Complete iOS 10 development Bootcamp
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Complete iOS 10 development Bootcamp

A complete app design process and development with swift 3, xcode 8, SketchApp and Firebase for ios 10
4.5 (162 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
972 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • FIRST - Course was recorded after the official release of Xcode 8 - No Beta Bugs
  • By the end you will have full knowledge about using components like camera and Microphone in App
  • By the end you will have applicable knowledge of swift 3
  • By the end you will be great in design part too (on sketchApp)
  • By the end you will learn the basics of Firebase too
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  • Course will start from scratch, so no prior programming knowledge needed
  • Xcode 8 (available for free) - Installation covered in course
  • NO prior app development knowledge is needed
  • IF you already can design Complex Apps with FIREBASE, this course is NOT for you
  • Any computer that runs OS X (eg. Mac mini/iMAC/MACBOOK pro/air)

Complete iOS 10 Design and Development Bootcamp

If you are a beginner in iOS development then you have landed in great place. If you have already tried to learn the development and have faced the problems of beta bugs, like code is not working, then you are in great luck too. All of the apps that we have designed in this course are designed and coded after the official release of Xcode 8. There is not even a single app that that will give you a problem of Code conflict.

App development is a process. Process of designing the app, creating User Interface and writing code to make that interface work. We will use Sketch app to design the UI for our app and we will use swift 3 to write backend logic for our app. A complete course on swift 3 and sketch app is also included in this bootcamp.

Entire course curriculum is being designed keeping in mind that students takes time to learn and every topic must be presented on special time so that students feels easy to learn it. We will first create a test app for the new topic then we will create an app that includes the application for the knowledge that we just learned. 

We will learn about constraints and stack views, camera, photo library, microphone etc. Further we will move on to firebase and will explore the Firebase services like authentications, real time database and storage. 

We will not just create demo apps, we will learn to create icons and professional graphics for the app. Yes, we could have give graphics assets worth many dollars but instead we will teach you to design those assets in this course.

After taking this course you will learn to read the documentation and will learn to solve your problems on your own. Let’s get started.

Who is the target audience?
  • Want to apply as Jr. iOS developer - This course is for you
  • Want to design your dream app but don't know How to code - This course is for you
  • Want to work as Freelancer ios developer - This course is for you
  • Already having an App in AppStore - This course is NOT for you
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Curriculum For This Course
151 Lectures
How development process works in iOS
4 Lectures 24:43

Introduction and platform tour for the complete iOS 10 design and development course

Preview 06:32

To work on iOS apps there is just 1 tool that you will need. Xcode, the latest version i.e. 8. Xcode is now available for free in App Store.

Preview 09:09

This video will help you to understand the industry design process of designing and developing an App. A lot of students thinks that a programmer will sit and will create a fantastic app. It might be true in some cases but in most cases, there is a team working on every single element of App design and development process

Preview 06:14

A must needed Summary so that we can catch up about the updates for what we did so far in the course

what we did so far - Summary 1
Our First app in our hand
9 Lectures 57:56
Section 2 - What to expect in this section

For many of you, xcode view might be the first ever. At first it looks little complicated but it is one of the most easiest software to play around with. So much detailed and still fun to use.

Preview 11:53

Before we even design our first app, let's learn the most common reason to get a crash in app for beginners. This is the most common reason why a lot of beginners get frustrated in very first app.

Our first and most common crash for beginners

The very first to design an app is to take pen and paper and draw a rough sketch of App. Mostly overlooked but a very essential step to get the app designed as you thought about it

First app logic and design

This is just WATCH ONLY lecture, later in the course, we will learn about SketchApp to learn these design tips. So, don't get scared of this lecture

Watch only lecture - Design the assets

This is going to be our first app, a little more than HELLO WORLD App. But looks so much better than plain old App that just says hello world on a blank White screen

Our first polished app on iphone 7

In this video we will learn to transfer you app to real device. This is so much fun that you can take your creation on your device and can show it your friends

Moving our first app to real device

Download your exercise files in this lecture

Exercise Files

COmplete iOS 10 exercise files include projects too.

