Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis Blueprint
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Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis Blueprint

A Life Changing Opportunity To Train And Develop A Powerful Hypnotic Expertise That Will Have You Hypnotizing Everyone
4.0 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
63 students enrolled
Created by Scott Jansen
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What Will I Learn?
  • Put people in a DEEP “Coma Like” hypnotic trance with just language
  • Drastically evolve your mindset to think like a strategic hypnotist
  • Progress through various clinical, covert and conversational maneuvers
  • Expand your ability to use language to directly influence the unconscious mind in seconds
  • Establish the keen sense of a flexible approach to recover from mistakes that are undetectable
  • Advance your hypnotic competence in language, techniques and hypnotic methods with alarming speed
  • Memorize the exact conditions to take hypnosis with your everywhere you go ( become a hypnotist )
  • Grasp a complete understanding of the A-Z hypnotherapy interaction with naturalness and ease
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A Limited And Life Changing Opportunity To Train And Develop A Powerful Hypnotic Expertise That Will Have You Directly Influencing The Unconscious Minds Of Everyone Around You

The Best Part : You Can Literally Put Anyone Into A DEEP “Coma Like" State While Being Wide Awake .

While you strategically drop in specific suggestions …… And direct their thoughts to what they truly desire in life ….. And this whole time they will have eyes open and have no CLUE as to what you have done.

Build a strong foundation with conversational hypnosis and wow your clients and subjects with ease

You are about to embark on a journey into the powerful world of hypnosis. Imagine having the exact knowledge and key elements, that can change the life of another human being instantly, and have them explore a new world where their are NO limitations to what they are capable of.

“Imagine this scenario"…….

You have a growing interest in helping people and a strong instinct in developing your own internal potential to get more out of life.

You study the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Mastery Course, and begin growing into a person with a robust instinct in how to, use hypnotic methods , protocol and clinical maneuvers and have them become a part of your everyday interactions.

Where people who are in your presence, leave a totally transformed individual….

All the while, they have no idea what happened or what you said but they remember your interaction for a lifetime.

A powerful skill at your finger tips:

This is the potential of what you can do with conversational hypnosis mastery ( Imagine this ability for your own personal growth )

  • Put people in a DEEP “Coma Like" hypnotic trance with just language
  • Drastically evolve your mindset to think like a strategic hypnotist
  • Progress through various clinical, covert and conversational maneuvers
  • Expand your ability to use language to directly influence the unconscious mind in seconds
  • Establish the keen sense of a flexible approach to recover from mistakes that are undetectable
  • Advance your hypnotic competence in language, techniques and hypnotic methods with alarming speed
  • Memorize the exact conditions to take hypnosis with your everywhere you go ( become a hypnotist )
  • Grasp a complete understanding of the A-Z hypnotherapy interaction with naturalness and ease
  • Formulate hypnotic patterns that combine hypnosis and stage hypnosis in the 1 setting

“You Have Been Given Access To The Hidden Power Button Of Hypnotic Persuasion"

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with an interest in hypnosis
  • Anyone with an interest in personal development
  • Anyone with an interest in conversational hypnosis
  • Anyone with an interest in NLP
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Curriculum For This Course
15 Lectures
Conversational Hypnosis Mastery Training
1 Lecture 02:55

Tips : On How To Master Your Training.

Add repetition and fun to your learning experience.

By adding emotion and intensity when learning and while using this manual, it will increase the likelihood of absorbing each technique and method simply and easily.

Find a partner to practice.

Avoid only learning these techniques inside your mind. Find a training buddy to practice with out loud. Keep practicing each technique out loud and hearing your successes and mistakes. This will guarantee complete absorption.

You're mistakes and successes will integrate together and create a complete cycle of learning.

Keep each technique simple

Avoid adding or detracting steps from any method. Keep each instruction simple by following the exact method step by step. Once you have completely remembered the entire instruction ( step by step ), you can then add you're on style, voice, ideas and steps to change the method to suit your needs and situation. ( Keep the structure the same )

Always remembering to keep the entire principle simple and effective.

It's only the principle that makes all of your conversational hypnotist techniques work.

Preview 02:55
4 Stage Conversational Hypnosis Format For Total Mastery
2 Lectures 15:36

The ABSU Formula

This 4 stage formula is what your entire hypnosis session will conform to. By following these four stages you can guarantee your session will be a success.

( A ) Attention

( B ) Bypass Critical thinking

( S ) Stimulate the unconscious mind

( U ) Utilize an unconscious process

Attention :

Your first step as a hypnotist is to gain a client's full attention. By gaining this attention your hypnotic maneuver will have all the energy it needs for trance to occur.

Bypass Critical factor :

To access the unconscious mind, we must first bypass the conscious mind. Your hypnotic maneuver will help bypass the conscious mind. Each hypnotic technique will do this in a different way.

Stimulate the unconscious mind

By stimulating the unconscious mind, trance can develop, and we can begin to use therapy as our main tool to help our clients.

Utilize an unconscious process : ( From the unconscious mind )

By utilizing each and every unconscious process ( after stimulation ) that you witness during a session, will ensure a quick and powerful hypnotic trance every time.

