Run Your First Marathon with Confidence
4.9 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
29 students enrolled
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Run Your First Marathon with Confidence

FULL GUIDE to physically train, mentally prepare, and build confidence to finish your first marathon race!
4.9 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
29 students enrolled
Created by Simon Scotting
Last updated 7/2017
Price: $100
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What Will I Learn?
  • FULL guide to physically train, mentally prepare, and build confidence to finish your first marathon
  • What to wear (and what not to wear) for marathon running
  • How to be time efficient while training for your first marathon
  • How to schedule and plan your training runs for success
  • How to build complete confidence in your ability to finish the full marathon distance
  • How to improve your running technique (upper body and lower body) for faster and easier running
  • What to eat and drink before/after short and long training runs
  • How to build physical strength and stamina for longer distance runs
  • Which strength exercises are most efficient to include in your training plan
  • How to practice decision-making and problem-solving while running
  • When you should stretch muscles while training (and when you should do something else)
  • How to plan, prepare, and thrive on your first marathon race day
  • What to eat and drink during the marathon race (and how to do it)
  • How to manage your energy and pace during the marathon race
  • How to overcome physical and mental challenges during different parts of the marathon race
  • Post-race actions to take do after your first marathon, how to avoid "runner's blues" and what to do next
  • Apply your new confidence-building skills to other parts of your life
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  • You should be able to run at least 5km (3.5 miles), preferably 10km (6 miles)
  • You will need to commit an average of 1 hour per day for running

Do you want to run a marathon?

Your body was designed to run long distances, I can show you how to finish your first marathon with CONFIDENCE.

How can you finish your first marathon with confidence? If you are running a bit already, you can finish a marathon. I will show you how to transform yourself into a marathon finisher.

Confidence is the most important part of marathon running. This course will build your body and your confidence through an efficient training plan which will take less time than you might think. I will show you how to improve your running technique so you can run further and faster with less effort, while avoiding injuries.

Preparing your body and mind for the challenge of marathon running will change your life. I want you to experience this incredible experience as you transition from self-doubt to full self-confidence as a runner. The skills you learn by training for your first marathon can be applied to other big crazy goals in life. You will impress yourself and everyone you know by finishing your first marathon with confidence!

Buying this course will provide you:

  • Lifetime access to all lessons (new material added weekly)
  • Training plans to build your body and confidence
  • Daily responses to any questions about content
  • Private weekly Google Hangout sessions to ask me anything
  • Exclusive access to my Facebook Group: Marathon Mastermind
  • Discounts on future courses and products

I created this course because I want you to finish your marathon with confidence. If you put in the work, I will do whatever it takes to get you across that finish line. Running is one of the few things in life you will never regret. Let's get started now!

Who is the target audience?
  • You should already running a bit and you want to finish your first marathon
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Curriculum For This Course
48 Lectures
Every Marathon Begins with a First Step
4 Lectures 12:32

Finish your first marathon before you start running by committing to this course

Preview 05:07

Learn this foundation to improve your overall running technique

Preview 01:55

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Allow myself to introduce myself...

This course is like a living "book" you can read and return to when you have questions. I will continue to add material to the course over time.

How to Take this Course for Best Results
Preparation: Running Gear
5 Lectures 20:32

You will get warm, you will sweat, you will chafe. Prepare for it with the right running gear.

What to wear (and what not to wear)

How to choose shoes and socks for running

Shoes & Socks

Avoid chaffing

Shirt & Shorts

Don't let bad weather prevent you from training. Challenge yourself to stick to the training plan by preparing bad weather clothing for your runs.

No Such Thing as Bad Weather, There is Only Bad Clothing

Your running gear should build confidence and reduce friction (in every sense).

Dress for Success: Top Tips
Preparation: Training Plan
6 Lectures 17:13

The training plan for this course will focus on building your distance so you can finish your first marathon. Here's how to decide which version of the plan to follow.

Choose your Training Plan

Enter a marathon for motivation in starting and sticking to the training plan

Enter a marathon

How the training plan works

Preview 02:02

Plan your training run routes ahead of time to make them more interesting.