Complete iOS10 Exercise files
Learn Swift 3 - Skippable if you are aware of swift
26 Lectures 03:37:34
Section 3 - What to expect in this section

Playground is a quick editor in Xcode that allows you to write quick codes, test with them and learn with them. They are not meant for full application development, but just to have quick processing of the codes.

Introducing playground for quick codes and exercise files

Variables in swift are created by using var keyword and constants are created using let keyword. Swift guidelines recommend to make constants as much as possible. This makes code more independent and stable. Every data type can be made variable and constant using these two keywords in swift 3

Variables and constants in swift 3

String interpolation is a technique in swift 3, that helps us to replace variable or constant with their respective values. Further we will talk about comments and their major usage while testing a few lines of code.

String interpolation in swift 3

Type conversion is a must to learn in swift 3. Usually the text that is passed by user is in the form of string and in that case if we want to perform some arithmetic operation, then we need to convert it into Int. Also we will look at aliases, that help us to gives different names with same functionality to various things.

Type conversion and aliases

Although, we will revisit the conditionals and loop later, but this quick look will help you to understand a lot of topics like comparison operations and logical operations. Similarly, loops will help you to understand range in swift 3.

Conditionals and loops at quick look

Arithmatic operations are the simplest of all of them. It allows you to do simple math in the programming, like addition and multiplication. Similarly, assignment operations helps you to assign values from right hand side to the left hand side element.

Arithmetic and assignment operators

Comparison helps us to decide the further flow of the code in swift 3. Comparison gives us either of the two Boolean results, True or False. Further, we will explore two range operation, Inclusive range and Non inclusive range.

Comparison and range operations

Logical operators allow you to test multiple condition at a time. Multiple Boolean values can be evaluated at a time and based on that events can be triggered. For AND operator, all values should be true to get a true result, while for OR operator, any one true value will produce true as an output. While the NOT operator just reverse the Boolean situation

Logical AND OR and NOT operators

Strings are a character array set. Strings does comes with lots of in built functionality as they are the highly used element in programming. In swift 3, we will learn about string interpolation and many functions that ships in with language.

Strings in swift 3

There are mainly three types of collection in swift 3, we will take arrays first as our discussion. We will learn to declare array, add elements in it and to remove the elements. Indexing is the main strength of the arrays.

Collection - Array in swift 3

Another collection is set. Just like set that you might have studied in high school, these sets also follows the properties like Union, intersection and addition of sets. Let's take a detail look on sets in swift 3

Collection - set in swift 3

Finally we have dictionary in the collection. The major strength of dictionary in swift 3 is to have flexibility in choice of index. Values are inserted in the dictionary as key value pair. To access any value, we need to pass the key of the value. Same goes with deletion of the value and insertion of the value in dictionary

Collection - Dictionary in swift 3

The most common conditionals are if and else. If code block runs the code if the condition is produced as true and else code block runs on the other case. There is nothing special in IF and ELSE in swift 3 as compared to other programming languages, No surprises at all.

Conditionals - If Else in swift 3

Switch and case are another way to decide on the condition. For a particular element, we can check for various cases and based on the match, we can run some code block. There is no explicit fall through between the cases in the swift 3. Although, it comes with keywords like FALLTHROUGH, if we really want to make that happen.

Switch case in swift 3

Moving further in conditionals, for in is the another player here. The traditional C style for loop is gone in swift 3. For in loop are more easy to use in case of range and array like situation. There is a major role of underscore, incase the repeating element is of no use

Conditionals for in loop

Moving up next, we have while ad repeat while loops. Repeat while loops are just like Do While loop in C based language but since swift 3 has different meaning for Do as a keyword, they did changed the Do as Repeat. One simply checks the condition at the top and another at the end.

Conditionals while and repeat while loops

We have five major condition controller keywords. but we will take a look at only three of them, Break, Continue and Fallthrough. Because other two will be discussed later in Function video. Break simply Breaks the flow and throws the flow outside the code block. While continue just ignore one iteration

Condition controller keywords

For saying, function is just a block of code that can be called many times. But there are tons of working going on inside the function. Lots of details are there in Parameters and return types. We will learn all these details in the movie.

Basics in functions in swift 3

We will  solve two major problem in this video. first is to give variation in the input parameters and making our function ready to take any number of arguments. Second, we will take a look at swapping problem. All the function parameters are constants and we will learn to change those values.

