The Confidence Master Course
4.3 (10 ratings)
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1,253 students enrolled
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The Confidence Master Course

Exude Charisma, Be a People Magnet,And Step Into Your own Personal Power
4.3 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,253 students enrolled
Created by Andrea Hayes
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Overcome social anxiety. Become a people magnet.
  • Become the most charming and charismatic person in the room, naturally.
  • Care less what others think of you and be liberated to express your inner truth.
  • Identify what triggers your insecurities and develop effective strategies for managing them.
  • Accept your limitations and move towards the circumstances in which bring out your greatest strengths.
  • Be empowered to live in alignment with your deepest inner truth.
  • Acquire unlimited faith in yourself and in your ability to achieve your dreams.
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  • Be willing to complete a series of self-assessments and commit to your own personal development.
  • Have a curiosity about who you truly are and a readiness to change areas of your life which are no longer in alignment with you.
  • You will need access to a computer or a smartphone with internet access.

Have you ever considered what makes a celebrity or superstar exude such charisma? What gives certain people so much mojo?

They have tapped into their greatest asset and resource – THEMSELVES. They have refined and chiseled away the parts of their identity which were NOT authentic and learned how to shine!

Genuine celebrity results when individuals find their innate strength, discover their true talent, and master it. The end result? They are alive to the fullest, and THAT translates into mojo.

The distance between the life you wish you were living and the life you are actually living can be measured by your level of self-confidence. Self-confidence determines how we show up in the world, how we relate to others, how much we influence others and how successful we become. This course is a complete overview of ALL the facets of possessing confidence, self-assurance, and a magnetic personality. It is designed to create intensive transformation in the lives of those who engage with the material, complete the activities, and implement the techniques and strategies reviewed. By the end of the course, you will have discovered your own inner superstar charisma and will possess that moxy and mojo that only celebrities possess!

Overcome the Barriers to Cultivating Self-Confidence and Develop Self-Assurance in all Areas of your Life.

  • Build a comprehensive skill set for engaging successfully in any social situation and discover how to attract others like moths to a flame. Exude charisma and unlock your inner charm.
  • Learn the multi-dimensional reasons why people struggle with low self-esteem and incorporate powerful techniques to subconsciously increase feelings of self-worth.
  • Identify the areas of your life which are crippling you with self-doubt and a lack of belief in yourself. Cultivate unlimited faith in yourself and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
  • Find a sense of direction in life that gives you clarity, certainty, and purpose. Stop feeling lost and aimless.

Be empowered and Gain Control over your Destiny.

There is no area of our life that isn’t directly impacted by our level of self-confidence. It is precisely because low self-confidence doesn’t seem to be the problem that it is so very insidious. Many people who suffer from low self-esteem attribute their life challenges to wholly different causes. We will be exploring the ways in which almost all of the challenges you face in life can be traced back to this very source.

This course is extremely comprehensive. We will be exploring in-depth the multiple dimensions of confidence along with where people falter when trying to develop it. No matter what specific aspect you are struggling with: social anxiety, lack of self-worth, lacking certainty & purpose, or not feeling powerful and in control of your life, we will address the issue and identify ways to overcome it.

You will be given a series of projects, self-assessments, and activities that will help you to examine where in your life you can make changes that will bolster your levels of confidence and leave you feeling empowered. Each section in this course contains specific instructions that will help you develop the necessary skills to becoming your very best.

Content & Overview

Everyone has the ability to develop confidence. Confidence itself is not a ‘skill’ per se, but is a combination of multiple skills and is pieced together like a big puzzle. Starting with the biggest and most important piece, this course will help you to assemble the ‘confidence puzzle’ one piece at a time, showing you certain traits and skills that anyone can develop and demonstrating how to implement them into your daily life.

You will learn how to become magnetic, charming, and how to radiate positive energy. Through exercises and activities, you will discover techniques that will make you appear powerful and will enable you to influence others in a powerful way.

You will identify your insecurities, what triggers them, and how to manage them. Everyone has insecurities, but it is possible to deal with them in such a way that they don’t break down your self-confidence and self-esteem.

You will learn how to be assertive and how to set healthy boundaries, which will increase others respect for you and subsequently, your own self-respect.