Planning your Training Runs: Routes

Schedule your runs to make sure they happen

Planning your Training Runs: Scheduling

Focus on the plan and the results will take care of themselves

Focus on the Training Plan: Top Tips
Physical Training
8 Lectures 30:29

Running should feel easy

Finding Your Natural Pace

Run faster, further, and more efficiently by improving your leg movement

Improve your Running Technique: Lower Body

Make it easier for your legs to carry your upper half when running

Improve your Running Technique: Upper Body

Gradually improve your pace by focusing on individual body parts

Habit Stacking

Running uphill and downhill is good practice for the marathon, but also good training for running in general

Running on Different Terrain

Simple bodyweight training exercises and sample routine with progression. This is optional (like everything in life).

Strength Training: Body Weight Exercises

Getting enough sleep is the only way to make positive fitness gains from your training. During the day, try to move more.

Preview 03:16

When to stretch, and why rolling is better

Should you stretch?
Mental Preparation
5 Lectures 12:49

Your belief or doubt will determine your ability to do something

Think You Can or Think You Cannot...

Own the Suck... Don't let the Suck own you

Embrace the Suck

Reduce the complexity and quantity of decisions by simplifying decisions. Avoid re-deciding whenever possible.

Preview 02:40

Only boring runners get bored while running :)

Thinking while Running: How to Stay Focused

Willpower is required to stick to the training plan, here's how to increase yours

Recharging and Building Your Willpower
Build Confidence
3 Lectures 11:05

You need to build real Confidence through training and good gear which you can spend during the race.

The Most Important Thing in Running (and Life): Confidence

Consistently following the training plan will develop your physical body, practice decision-making, and build confidence

Building Confidence

Negative thoughts are inevitable with long-distance running, but you can choose how to respond to it.

Handling Doubt and Negative Feelings
Eating & Drinking
3 Lectures 18:25

Running will make you more aware of what you eat. Cleaning up your diet will make your runs feel different

Eating and Drinking: Short/Medium Training Runs

Eating and drinking during long runs take some practice. Eating and drinking after long runs is important to progress recovery.

Eating and Drinking: Long Runs

Do your experimenting during the training runs, stick to what you know works well on race day.

Eating and Drinking: Race Day!
Race Day!
9 Lectures 49:43

Apply your practice with planning training runs to plan your race day logistics

Planning ahead: travel & gear

Visiting the registration event is a good way to check where the race start is

Registering for the event

Your training is done, so relax. There is nothing more you can do to prepare, only things to avoid which could hurt you tomorrow.

Pre-race preparations

Control your energy, you will need it later

Starting Your Race: Finding Pace

Playing games is the best way to get through the middle of the race

Running Your Race: Playing Games

Good decisions prevent bad things from happening, but sometimes the race does not go to plan. Here's what to do.

Problem-Solving: Spend Your Confidence Wisely

The real only starts after 32km (20mi) and is against yourself

Winning Your Race: Finishing Strong

You can do this. You are more capable of greatness than you think.

You Ran a Marathon? You Ran a Marathon!!

There are some important things you can do after the race (and tomorrow) to recover quickly.

Marathon Recovery: Get Well Soon
You Ran a Marathon... What's Next?
4 Lectures 17:37

Regular life can seem dull after your first marathon. The fight back starts before the race is over.

Life After Marathon: What's Next?

How soon can/should you run another marathon?

Another Marathon?

Did you enjoy overcoming your self-doubt? Push your boundaries even further.

Triathlons & Ultra-Marathons

Training for a marathon is a meta-exercise is achieving big crazy goals in life.

Applying Your Marathon Training to Your Life
1 Lecture 01:38

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Simon Scotting
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Ultra-marathon runner, self-experimenter, blogger

British-American currently living in London, but at home anywhere in the world.

I experiment constantly with ways to improve my efficiency and effectiveness.

I have been running long distances for years and wanted to share my knowledge gained through experience. Once you build a solid fitness foundation, it is easy to maintain and improve it.

Let's connect, I enjoy meeting new people.

I also enjoy creating successful systems and making big things happen. I get easily frustrated when I am not making progress and my emotional intelligence is low (sorry if I hurt your feelings).

I believe the human body was designed to run long distances, not to sit in a chair looking at screens. However, when I do sit in a chair to look at screens I want to be as productive as possible.

I am embarrassed by my procrastination habit. It's getting better, but sometimes I relapse.

I prefer train travel to planes, even if it takes much longer.

There's too much to write about me to be contained in here, but feel free to ask me anything.