Variadic functions and inout keyword

Closures are heavily used in entire ios development. It's hard to avoid them. So I have decided that I'll explain it in layman's words first. From the very first release of swift, I can see that students are facing problems in closures but worries are over now. After watching this closure movie, things will get crystal clear for sure.

Closure for beginners

Sometimes, it's good to limit our own options. Enums allow you to create different cases that you can match and work according to them.

Enums in swift 3

Classes and structures in swift are heavily compared because they do have many similarities. Both can have properties, both can have function etc. In this movie we will take a look at classes and structures and learn to define properties and function in both of them.

Classes and structures

A very confusion topic again but again, I have tried to explain this topic in simplest possible words. Optional chaining allows you to handle the condition when variable has NIL value while forced unwrapping will throw an error in case of NIL values.

Optional chaining and forced unwrapping

Extension is a way to extend the working and functionality of existing classes and structures. Most of the time the classes and structure are defined and you just want to use them with little extra functions. Extension helps you to do that. A lot of people compare extension with inheritance too.

Extensions in swift 3

Generics means general data type. You can call them empty vessels too. Any data type like Int, Double or String can fit into generics. Arrays and Dictionary uses generics already and this is the reason why you are able to define array of Ints or Strings

Generics and scopes
Pushing code to git and coffee calculator app
6 Lectures 43:56
Section 4 - What to expect in this section

github is an important part of development. Github gives you version control so that we can get back to a working point if the app behaves odd or crash out

Pushing the existing project to github

Let's design a coffee app. In this movie we will design the logic for the app. Also in the attachment you can find assests for the app. Download them to use in the app

Coffee App logic and assets

In this coffee app, further we will design UI in the storyboard of Xcode. UI will be based on the design that we have already created.

Coffee App interface building up in Xcode

Let's write the backend logic of our coffee app. We will write all of our code in swift 3 and logic will be simple.

Coffee App Code in Xcode

Moving App on a real device is the greatest feeling that one can get. Getting your creation in your hand is gonna happen in this video

Moving CoffeeApp to real device
Learn to design an App - SketchApp Master section - Skippable
29 Lectures 05:01:31
Section 5 - What to expect in this section

Sketch App is one the first choice to create great App User interface. This application gives you a code minded approach to design apps

First look on the sketch app

Lines arrows and rectangles are the most basic and fundamentals of sketch. We will learn these elements in this movie

Lines arrows and rectangles

A tons of effects can be done with Stars and polygon tools. You can make stars sharper of fatty. Also you can change points of the elements

Stars and polygons

Let's create a small project of Attackbutton. This button will have some shine elements using oval and some customized text 

Project - Attack button

Vector tools is mostly overlooked but you will be using it everyday. You can design any logo or shape more efficiently with the help of vector tool

Vector Tool practice with twitter logo

Meet the Alfa team of Sketch app. Union, subtraction, intersection and difference can create a huge range of objects, when applied with strategy. 

Meet the A team - Union Subtract Intersection and Difference

You will be importing a lots of images in your app design. Let's see what you can do with images and effects like gausian blur etc.

Basics of image in Sketch

Let's learn to design logos. All of logos are copyrights of their respective owners, we will just replicate them for fun and educational app

Handling icons WhatsApp part 1

Handling the whatsApp icon and finish the project that we did started in the last movie

Handling icons WhatsApp part 2

lets have a look on another mail icon. Getting the logos done will help you a lot to master sketch app

Mail icon

Screenflow is a great application and their new logo/icon is also great. let's take a look on this logo and flat icon design

Screenflow icon part 1

Screenflow is a great application and their new logo/icon is also great. let's take a look on this logo and flat icon design part 2

Screenflow icon part 2

Google has now a variety of products and lots of new products like docs and excel are having great icons. Let's learn to replicate these logos

Google Docs icon

Another icon on which we will practice is camera icon. This camera icon is little tricky but we will surely handle this.

Camera icon part 1

Another icon on which we will practice is camera icon. This camera icon is little tricky but we will surely handle this. part 2

camera icon part 2

Wanderlist is a app that needs no introduction to most user. we will handle this logo in this movie and will finish this in just 1 video

Wanderlust icon

Chrome icon is one of the tricky one to tackle. It has a lot of shiny elements to take down as well as a lot of rounded shades.