You will discover the voice of inner truth and learn to speak it without fear, overcoming the tendency to be submissive and to be a ‘people pleaser’. You will feel empowered to have much more control over how things turn out in your life.

This lack of trust in our own abilities is very dangerous to our potential, as it can stop us from truly following our passions! Many of us live in fear of doing what we dream; we shrink and play small so that we don’t have to face our fears; we strive to be left alone in our own little world.

But we are meant to shine! Confidence is all about opening up and unleashing the giant potential we each have within, understanding that we are powerful beyond measure, and manifesting our most brilliant inner light into the world.

Join me and let’s get started!


At the end of the course, I have included a FREE eBook that includes all of the material we will cover throughout the course so that you have everything you need in one, easily downloadable format.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for those who are serious about personal development; who are committed to investing in themselves and devoted to reaching their highest potential.
  • Anyone who wants to uncover their most magnetic personality and succeed in any social environment.
  • This course is for those who struggle with low self-esteem, insecurities, and voices of self-doubt.
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
Introduction to the Course
1 Lecture 06:20
Welcome to the course! In the introductory lecture, we will be reviewing all the benefits you will receive by taking this course, what the curriculum covers, and what skills you can expect to acquire by the end of the course. As an Instructor, I will be introducing myself and talking a little bit about my background and qualifications. You will complete a brief self-assessment that you can later use as a tool to gauge how much your perception of yourself has changed as a result of taking this course.
Preview 06:20
The Real, Authentic You
9 Lectures 38:12
There is one stream of truth that courses through our lives. It's not always easy to sense,, as often times we've been clouded by social conditioning and by other people's influence upon us. But the truth is always there, waiting for us when we are ready to face it. In this lecture we will be examining why a foundation of self-knowledge is the most important thing you can develop on the path to success.
Preview 03:39

As individuals, we each have a unique treasure to contribute to the whole; we cannot be replaced. If we don't actualize our gifts, they will be lost to the universe forever. What are your unique gifts? Do you feel like you are reaching your full potential?
Preview 03:28

You are meant to shine, not to be hidden in the shadows! There is an inherent light within you that is striving to find expression through you. Until you find a way to channel that inner light, the universe will nudge, push, and point you in the direction of where your light is and how you are supposed to be manifesting it.
The Inner Light

Once you are in alignment with your one true path, doors will start to open and the universe will fill your life with opportunity, synchronicity, and increased direction. You will experience more joy, wonder, awe, triumph, and love, and you have a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. If you are not on the right track, the universe will provide you with lessons and guidance how to get back on.
One True Path

Life doesn’t suddenly become easy or obstacle-free when we have found our true path - it will continue to be challenging. But the challenges will be different; they will be engaging. When you are not on your true path, you will feel stressed, the obstacles will be fear-based and you will often find yourself in survival mode. There is a different quality of engagement with life when you are on the path of inner truth.
Engaged in the Game

You can never develop self-confidence externally, based on what others reflect back to you. Genuine confidence can only be developed internally, through following the path of inner truth, overcoming the challenges set forth for you, and finding out how to unleash that inherent brilliance you were born to channel.
The Path of Least Resistance

When you are having conversations that fascinate you, when you are surrounded by people who captivate you, and when you are exploring environments that excite you, you know that you are being pointed in a certain direction by the Inner Compass. The Inner Compass is the gauge that helps directs us to the right path.

The Inner Compass

Our greatest joy comes from our ability to freely express who we are. We are most happy when we feel most in our element; when we feel comfortable to express our truth and be our authentic self. Sometimes, when we do take heed and really listen to the inner compass, we are called to make changes in our life and go in a different direction than the one we are presently on.
Shedding an Identity you have Outgrown

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 2.
Your Path
How to Be a People Magnet
8 Lectures 33:21
The most positive and radiant energy emanates from those who are in love with life. When a person who is filled with passion and a deep love for being alive, it will spill out of them and pour into the room.When you discover your true passion, you will automatically be filled with this same quality of enthusiasm and energy.
Radiate Positive Energy