Additional notes :

The unconscious minds communication style

The unconscious mind communicates partly through symbols and associations. The conscious mind communicates with logic . It is this part of the mind that is critical to your hypnotic techniques.

By utilizing the unconscious mind in the exact way it prefers to communicate, through symbols and associations , you can easily master your hypnotic ability.

A.B.S.U Format For Conversational Hypnosis

Power words

This style of hypnotic language allows you to create hypnotic flow without the use of scripts.

Meaning you do not have to memorize long chunks of information to hypnotize your subjects.

The 4 power words are :

Because, and, as soon as, which means

These 4 power words will help you combine ideas, hypnotic or otherwise together, to create a hypnotic flow. Your hypnotic flow will help silence the critical mind and give you a pathway into the unconscious mind with only language.

Mastering Power Words :

Exercise one

Link 2 random ideas together using ( one ) power word.

For example. The sky is blue because the earth is round

For example. The dog is barking because stars are bright

For example. The man was hungry because the forest is green

As you can notice we have linked 2 random ideas together, that have no meaning to each other. By linking these ideas together we start to create a hypnotic flow.

( Continue this same exercise using all four words until you remember the power words without reading them. )

Additional notes :

When linking ideas together with power words, keep them random. The more random the ideas that are being linked together are, the more your unconscious mind will remember them. If you are too logical, you are using your conscious mind to remember them.

Hypnotic Themes

Hypnotic themes are associations to what hypnosis would feel like and what a subjects would experience while in trance.

By simply creating a list of different themes ,you can ensure you will never run out of things to say.

Exercise one :

Make a list of as many ideas and themes that associate to hypnosis. Such as what you would feel, experience, notice and do during trance.

For example :

Relax, calm, focus, trust, comfort, knowing, drifting, silence etc

Complete this list with as many examples as you can think of. The more you think of, the easier it is to create your hypnotic flow.

Exercise two :

With your list of hypnotic themes, pick two random themes. ( From your list )

Using your power words, combine your two themes ( with power words) together and create your hypnotic flow.

Practice talking for 30 to 60 seconds without stopping

Increase your time when ever you practice this exercise. Try using a different themes and power words each time.

Introduction To Hypnotic language And Hypnotic Themes For Hypnosis
Conversational Hypnosis Methods And techniques
5 Lectures 57:35

A complete Hypnotic Interaction

Compliance : Getting permission to hypnotize your subjects

Induction : Hypnotic technique

Deepener : Increasing trance depth

Therapy : Resolving the problem

End Trance : Ending your hypnotic session

Boiler plates :

Add these extra resources into your complete hypnotic interaction to guarantee your hypnotic success when working with clients.

Safety statement :

By making your sessions safe your clients will experience a greater session and feel looked after. A clients safety is your main role as a therapist

Sounds around you :

Understanding that's sometimes your session will be interrupted with sounds and noises is of importance to remember. By setting this statement up beforehand, any noise can help your session rather than detracting from it.

My voice :

By associating your voice to help the client through your hypnotic session, will add power to the experience and the safety of your session.

Self esteem :

By ensuring a client is doing a great job throughout the session and as they awaken from hypnosis, can affirm that the session was a complete success and will make your clients feel amazing.

Boilerplate examples.

Safety statement :

Feel that chair, know you're a safe. You will be safe through the entire session. Every time you go deeper you will feel more safe.

Sounds around you :

From time to time you might hear different sounds, just allow them to take you deeper into hypnosis. Just allow those sounds to help you feel safe and go deeper into the hypnosis.

My voice :

Allow my voice to follow you into a trance and help you go deeper, feel more safe and help you have an amazing trance experience.

Self esteem :

You are doing an amazing job. Everything you did during the session it was exactly what's needed to happen to help you start to overcome your challenge.

Exercise one :

Above is an example of what you could say to cover all the boiler plates in your session. What's important is to make it a conversation and not a list. We want to make this to sound natural.

Create your own pre - talk with these boiler plates included. Don't add too much more other than the boiler plates. This should only take 30 seconds to tell a client.

10 Step Hypnotist Method

The instant script.

When we ask a client what they want to work on they will give us two types of information.

How they're feeling

Walks will be happening as a result all feeling that way.

For example.

If im shy I will feel :

Anxious, scared, afraid and nervous

If im shy you will notice my :

Body language, tonality, my body shaking, inability to talk with confidence etc.

Exercise one

Think of why a client would see you for therapy

List all the feelings and emotions that your client would tell you about

For example

Client says " I hate crowds "

This client would probably feel :

Anxious, scared, restricted, unsure, upset, has bad body language, shaking hands, sweating.

Exercise two

Simply ask your clients the opposite feeling and emotion they would rather feel or experience.

For example

If they are feeling scared:

The opposite of scared could be - confident, or powerful

If they aare feeling upset :

The opposite of upset could be - excited, or happy

Ask your client the exact opposite ( use ONLY their words ) for each negative feeling and emotion that they gave you, and get the positive feeling and emotion that wish to have. From negative to positive.

Now that you have a list ( of only their words ) both positive emotions and feelings. Use your power words to link these positive ideas together.