Chrome icon part 1

Let's take down the chrome icon - part 2

Chrome icon part 2

Finally let's finish the Chrome icon

Chrome icon part 3

Installing Toolbox and third part plugins is one of the most important step in sketch app. This will allow us to use others work in our app

Installing Toolbox and adding plugins in sketchapp

Now 't have a look on exporting basics. We will export backgrounds as well as 2x and 3x for ios development

Basics of exporting

Moving further we will design a login screen for Cakes N Cookies fictitious  company

CakesNCookies Login Screen part 1

Moving further we will design a login screen for Cakes N Cookies fictitious  company part 2

CakesNCookies login screen part 2

Moving further, let's Design an elegant login screen for the user to log in 

Elegant logins part 1

Moving further, let's Design an elegant login screen for the user to log in  part 2

Elegant logins part 2

Understanding and following apple's Human Interface Guidelines are very important to make sure that your app doesn't get stuck in App review process

HIG UI Designs do's and Don'ts

Let's create an app for the multiple page logins and segues

Multipage SignUp part 1

Let's create an app for the multiple page logins and segues part 2

Multipage SignUp part 2
Foundation of iOS development
15 Lectures 02:33:52
Section 6 - What to expect in this section

Lets get back to ios development. First step is to understand file structure of the app. Let's explore them

File Structure of iOS Apps

All Apps have a life cycle and it is important to understand. Some functions run on the start of app while some run when app moves from 1 screen to another

Complete App life Cycle and View hierarchy

We usually get start with a single view application but soon that application needs more segue. Moving to those segue is easy but you need to be careful of thing. Stacking.

Adding View controllers and segue

Let's start the application development with PickerView. Picker view is simple ticker that you can have as a multiple value selection option

Learn about picker views and delegates in ios 10

Moving to design and code a simple login app. In this app we will design an app for the signUp for USA people. We will use picker view in this app

USA SIgnup part 1

Moving further in ios bootcamp we will add picker view and will learn about the protocols and necessary functions to implement the picker view in pur app

USA SignUp - Setting the pickerView

One more feature that we can add in this app is to dismiss keyboard when we don't need it. For the this first we have to detect the tap then dismiss the keyboard

USA SignUp - Dismiss the keyboard

in this video we will learn about the slider and how we can handle the slider values as the slider changes. Further we will also look at bar button and their usage.

Understanding slider and bar buttons in ios 10

Auto layout is helpful but can be frustrating sometimes. It just need the exact information to align your element, NO less NO more

Autolayout and constraints

Stack view is the easiest way to handle elements on various screen sizes. Although it is very helpful but it can be tricky to use. Use this powerful tool wisely.

stack views in detail in ios 10

We will design a runners app in this video. We will design the front user interface in this video for this stop watch app for a runner

Runners app UI in Xcode 8

The important and tricky part of writing a runner app is the functionality of Play/Pause button. We will learn to change the text of button

Runners App code for Play button

Time to add little more details to our runners app. let's finish this app now.

FInishing Runners App

A few more details are missing that are important but can be done later on as well. But in this video will do that so that you can do it yourself in later applications

Adding icons and launch screen
Table Views, Core data and fetching data from web
14 Lectures 02:22:02
Section 7 - What to expect in this section

There is hardly any app out there that don't use table views. Table view is mostly overused element in the entire app object library.

Basics of Table View

In this video we will learn to add a new screen in our app. Technically this is called as View controller. The idea is that the app will pass the information to next view controller

Adding Second View Controller

Passing the information to next view controller is easy with new methods in swift. We will use segue and prepare for segue to perform the task

Passing Information from one View Controller to another

You might have seen this common functionality in ios, swipe to delete. This is very easy to add element in table view. Let's delete the information as well as the row from a table view

swipe to delete in table View

Hubby list app is the simplest app that will use a lot of functionality that we have learned in this course. let's set a table view for this app

HubbyList App - Setting table view

Now we will add the core data functionality in our app. Core data gives you the ability to use inbuilt database in your app to store persistent information.

Core data in Hubby List App

Further we will learn to store data in core data. We will take input from the user and will add that data to core data or you can call it as database

Adding data to coredata - Hubby List APp

Further let's move and learn to delete the data from coredata. We not only have to delete the data but also have to update the table view.