Along with authenticity, a big part of having confidence and charisma is knowing how to maintain captivating conversations. We will be looking at specific techniques you can use to initiate and sustain magnetic conversations in any social situation or environment.
Magnetic Conversation Skills

Along with the ability to hold a magnetic conversation, confident individuals also possess magnetic body language. We will be exploring different techniques that will help you to appear self-assured, approachable, socially connected, and powerful in any given setting.
Magnetic Body Language

Before a person will be influenced, they need to trust that your intentions are sincere. If you can demonstrate that you understand where a person is coming from, they will be more likely to venture out and explore a new perspective, entertain a new mindset, or try a new product. In this lecture, we will be exploring some in-depth strategies to become more influential in any social sphere.
The Power to Influence

When you exude your own inner light, you become an inspiration. You become a force of nature, and people are really attracted to that. In this lecture, we will uncover methods that will help you to shine even brighter and bring inspiration to people’s lives.

The Power to Inspire

It is a common misunderstanding that our body language is a secondary reflection of our thoughts and emotional state. However, our physiological state actually plays a role in how we feel, and can be the cause and source of certain emotions we experience. We will be looking at specific ways we can alter our physiological state to dramatically and rapidly increase our confidence levels.
Physiological State

If you come to a situation in life where, no matter what technique you try, you are still feeling consumed by insecurity and self-doubt, there is another strategy you can fall back on: Fake it! Faking confidence can be a helpful back-up method in times when you just can’t seem to find your inner mojo.
When all Else Fails, Fake it!

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 3.
Unleash your Inner Light
4 Lectures 13:31
Self-image is the internal mirror which contains everything the world has ever reflected back to us.. Unraveling and identifying the areas where we’ve been stifled and emotionally wounded helps us to heal and helps open the channel for that stream of inner light to flow through us more brightly.
How the World has Reflected You back to You

While part of our self-image is built through others projections onto us, the other part of our self-image is within our control, and created within our own subconscious. Negative aspects of our self-image are often deeply engrained, have been built up over years, and can be very difficult to change through will alone. In this lecture, we will be looking at methods to re-write our self-image in a more positive light.
How You have Reflected You back to You

The dynamic between our internal self-image and what the world reflects back to us creates a feedback loop, so that we project our subconscious beliefs into the world, and the world reflects them back onto us. It goes on and on, until we make a conscious decision to take control and deliberately create the self-image that we want for ourselves.

The Feedback Loop

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 4.
The Mirror Gate
3 Lectures 25:15
While it’s not something that is outwardly apparent, low self-esteem is a rampant epidemic that operates under the radar and insidiously undermines our ability to act with confidence in the world. In this lecture, we will be looking at how low self-esteem manifests in our lives and what the symptoms are that you are struggling with low self-esteem.
Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem haven’t yet stepped into their own seat of power. A seat of power is when we learn how to speak our own truth, regardless of the consequences. In this lecture, we will be exploring techniques to overcome that innate tendency to act submissively; to hide yourself so that others can feel more comfortable; to stay small so that you don’t have to contend with other’s power and presence.
The Seat of Inner Power

This lecture is a text summary of all the materials we covered in Section 5.

Ranking & Linking
When You Don't Fit In
7 Lectures 22:58
Everyone has experienced circumstances where they felt that they didn't fit in to a certain social group or scene. Undoubtedly, it can be very awkward and painful. In this lecture, we will be exploring the reasons why conformity is never an effective solution and exploring some alternatives when you find yourself in this situation.
Why Conformity Isn't an Effective Life Strategy

We do need social norms and social expectations, because they help us to establish how we are supposed to act and what is appropriate in a given situation. However, there are some people who are afraid of anything that deviates from the social norm and who will judge you or try to discourage you when you start to express your impassioned, authentic self. In this lecture, we will be looking at the best way to respond to naysayers and pessimists.
The Box

When you are in a clique or a group and are feeling that you don’t fit in, you will experience the impulse to do whatever it takes to fit in the clique or the circle, even when it violates your own morals or inner truth. But when you follow these impulses, you are pretending to become something that you are not, and this usually leads to disastrous results. In this lecture, we will be looking at the source of that strong impulse to fit in and will identify how to effectively manage that impulse when it arises.
Being Fake