Step one :

Ask your client to close their eyes

Step two :

Combine your hypnotic themes and power words together to start the induction ( set the environment for trance )

Step three :

When you notice your clients going into trance. Begin to link the positive ideas together and cycle through these ideas for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not rush this. Take your time, slow down your voice, and remember to always keep your client safe and watch as they shift into a positive experience.

The Instant Script Method ( Without a script )

The Revivification

The *reviv is an easy way to use memory of a trance experience that your client has had in the past. We can utilize this memory, the emotions, feelings and sensations that your client experienced in the past.

This saves us time on the induction, as we just use a past experience instead of creating a whole new conduction for a client.

Exercise one : Question one.

"Have you had a safe, relaxing trance experience before " ?

Your client has said " Yes I have had a safe and relaxing trance before ".

Question two.

As a therapist we just need 2 to 3 bits of information according to the memory of that experience to start the Reviv.

So let's just stick to a what, when and where format

So what's happened ?

When did it happen ?

Where did it happen ?

Once they answered all three questions, continue to ask about what happened next ? What did they notice ? What a did they feel an experience ? Etc

Continue to repeat the NEW information back , until you start to see your client going into trance

For example

Rapid by blinking

Heavy breathing or signing

Slowing down of speech


Or any obvious trance signals. As you notice the signals this will let you known that hypnosis is occurring.

As more and more information comes out and that trance signals become stronger tell your client to :

Close their eyes, and to go into trance and experience it's all over again.

Revivification Of Memories

Dynamic Mental Imagery

Just like the hypnotic visualization we will access memories and develop a therapeutic scene inside the mind. Now we will turn our attention to accessing unconscious symbols that represent a solution to a problem or challenge.

Because the unconscious mind associates through symbolism this is a natural process and creates a strong experience for the therapist and client.

Exercise one :

The dynamic mental imagery starts the exact same way as the hypnotic visualization.

Have your client enter the safe scene that was given to you before. Now we have accessed this scene we now need to include the unconscious mind.

Step one :

As your client is deep in the scene we must create what is called an orienting question. An orienting question will be the confirmation, that the unconscious mind, is helping to provide the scenery and symbols we need to help with a therapeutic solution.

Orientation question example :

"What is that over there " ?

By keeping the question ambiguous and open ended we allow the unconscious mind to answer that question for our client .

This will be answered usually by a symbol or item that was not previously seen inside the mind of the client.

New symbol or item :

Once our clients has noticed the new symbol we can attach a suggestion to it. Remembering the law association will connect the symbol to the solution for us.

Suggestion example

I wonder what the symbol means to you ?

I wonder what you could do with this symbol ?

I wonder how this symbol could help you overcome your issue ?

As you can see the suggestions are ambiguous and do not offer the solution for the client. The unconscious mind will do this for them.

Dynamic Mental Imagery. Using Symbolism From The Unconscious

External Trances ( Hypnotic Phenomena ) ( Ericksonian Hypnosis )

Creating an experience is a valuable part of hypnotherapy. We are taking the elements from a stage hypnosis show and including therapy. This gives our client the belief through seeing and feeling the change.

To see is to doubt, To hear is to be deceived , To FEEL is to believe.

At every moment you are experiencing unconscious movements, shifts and sensations. We pay little attention to these moments as they are outside our of regular experience. But if we put attention ( where attention goes energy flows ) on the unconscious moments, feeling, sensations and movements they will tend to grow.

If your client is already having unconscious moments and our aim is to put them into trance, lets utilize what the unconscious mind is already presenting us. This is the essence of the utilization principle ( Milton Erickson's favorite maneuver )

Exercise One : Orientation question

Step one : Draw attention to an unconscious moment

Ask your client : "What part of their body feels most unusual right now "

Allow your to search and scan their body ( Do not rush them or interrupt them )

Wait for an answer - Eg. "My hands feel heavy "

Step two : Utilize

Echo the unconscious moment back to them

"That right , your hands do feel unusual don't they. Your sitting their and your hands feel unusual "( Notice the embedded suggestions )

Step Three : Pause

Let them feel the experience. Either the experience will grow or subside ( It does not matter at this point). What is important is, do we have their attention on something ?

Step Four : Feedback cycle

Get some feedback.

"Whats happening now with those hands that were /are feeling heavy "?

Step Five : Utilize again ( Any answer )

Utilize the answer . No matter what it is

Repeat process


Begin to ask ' open or closed questions '

For example :

Did you know your hands could feel heavy like that ?

I wonder what will happen next ?

How do you do that ?

Which hand feels more heavier than the other ?

I wonder if you knew your hands could feel like this ?

Make a large list of open and closed questions. As the therapist, we are constantly drawing attention to the sensation until trance develops. It does not take long. Add your hypnotic voice, and hypnotic eyes with this exercise to triple the impact.

Hypnotic Phenomena
7 Lectures 01:08:25

Bonus demo

Exploring the problem.

Finding levearge and spotting uncosncious moments

Demo 1 - Bonus Demo. Exploring The Problem

0 Lectures 00:00

Answer these simple questions to master and grasp your new hypnotic skill set

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