend that you try it for yourself." ★★★★★

"I know it sounds strange, but keep an open mind. With this workshop I noticed

things about myself (such my body language), what messages I was sending

out, and what caused me to start blocking receiving from others and myself. It’s

amazing how we as human beings are SO connected mentally, emotionally,

physically, and spiritually. It all goes hand in hand. I strongly recommend that you

try for yourself."

Reviewer: Elvira Chang from Somerville, MA


"I finished the workshop feeling very alive and inspired" ★★★★★

I learned a lot during the workshop, particularly that there are places in my

body that tend to be closed off, perhaps resisting love. I also found places that

were already open, where love flowed more easily. The course helped me to

understand that my intention to explore the places of resistance, coupled with

my awareness, can help me to soften and surrender into a more natural state of


Reviewer: Kim from Massachusetts, USA


Enroll today and let's start creating deep, lifelong connections.

- Mark

Who is the target audience?
  • People Struggling to Connect With The World
  • Introverts
  • People Who Want To Change Their Lives By Connecting With The Right People
  • This course involves involves reconnecting with repressed emotions that you have hidden in your body.
  • When you use these guided meditations, you will often be surprised by what you discover and at times you may experience intense and painful emotions.
  • If you have any concerns about your ability to cope with strong emotions that may come up, you should consult with a licensed mental health practitioner before using these guided meditations.
  • If you have any concerns about your ability to cope with strong emotions that may come up, you should consult with a licensed mental health practitioner before using these guided meditations.
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What Will I Learn?
Establish Valuable Connections with People
Eliminate Fear & Social Anxiety To Connect With Anyone
View Curriculum
  • The only pre-requisite for this course is that you are curious and willing to explore your subconscious thoughts and emotions.
  • If you are already under the care of a licensed mental health practitioner, you should consult with them before using these tools.
  • If you have any concerns about your ability to cope with strong emotions that may come up, you should consult with a licensed mental health practitioner before using these guided meditations.
  • If you do experience emotions that are too difficult for you to manage on your own, please seek the assistance of a licensed mental health practitioner and contact me.
  • While I am here to guide you and offer tools you can use for your personal development, ultimately you are responsible for your own growth and managing your wellbeing.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 33 Lectures Collapse All 33 Lectures 04:12:02
3 Lectures 21:34

We all have unconscious barriers that prevent us from connecting with others. This course will show you how to:

  • Attract genuine, loving relationships
  • Enhance current relationships
  • Stop engaging in frustrating relationship patterns

In this lecture I give you an overview of the four powerful guided meditations in this course that will allow you to pinpoint the areas of your body that need attention and healing.

These guided meditations will allow you to tap into your body’s inner wisdom, dismantle emotional barriers, and ultimately invite genuine, fulfilling relationships into your life.

Preview 08:13

Denial is a common coping mechanism for dealing with difficult feelings and experiences, especially ones that stem from early childhood. Over time, your body stores these negative emotions, hidden deep inside, and as adults this results in negative – albeit, unconscious – patterns.

This lecture will teach you how to become aware of your body’s indicators of these self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors. By reconnecting with your old wounds and healing them, you will finally resolve inner conflicts and get on the path to healthy, fulfilling connections with others.

Preview 08:19

Contraction, constriction, and poor posture are all indicators that you are closing yourself off from your true emotions and therefore creating barriers to intimacy.

With slow, simple movements, you can activate various body sites and increase your awareness of these trapped emotions. By reconnecting with your repressed feelings, you will:

  • Begin the natural healing process
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing
  • Finally experience relief, joy and freedom
Preview 05:02
Discovering what you close off
3 Lectures 21:25

Establishing fulfilling connections is impossible if you resist others, and while that may seem obvious, so many people unconsciously rebuff people! Today, I’ll share with you some real-life stories about people who:

  • Experienced difficulty with intimacy
  • Couldn’t accept affection from others openly and comfortably
  • Thought that they were open to connecting with others, but their body signals indicated otherwise

Releasing resistance is the key; but awareness that you’re closing off is the first important step. In this lecture you will begin to identify your own internal resistance so that you, too, can begin to create the kinds of connections you want with others.

Preview 02:43

In this first guided meditation you will explore how you close yourself off from others. I will ask you to find a comfortable chair and to call to mind somebody you would like to connect with.

Next, with small, incremental movements, you will notice body sites that are closed off or tight – along with recognizing areas in your body that are receptive to connection with others. By balancing the closed off parts with the open body sites, you will be ready to explore more hidden aspects of yourself.

Preview 05:38

Click on the View Resources button to download the guided meditation to your computer.

Guided Meditation - Discovering What You Close Off
Dealing With Conflicting Emotions
3 Lectures 33:54

Negative energy in your body affects you and everyone around you. Aches, pain, and stiffness are all signals that you may have trapped emotional pain in your body that is seeking release. Many of you have built up these wounds through childhood experiences and interactions with others.

Once you get in touch with these constricted body sites, you can release judgmental attitudes and rigidity, and experience a new sense of emotional freedom.

Most importantly, you will begin to approach relationships free from emotional baggage.


In this guided meditation, you will explore how you have responded to the mixed messaging you received from parents and other important individuals in your life.

To do this, you will imagine your body being divided as you set a desired intention. Then, you will arrange your posture so that you can:

  • Identify places in your body that house negative feelings
  • Send love to those wounded body sites
  • Take a vital step toward relaxing into your true self as you prepare to establish authentic connections with others
Overview of the guided meditation

Click on the View Resources button to download the guided meditation to your computer.

