Develop Database Application Without Manual Coding -Tremplin
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Develop Database Application Without Manual Coding -Tremplin

Simple Software to Design, Develop Database Application without Coding
4.1 (138 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
10,047 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • 3 sections to demonstrate Requirements,Database creation using SQLite and to develop application using tremplin.
  • By the end of the course you'll be able to create your own Database using SQLite and Develop Database application without coding.
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  • We are using SQLite administrator and tremplin setup on windows platform

Coding an Application is not everyone's cup of tea.

Using Tremplin you can develop a Database Application without manual Coding.

You just need to know about preparing Database and SQL

If you feel developing database applications take a lot of time, not to worry you are in right place.

This tutorial will help you understand about how to create a simple database and develop a database application without manual coding.

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1. Understand how to Create database from Excel.

2. How to create Complete Software - Including Coding, Testing, Documentation, Installation Building using Tremplin.

3. You will become familiar with Tremplin registration and procurement.

Whether you are student, database administrator, tester, graduate, application developer, excel expert or advanced computer user.

In 8 Sections of around 4 Minutes each, we will go from scratch to develop fully functional contact management software.

Happy learning !!!


ERachana Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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Who is the target audience?
  • Students
  • Technical Graduates
  • Software developing Companies
  • Advanced Computer User
  • Excel Experts
  • Database Administrator
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Curriculum For This Course
Tremplin - Getting Started
1 Lecture 04:10
  • Tremplin – Database Development Compressed.

    This section is all about introduction to tremplin & how the course proceeds .

    0.12 : Why Udemy Course is Mandatory for trial registration

    At the end of this course you will get a certificate by Udemy about course completion. Please email ( your certificate to us and get free trial version of the software.

    1.08: What is “Tremplin” ?

  • Tremplin is software to develop database application.
  • “Tremplin” means “spring board” in French. Tremplin is the springboard for database application development.
  • Tremplin helps develop a database application quickly without manual coding.
  • 1.40: Who can use “Tremplin” ?

      ·Those who are into developing database applications.

      ·Freelance Database application developers

      ·Small and Medium Enterprise

      ·Computer or Information Science Students.

      ·Advance Computer Users like database administrators, testers and excel experts who are willing to Automate Processes.

    Tremplin can also be used for Prototyping and Requirement Collection.

    2.12: Course Benefits

    By attending this course you will understand concepts related to Tremplin.

      ·Clear Idea of Prerequisites.

      ·How to get started.

      ·Tremplin Registration Procedure.

      ·Features offered by Tremplin.

    2.44: Software Development Cycle & Tremplin.

    Businesses will have some process to be automated. They will narrate their requirement and software engineers makes note of it in the Form of Project requirement document. Depending on the requirement a Database will be designed. Software engineers then do documentation, coding, testing and build Software deployment. All these take lots of time and then software is delivered back to business.

    Tremplin simplifies developing application process and delivers the result quickly.

    3.33: Course Index

    In this course we have 8 sections.

      1.Getting Started.

      2.Creating a Database.

      3.Creating Tremplin Project.

      4.Adding Forms and Menus.

      5.Generating Output.

      6.Generating Reports.

      7.Registering Tremplin.

      8.Tremplin Feature List.

    4:01: Requirement Definition.

    To understand Tremplin we will take one Simple Example of Creating a Contact Database. Managing Contact Information of Customers, Vendors, Associates and Employees is a common requirement.

    First we will define requirements.

    Create a Simple Database and then we will develop contact management application with Tremplin.

    4.30: Objectives of this simple application.

    When Contact Information is stored there will be following requirements.

      ·To Store Contact Details.

      ·To Search and Locate a Contact, Based on Email ID, Phone Number or Relationship.

      ·Export Details.

      ·Printing Addresses.

    Thank You.

    Hope You Liked It.

Getting Started
Creating Database Using SQLite
1 Lecture 02:27

Creating Sample SQLite Database Using Tremplin.

0.13 : Preview Of Data sample in Excel.

0.22: Database Design.

It can be accommodated in 3 different tables,

    ·Contact Master.



0.34 Database Support.

Since this project is small, we will demonstrate Database Creation using SQLite. If your requirement is to develop application in other popular databases like MS Access, My SQL or MS SQL you may use that database. But the whole procedure that we show here remains almost the same for all the databases.

1.20: Define Database in Excel Using Tremplin.

1.30: Creating SQLite database using “Tremplin”.

Traditionally creating database involves opening respective Database application and we have to create database step by step. But with Tremplin designing database is very simple. You can use pre existing database, you can newly create a database using a database application or simply define the database field definition in Excel and Tremplin will create the database.