In this lecture, we will be examining the ‘people-pleaser’ personality type and will explore the reasons why people-pleasers always try to read the needs of other people and bend over backwards to meet their expectations. We will look at all the reasons why this is an ineffective life strategy and what ultimately happens in our life if we continue to play out this pattern of behavior.
Being a People Pleaser

While we can try to be immune to other people's judgment and negative opinions of us, sometimes it can be a real challenge. Without a doubt, rejection is painful. In this lecture, we will learn how to stop taking things personally so that we are increasingly liberated from the opinions of others, good or bad.
Don't Take it Personally

We are all different! We all 'fit' into different niches. We will not fit into every niche, nor will anyone else. When you are on your path, you are going to find people who will support you, encourage you, and mirror your highest self back to you. In your tribe, you will be your shiniest, happiest, most confident self.
Finding Your Own Tribe

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 6.
Staying True to You
Managing Insecurities
4 Lectures 11:51
Insecurity is the polar opposite of confidence. When we second-guess our gut feeling, when we blame ourselves for something that was the other person’s fault, when we feel intimidated by others because we put them on a pedestal, we are acting from a space of insecurity. In this lecture, we will identify strategies for managing our insecurities and will look at some ways that our insecurities can actually be advantageous.
Identify your Insecurities

No one is good at everything. We may have a handful of different talents, but typically people have one or two areas that they particularly excel in. The key to happiness is to identify those areas where and to position ourselves in a place where our greatest strengths are highlighted.
Find Where you Excel

It is not possible to truly compare yourself to another. Can you compare an apple to an orange? No, because they are qualitatively different. You have an island of brilliance that is entirely unique. The only person you can actually compete with is yourself, to become the very best version of yourself you can be!
Comparing Yourself to Others

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 7.
Defeat Your Insecurities
Competence Leads to Confidence
4 Lectures 13:11
When you become very fluent at a particular discipline, you naturally develop confidence. In this lecture, we will be exploring what puts you most easily into a state of psychological flow? What are you most passionate about mastering?
Confidence Arises through Mastery

When you have identified what you are most passionate about mastering, it is essential to commit to practicing DAILY. Consistent practice, NOT talent, is the key to developing an awe-inspiring skill set. In this lecture, we will be looking at all the various avenues you have available to build upon your present skill set, to immerse yourself in your craft, and pursue your passion full force.
Immerse Yourself in Skill Building Each & Every Day

There is ONE trait that ALL successful people possess, without question:: persistence. Confident people persist. They have placed all bets on success and refuse to entertain the possibility of failure. They keep pushing forward until that first victory is met, and then the next, and the next. Knowing that success is inevitable, they never allow for defeat.

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 8.
Fluency in Your Craft
Unconditional Positive Regard
4 Lectures 11:19
There is a common belief that it is selfish to prioritize your own passions and dreams over the needs of others, especially those entrusted within your care. The reality is, if you don’t prioritize your dreams, you won’t live from a space of passion and enthusiasm, and will withhold the very thing which could have been of most value to the world. In this lecture, we will be exploring this particular mindset and identifying the reasons why it is OK to put yourself first.
Why it's OK to Put Yourself First

Your mind, body, and soul KNOWS when you've entered territory that isn't right for you. Your intuition will always send you signals when you've headed down a path that is in conflict with your true self. In this lecture, we will learn to recognize the signals when you’ve reached a limit and will look at why it is imperative to heed those signals.
Accept Your Limitations

If you don’t possess self-respect, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to possess confidence. Self-respect is living in accordance with your own moral code and living in alignment with the values you hold most dear. In this lecture we will be looking at what it means to possess self-respect and the reasons why it is vital in the path to developing self-confidence.

This lecture provides a text summary of all the topics we have covered in Section 9.
Your Code of Ethics
2 Lectures 03:09
Having confidence is the most natural, automatic thing in the world. Confidence stems from the light at the core of our being, shining out, unbridled. Your only job on this planet is to be as good as you possibly can at being YOU. Have unlimited faith in yourself and in your ability to acquire the intelligence necessary to accomplish your dreams!
Have Unlimited Faith in Yourself

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