Guided Meditation - Dealing With Conflicting Emotions
Opening up to Connections
3 Lectures 24:34

Your early childhood impacts your present-day interactions with others, and many people find that their unconscious attitudes have led to frustration and failed relationships.

Once you identify your own personal patterns of self-sabotage, you can release those dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors once and for all.

By doing this, you open up to creating the types of connections you really want in your life.


In this guided meditation, you will find a posture that allows you to feel receptive to connection with others. At first, this may dredge up emotional resistance. However, as you continue, you will begin to:

  • Make peace with these negative feelings
  • Welcome love and acceptance into your life, at your own pace
  • Free yourself up to receive the positive aspects of healthy, genuine, and fulfilling interpersonal connections
Overview of the guided meditation

Click on the View Resources button to download the guided meditation to your computer.

Guided Meditation - Opening Up To Connection
Experiencing Love and Connections
4 Lectures 31:34

Now that you are able to open up to others when and how you choose, you will cultivate your ability to decide whom you invite into your life.

By focusing on specific body sites, such as the colon, hip joint, and duodenum, you will not only relax constricted places but also open yourself up to others – but only according to your preferred comfort level and pace.

By respecting yourself as you continue your journey, you will be empowered to determine your level of openness with others based on your personal preferences. You can have just as much intimacy and connection in your life as you wish.


In this final guided meditation, you will give up your notion of a “divided” body and embrace all parts of yourself as you nurture old wounds.

During this healing process, you may choose the times and places to be vulnerable around others. Now it will be possible for you to strike a balance between maintaining your own independence while still allowing others to accept and support you.

You are ready to invite love and connection into your life – on your own terms!

Overview of the guided meditation

Click on the View Resources button to download the guided meditation to your computer.

Guided Meditation - Experiencing Love and Connection

It takes a courageous person to approach the uncomfortable aspects of yourself in pursuit of releasing trapped emotions to let true healing begin. I applaud your bravery and tenacity to discover your full potential as you seek meaningful connections with others.

For additional resources, including free guided meditations, visit my Body-Psyche blog. I look forward to seeing you there, and I wish you the best.

Thanks again!

Thank you
Bonuses - Live Workshop
13 Lectures 01:50:05

In this section, you can view videos that have been taken from live workshops. Some people enjoy watching other participants’ interactions and reactions. You may find them inspiring and useful, but please keep in mind that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to work through these guided meditations. Your personal experience is, indeed, just right for you!

Live Workshop Introduction

Quality of Movement

Live - Intro to Guided Meditation 2

Live - Guided Meditation 2

Live - Guided Meditation 2 Comments

Live - Intro to Guided Meditation 3

Live - Guided Meditation 3

Live - Guided Meditation 3Comments

Live - Intro to Guided Meditation 4

Live - Guided Meditation 4
Bonuses - Going Further
4 Lectures 08:56

The following bonus guided meditations will help you enhance your practice while bringing more love, happiness, and confidence into your life.

Going Further

Free bonus guided meditations on Love and Relationships:

  • How to Love Yourself
  • Redefine Your Boundaries
  • Transform Self-Consciousness Into Self-Expression
  • How to Get Over Your Disappointments
  • How to Become More Compassionate
  • How to Open Your Heart
  • Develop Sexual Energy and Social Charisma
  • The Abundance Program
Free bonus guided meditations on Love and Relationships

Free bonus guided meditations on Loss, Shame, Fear & Courage:

  • How to Release Sadness and Grief
  • Transform Shame into Self-Expression
  • Find the Fuel of Failure
  • Extinguish the Fuel of Fear
  • Develop Powerful Body Language
  • Overcome Your Fears – In 45 Minutes
Free bonus guided meditations on Loss, Shame, Fear & Courage

Free bonus guided meditations on Relaxation & Mindfulness:

  • Relaxation Response Meditation
  • Unwind Your Mind – Relax Into Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep
Free bonus guided meditations on Relaxation & Mindfulness
About the Instructor
4.2 Average rating
61 Reviews
4,466 Students
4 Courses
Founder of Body-Psyche

Hi, I’m Mark Fiveman. Over the last 20 years of coaching Global 100 executives from industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, mining and Internet companies, I have collected the best strategies for resolving conflicts, cultivating teamwork, and sustainably enhancing performance.

My corporate clients have reported millions of dollars added to their bottom line. My individual clients have told that me my courses have changed their lives - forever - boosting their self-confidence, building their self-esteem and enhancing their success.

I have studied personal growth for decades, and I’ve seen and tried it all. Through years of research and personal study, I have developed the modality of Body-Psyche.

The Body-Psyche philosophy starts with one basic premise: Surprisingly, the secret to becoming your best self doesn’t start with changing your mind… It starts by changing your body. That may be a strange concept at first, but the evidence for it is compelling and based on the cutting edge research in neuroscience and psychology.

When we experience powerful emotions, where do they come from? The mind? No. If you would like to recognize the body’s connection to your subconscious mind, simply look to our everyday language:

When someone lacks courage, we say, “They’re spineless.”

When someone is nervous, we say, “They have butterflies in their stomach.”

When someone loses a loved one, we say, “They’re heartbroken.”

Common body phrases like this all speak to the fact that our emotions, and the key to real and lasting personal development, is through our body-centered wisdom. That’s what Body-Psyche provides.

I have used this forgotten body wisdom to create two bestselling self-help programs on Amazon and highly acclaimed courses on my Body-Psyche blog. My top-ranking Udemy courses will help you super-charge your career and show you how to make your most important advances in your personal development.

If you’d like to know more, visit my Body-Psyche blog for articles, insights and inspiration.

Here’s to your next “Big” breakthrough.

- Mark

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