In this example, we have entered the database definition in Excel. Let us select the SQ Lite as the database and then let us select designation folder. We will give Contact_Manager as the SQLite database Name. Once we define all these and select the excel file, Tremplin will create the database. Let us open the database in SQLite interface and browse it.

We can also generate a respective SQL Statement if required by clicking on SQL button.

Database preparing with normal techniques take considerably much longer time than this. This is one very good example of how Tremplin makes developing database application much simpler.

Thank You.

Creating Database Using SQLite
Creating Tremplin Project - Contact_management
1 Lecture 02:58

Creating Tremplin Project – Contact_management.

0.13: Database Support & Code Generation.

Tremplin will generate the code in the Visual Studio. Output program will be C HASH code.

Tremplin works with 4 different Popular Databases.


    ·My SQL.

    ·MS Access.

    ·MS SQL.

0.32: Prerequisites.

We need to ensure following things are ready before we start developing application in Tremplin.

    ·Dot Net Frame Work 3.5 or higher installed on your system.

    ·Complete Database Application.

    ·Inno Setup or any other Installation Builder.

    ·Registered Version of Tremplin.

If you are a Tremplin Premium Version user and want to access the project code, In addition to above requirements you need to have Visual Studio Express 2008 or higher installed in your system.

1.20: Tremplin Project Creation Procedure.

We will create a new Project and we will Name it as Contact Management. That is we will Provide Project Contact_Management as Project name.

Let us define Company Name as ABC & Co.

We will keep Version Number as 1.Let project get created in c:Tremplin. Please note that Tremplin will create a subfolder with name Contact_Managerment as that is the Project Name.

Since this is a simple application we will not select User Management.

Now we have SQLite Database so we will select SQLite. Note that you need to know your system configuration, Is it 32 bit or 64 bit operating system and accordingly you need to select the option as sqlite dlls are different for different operating systems.

Tremplin automatically creates a multi file system, we need to provide an extension for end application files. Tremplin will read Database definition from original file and further create a copy of it when users create new file in the end application. We will give ACN as the file extension.

We will save the Project.

Thank You

Creating Tremplin Project - Contact_management
Creating Menu & Forms
1 Lecture 06:03

Creating Menu and Forms in Tremplin.

0.12: Menu Definition .

We will require only 3 Menu Items in this application.



    ·Contact Editor.

0.23: Creating Menu.

select ‘Menu Definition’ Icon from Ribbon.

Select ‘file’ Menu Item and then Click on ‘Add Root Menu’ a New Menu will be created. Now click on ‘Rename’ button and call that menu as ‘Main’.

We will Right Click on ‘Main’ Menu and then Click on ‘Add Sub Menu’ and Let us Create required 3 Sub Menus – Salutation, Relationship and Contact Editor. Now since we have not yet designed forms we will not be able to assign any functionality to menus.

Using arrow buttons provided in right side of the Menu designer, it is possible to move the menu items up and down and also change Menu Level.

As we change the menu Items, Menu gets changed in this window. We can get a preview of our menu design in same window.

2.00: Creating Forms.

When we create Project Tremplin will automatically create all the default forms. This can be viewed by enabling ‘Show Default Forms’ check box. We can note that Tremplin has already created many forms. We will not be able to change much in these forms except captions and images.

We will turn off default forms option and focus on Creating New forms which are specific to our Project

Click on New Form – A window will popup where we will be able to select the type of form that we want. Tremplin offers many types of forms which find application depending on varying requirement. However, in this sample project we have very simple database design and we can create all our forms using ‘Single Grid’ Form as we just have to input data in our tables.

Let us select ‘Salutation’ table and Select ‘Salutation’ as the Primary Key Field and Click on ‘Create’ Button. A New Form will be created with all the required buttons such as ‘New’, ‘Save’, ‘Delete’, ‘Search’ & ‘Export’. All of them will have predefined actions. We can delete them if not necessary and change their properties if required.

Similarly we will Create ‘Relationship’ form and ‘Contact_Master’ Forms.

3.40: Changing Form Properties.

In Salutation and Relationship Forms, we don’t have many things to be changed. But in ‘Contact_master’ table we have to make some changes. Since ‘Salutation’ and ‘Relationship’ have to be selected from master tables we have to Change the text box to Dropdown Control.

To change Text box to Drop down – We have to right click on the Text Box and Change it to drop down. Once drop down control is created, we have to assign SQL Statement to fetch record from Salutation Table. We will give “Select Salutation from Salutation” as SQL Statement.

Similarly we will change Category as a Drop down.

4.28: Adding Controls

Now we will add 2 More Buttons to access Salutation and Category directly from Contact_Master Form.

When we create a New Button – We have to Change Action Type to ‘Show Form’ and then assign ‘Salutation’ in Form Name. Similarly we will assign ‘Relationship’ Form to Relationship button.