Deleting data in core data -Hubby List App

Let's move to add the custom cell in our table view. Custom cell gives you the ability to add custom looking to your app like in instagram.

Custom cell in table view

Further we will move to add elements on custom cell view and linking those elements in code view so that we can further write code for them

Linking custom cell with code

In this ios 10 bootcamp video we will learn to add custom images and text in cells. Images will come at alternate position in every next cell.

Custom cell with images and text

Web views are the most complicated things in ios but thanks to cocoapods we have have better libraries to handle web requests.

Basics of web view in ios 10

A quick introduction to cocoapods. we will explore the installation and working of cocoapods latter in this course, this is just a basic hello to pods

introduction to CocoaPods
Working with camera, Microphones, shake and swipe gesture in ios 10
8 Lectures 01:33:05

using camera in ios 10 is the most simplest thing. Almost exactly same code is used to access Photo Library. Let's learn them in this movie.

Understanding camera and photolibrary usage in ios10

In this video we will learn to apply the knowledge that we have learned in the last video, adding camera and photo library in our app

App with camera and Photo library

Another col app that we will learn is the shake app. We will get a dice number based on the shake movement of the device. Number will be chosen randomly.

Shake - Roll the dice App

The base functionality of tinder app is swipe left and right.  We will replicate this base function in our tinder for kids app. 

Tinder for kids - A swipe app

This video will talk about setting up user Interface for our Audio recorder and player. It would be a simple UI as we will be focusing little more on working of app

UI for audio recorder and player

Audio recorder and player in ios is still very tricky. Playing the audio and recording the audio is easy but adjusting the settings for doing it is tricky.

Audio recorder player settings part 1

Audio recorder and player in ios is still very tricky. Playing the audio and recording the audio is easy but adjusting the settings for doing it is tricky. part 2

Audio recorder player settings part 2

Finally we will be able to record and play audio with our app

Our final audio recorder and player App
Web request with Alamofire and JSON basics
9 Lectures 01:52:55

Let's get started with cocoapods. we will learn to install cocoapods. Also we will look at some famous pods available to use like Alamofire

What is Alamofire and cocoapods installation

A quick tour about what is JSON and why it is easy to get API in json format. We will also look at json formatters

What is JSON

RandomUser me is a free website that generates random data and serves it in the form of API. A best way to practice in initial phase.

Alamofire with RandomUserMe

One task that everyone has to do if they are working with API is to filter the data.There will be a lot of data and we only need a few elements out of it

Filter JSON data from web request part 1

Once we will learn about the filtration of the data, further we can use that data and can assign it to labels to display it on the app

Filter Json data and assignment

Lets build a simple weather app using alamofire. we are now comfortable with Alamofire and can work with any API.

Weather App with Alamofire - setting UI

We will be passing a custom location for the weather app so we need a custom URL to pass for every request. Let's create that custom url with user input

Weather App - setting URL

Once we get a response from the weather API, we will write a code to filter the app and get the temperature to display it on the App

Weather App - getting Temperature

Let's just get a few more details to show up on the screen as we have already got label for those informations

Weather App - Finale
Fun with Firebase
7 Lectures 01:21:53

Firebase and parse are great platform to handle backend of our app. we will use firebase in this course but it's good  to know a thing or two about parse too

Firebase vs Parse

In this ios bootcamp video, we will learn to add firebase to our app using cocoapods. This will be our very first app that will be talking with firebase.

Our First Firebase App

For many of you, firebase is new and first we will look at this backend service on the browser. Once we understand things like database and authentications, then we will be moving towards actual use.

Understanding firebase interface in browser

Lets move on and use the firebase in our application. First we will learn to add signup function in our app. we will further move and add sign in also

Our first signup and database entry

Further we will add an entry in our database when a user is signed up, this database in firebase is real time so our entries getting updated in real time

SignUp and real time database in Firebase

Moving further and lets learn about storage of firebase. We will upload a simple image from our app. This will be simplest possible app for the task

Uploading and getting images in firebase part 1

Next up, we will download this image from firebase and we will show this image in a image view. 

Uploading and getting images from firebase part 2
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