CodeIgniter Framework (Compatible with Version 3 & above)
4.6 (36 ratings)
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CodeIgniter Framework (Compatible with Version 3 & above)

Premium Course on CodeIgniter Application Development Framework for PHP. Compatible with version 3 and above
4.6 (36 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
300 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to easily create website using CodeIgniter
  • How to use CodeIginter framework
  • Good Knowledge of MVC concept
  • Making use to MVC under CodeIngiter
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  • PHP basics

What is the course about ?

This course is about Codeigniter framework,more information about this framework is provided at the end of the document. Codeigniter framework for PHP is a fabulous for rapid application development. Our team has researched and created this easy to understand course for you.

How is the course structured ?

This structure of course is researched and created by a team, it's easy to understand. StudyEasy!

Why take this course ?

This is the very easy to understand, out team have made every possible effort to make this course short and powerful.

---------------------------------------- ABOUT FRAMEWORK ----------------------------------------

Why CodeIgniter?

Framework with a small footprint

CodeIgniter 3 has a 2MB download, including the user guide.

Clear documentation

The CodeIgniter User Guide comes with the download. It contains an introduction, tutorial, a number of "how to" guides, and then reference documentation for the components that make up the framework.

Compatibility with standard hosting

CodeIgniter 3 only needs PHP 5.2.4, and plays nicely with almost all shared or dedicated hosting platforms. Many webapps need a database, and CodeIgniter supports the most common, including MySQL.

No restrictive coding rules

Use your own coding and naming conventions, with only a few caveats that deal with classname conflicts. CodeIgniter looks to empower you, not shackle you.

Simple solutions over complexity

CodeIgniter encourages MVC, but does not force it on you.

Exceptional performance

CodeIgniter consistently outperforms most of its competitors.

No large-scale monolithic libraries

CodeIgniter is not trying to be all things to all people. It is a lean MVC framework, with enough capabilities to improve your productivity, while providing for third-party addons/plugins for additional functionality.

Nearly zero configuration

Much of the CodeIgniter configuration is done by convention, for instance putting models in a "models" folder. There are still a number of configuration options available, through scripts in the "config" folder.

No need for template language

CodeIgniter comes with a simple, substitution based, templating tool. Addons/plugins are available for most of the full-blown templating engines, if that is what you are used to.

Spend more time away from the computer

Don't we all want it? CodeIgniter is easy to learn and to get proficient with.

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Who is the target audience?
  • PHP developers
  • People willing to create websites and web application
  • PHP basic knowledge required
  • People who what rapid application development
  • PHP basics
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Curriculum For This Course
68 Lectures
7 Lectures 18:45

Sort history of CodeIgniter

Downloading CodeIgniter

Setting-up web-server

Installing CodeIgniter

Understanding the pattern of URL under CodeIgniter
4 Lectures 12:27
Controller - Part 1

Controller - Part 2

Controller - Part 3

Controller part 4
Before we start with View
2 Lectures 07:11
Downloading IDE (Netbeans)

Understanding View
5 Lectures 21:01
Integrating template to project - Part 1

Integrating template to project - (Header and Footer) Part 2

Integrating template to project - (Header and Footer) Part 3

Integrating template to project - (Header and Footer) Part 4

Sending data to view
Model under CodeIgniter
6 Lectures 19:04
Understanding PhpMyAdmin tool

How to create table into database from CodeIgniter

How to add record into database from CodeIgniter

How to read data from data arrays
3 pages

Project files for lectures above
Mini project 1 - A simple login for user registration and login
9 Lectures 52:39
Registration form

Form validation under CodeIgniter Part 1 - Basics

Take a look on query builder class

Login form Part 1

What is session
1 page

Login form Part 2

Login form Part 3

Mini project files (login form)
Working with huge data
4 Lectures 13:26
What is pagination

Pagination under CodeIgniter Part 1

Project files
Mini project 2 : Image gallery
6 Lectures 26:51
File upload form

Image gallery - Part 1

Image gallery - Part 2

Image gallery - Part 3 - Embedding force download

Image gallery - Part 4 - Download all images in form of zip file

Project files for image gallery mini project
Extending the framework
9 Lectures 20:29
Take a look at article on how to extend helpers
2 pages

Extending helpers and creating custom helpers - Part 1

Extending helpers and creating custom helpers - Part 2

Extending helpers and creating custom project files

Take a look at article on how to extend libraries
6 pages

Creating custom libraries

Creating custom libraries project files

Extending the CodeIgniter's library

Extending the CodeIgniter's library project files
CodeIgniter miscellaneous
11 Lectures 24:02
5 components on webpage

Javascript with CodeIgniter (basics)

AJAX call to CodeIgniter's function Part 1 - Integrating Jquery

AJAX call to CodeIgniter's function Part 2 - AJAX call

AJAX call to CodeIgniter's function Project files

Security best practices
5 pages

Understanding CodeIgniter configurations bit more
2 pages

CodeIgniter routes
5 pages

Migrating CodeIgniter version 2.2.x to 3.0.x
19 pages

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