5.13: Search Form

We will add a Search Form – As one of the requirements is to Search Contacts depending on Inputs provided.

We will click on ‘New Form’ in Forms Tab and Select ‘Search Form’ and Let us select ‘Contact_Master’ as the Table Name. Now Tremplin will pop up another window and ask you which all the fields you want to include in Search. We will select ‘Emailid’, ‘Phone Number’ & ‘Relationship’ as fields and ‘_Anywhere’ as another field and Click on OK.

Tremplin will create a Search form. Further changes can be done here but we will just go ahead and assign it to Search form.

Now we are done with Form Designs.

6.06 Assigning Forms to Menus.

come back to Menu Definition Screen. Let us Select ‘Salutation’ and Right Click and Select ‘Salutation’ form. Similarly we will select ‘Relationship’ and ‘Contact_master’ forms.

Now we are ready to build the application.

Thank You

Creating Menu & Forms

so you have finished first 4 sections .

following questions are on the topics coverd till now .

Quiz 1
4 questions
Generating Output In Tremplin
1 Lecture 03:43

Generate Application, Documents and Installation Script using Tremplin.

0.06: Quick Recap.

We have designed database, created required menus and forms.

0.12: Generating output.

Generate required output such as generating application, creating base documents, the installation script

0.22: Generate Contact_management project.

We will select ‘Generate Project’ from Ribbon Menu. Tremplin will generate the application in c:TremplinContact_Master Directory. Click on ‘Click Open Folder’ to open the directory where solution compiled application is created.

0.45: Application Working [Adding New Data].

Let us run the application and select ‘Main’ – ‘Salutation’ – New application will not open up any window as we have not created a new Database or project. Let us select ‘New’ from ‘File’ menu and Let us create a New Project Called ‘Sample’.

The application will automatically make a copy of Original Database – ‘Contact’ with ‘Sample. ACN’ name and it makes database to ready for making further entries.

We will select Salutation Table and we will make Some Salutation Entries like – Mr. Miss, Doctor Etc.

We can also add new salutations from within this screen and once we add such items and close salutation, you may note that dropdown box is populated with new entries.

Similarly let us select ‘Category’ menu item and enter some relations ships

Now we will be opening Contact_Master window and make some Entries. You may please note that application allows us to Delete Record or Edit Record.

Now after we make some entries, we will visit Search form and Search and Find is our Search Form functioning.

2.50: Creating base Documents.

we click on ‘Prepare Documents’ – Tremplin will give 2 Options – ‘Technical Document’ or ‘User Document’. It can create base documents for both these requirements

3.06: Installation Script.

click on ‘Build Installation Script’ button, Tremplin will create ‘Installation Script’ as per most popular Installation Software – ‘Inno’. If we have installed ‘Inno’ Software in our Application then we can Create Deployable Installation, which can be further distributed to install application in other computers.

Thank You.

Generating Output In Tremplin
Reporting - Vippe
1 Lecture 03:34

Adding Reporting Capabilities to Tremplin Application.

0.05: Reporting Intro.

Reporting is one of the main components of any database application. After all, most of the applications are built ultimately to get timely report. There are many popular reporting tools such as Crystal Report, Active Reports which are feature rich and widely used along with Visual Studio applications.

0.28: Tremplin Objective.

One of the objectives of Tremplin Project was to keep the development cost minimum. We thus wanted to include a free reporting tool along with Tremplin.

0.45: Intro-Vippe.

We came to know that there already an open source reporting tool called “fyiReporting RDL Project” which also is a very good reporting tool. We have used that base code, enhanced some features and we have created a free Reporting Tool called “Vippe”. Vippe also means Springboard in Danish. This reporting tool is absolutely free. This tool can be used by anyone for free, including those who do not use Tremplin.

1.32: Creating New Report- Vippe.

create a simple Report in Vippe and then call it from a Tremplin Project

Click on New Report

In Report Info Tab we will select Table

In Connection Tab we have select SQ Lite as we have our database in SQLite

In Connection String Tab we will Provide Connection Sting for SQ Lite

Data Source=C:ProjectsContact_ManagementContact_Management.s3db

Let us not select anything in Parameter Tab

We will Provide SQL statement containing Field names in that we want in report.

Since we are creating a Address book we will provide SQL Statement which picks only required fields

Now by clicking on OK, draft report will be ready.

We have to align fields in Report designer as we want in the output

If we click on Preview tab – Instantly report will be generated.

2.42: Generating Report From Tremplin Project.

To call this report from Tremplin Project. So, we will save this RDL file with name Contact_Details.

We will call this report from Search Screen which we have already designed. We will add a button for Report. In button properties we will change action type as “Show report”. We will provide rdl file path in Report file name Properties.

Now we will re generate project and see how this report is getting generated.

Thank You.

Reporting - Vippe
Tremplin Free Trial & Registration Procedure
1 Lecture 04:05

Templin Features.

0.23: Database Support

Create Databases Quickly by defining fields in Excel.

Connect to any of the Popular Database SQLite, Access, My SQL, MS SQL, etc.

Instantly build quick quarries.

Allows Database Version Management.

Backup & Restore Feature in End Application.

0.54: User Interface

Automatically design User Interface by selecting database table which can be further modified if required.

Design Multilevel Menu.

Easily apply required validations to Controls.

1.13: Quick Business Logic.

Quickly Develop Import Wizard for Data importing in End application.

Include business logic with Expression Editor.

Free Enterprise Class Reporting Tool.

1.30: User Level Access.

Incorporate Workflow with in Application.

Create Applications with User Management.

1.41: Code and Documentation.

The code generated in Tremplin follows industry standard.

Generates base User and Technical documents.

1.53: Build & Security.

Developed applications are ready with Simple Software Security.

Build Installation with Single Click.

2.05: Tremplin Generates 100% Editable Code.

2.10: Benefits.

Tremplin finds application in a variety of applications, it can be used in any of the database driven processes like Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Office Automation Etc.

Application can be developed by those who define the business processes and not necessarily a full time developer.

    ·Tremplin Delivers Application Quickly.

    ·Projects can be completed with Smaller Team Size.

    ·Reduces documentation Preparation Time.

    ·You need not be developed for Developing Software.

2.49: Highly economical.

    ·Includes free Reporting Tool .

    ·Works with Free Databases.

    ·Writes scripts for free Installer.

    ·Reduces the necessity to buy third party controls.

    · Free Integrated Development Environment

3.06: Training, Certification, Try & Buy, Support.

High Quality Training Videos will help you to get trained on Tremplin Quickly.

You can get certified on Tremplin by taking courses on www.udemy .com.

Get Free Trial for one week .If you are satisfied then Purchase it with One Year free support.

3.33: Software Development Cycle.

Project development takes lots of time mainly because a lot of manual coding is being done. Tremplin replaces manual coding and allows you to just configure items and it will generate all the code required. Thus Tremplin develops a quality software with a Very short time. In Short, Tremplin Generate Code depending on the database without manual Coding.

4.05: Acknowledgment.

Thank you so much for completing the Course now you can generate course completion certificate. Please email [] it to us for getting free trial version.

Visit And Download Now !!!

Thank you.

Tremplin Feature List

take this quiz to Revise your knowledge.

thank you

Quiz 2
4 questions
Tremplin Feature List
1 Lecture 04:22

How to get a Free Trial Version of Tremplin and More.

0.16: Section Content.

    a)2 Versions of Tremplin & Difference between them

    b)Registration of Trial Version

    c)How to Buy Tremplin

0.30: 2 Versions Of Tremplin.C# .

    a)Professional Version can generate the complete application. Professional Version does not generate code instead it generates only deployable application. This version is priced very economically.

    b)You can generate Source code with Premium Version. It costs slightly higher than the professional version for yearly subscription.

1.03: Registration of Trial Version.

First you have to download Trial Version of Tremplin by visiting []

1.19: Sign Up Procedure.

All you have to do is, log in to []

Only a registered user can download the setup and hence when you try to download without logging in it will prompt you to register

Please do register as new user as you register in any other website

Fill your name, user name, password email id, phone number, country.

Then click on “submit to register”

You will receive an email and you can confirm your registration.

Please login with your email with login Credentials and then download setup.

2.15: Trial License Request.

After downloading and installing the application and launch Tremplin for the first time, you will get a window saying “license is not registered” and hence softkey registration form will be shown. Click on trial registration and fill the registration screen and click on Register. You will be sending us a trial license request.

2.41: Process flow Chart.

Our team will process your request and send an email indicating that trial registration is activated. Click on Read License once you get that email and from them you will be able to use the trial version for a limited period as indicated in the email.

Note that you should have completed Udemy course to become eligible for a free trial.

Once you register the application, you can start using Tremplin and generate applications. Free Trial is for trying Tremplin and not for developing commercially usable applications.

If you feel, you have got hold of Tremplin and wish to buy Tremplin. You can buy it online, if you are not from India.

If you are based out of India, you have to deposit money in our Bank account and then we will send Bill and License.

3.36: Tremplin Help & Support.

During developing application if you have any doubt, you can visit [] and search for required help. We have developed detailed help about Tremplin to address doubts that you may have.

Even during Trial period, you will have access to our free support. You may visit Support page and find out how we get connected to your system via team viewer and give Quick Support.

Thank You.

Tremplin Free Trial & Registration Procedure
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