Clear stress in less time than it takes to find the Valium
4.6 (18 ratings)
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Clear stress in less time than it takes to find the Valium

Literally measure your stress levels dropping, in 3 minutes or less, with every technique.
4.6 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
831 students enrolled
Created by Joy Phoenix
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Relax instantly
  • Keep a clear head no matter what is going on
  • Clear your stress to zero and keep yourself clear
  • Protect yourself from negativity
  • Be able to cope with confrontation better
  • Experience Peace of Mind quickly and easily
  • Bring Peace to troubling situations
  • Reprogram stressful memories so they don't hurt any more
  • Easy way to prevent being a road statistic
  • Significantly improve health and well being
  • Clear 70% of headaches in 30 seconds
  • Dissolve tension headaches and other blockages
  • Avoid hangovers
  • Learn points on your body that wake up your whole body/brain systems
  • Learn random bizarre things about New Zealand
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  • Bring all of your stress, you will be asked to measure it as it drops with each technique

My brain injury inspired me to spend the last 25 years scouring the world for fast, easy, fun solutions to CLEARING stress, not just managing it.

- I knew there had to be alternatives to drugs, and I found some doozies!

I am living proof that these emPOWERment tools work for every kind of stress from money stresses to relationship crisis; and they are just as effective for kids as they are for adults.

- PLEASE teach them to your kids, we should all have been taught these things in kindergarten. Imagine how much easier life would have been if school had taught us to

Instantly reprogram our primitive brain centers to have a composed response to stress instead of an automatic stress reaction.

So that when everyone around you is losing their minds, you are relaxed, and have a clear head REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCE!

- Relaxing instantly and keeping a clear head are just the first two emPOWERment tools you’ll learn. They can mean the difference between life and death so they will always be FREE in the first part of the course.

The rest of the tools help make life worth living; and everything life throws at us a whole lot easier to cope with.

The AMA tells us that more than 90% of illness is stress related, but stressful situations aren't usually the cause of long term health problems. Our inability to cope with stress is what makes us sick.

We are not taught how our brains and bodies work, or how to program them for optimal functioning under stress. Instead we learn to suppress the symptoms that are there to draw our attention to causes that need to be addressed.

This is never long term helpful. It WILL eventually make you sick, and cost you a whole lot to fix in time, money, energy, focus, relationships etc.

These emPOWERment tools will give you an edge in every part of your life; from helping to heal the pain of the past, to moving forward powerfully into the future.

They work because they

    ·Tackle CAUSES not SYMPTOMS

    ·Provide immediate positive results – 3 minutes or less

    ·Are easy enough for a child to do

    ·Have NO negative side effects

    ·Are FUN!

So enjoy bringing your stress down to zero, and then have your mind blown by what the emPOWERment Tools when you AREN'T stressed!

Unfriggingbelievable benefits in productivity increase alone!

Give every technique you learn a fair go to find out just how effective it really is, and when you experience the difference, pay it forward. Tell your mates and everyone you care about.

Life isn't getting any less challenging, we have to step up, and skill up.

$99 will get you a month's worth of Valium, or a lifetime supply of emPOWERment tools that could make the Valium redundant.

Invest in yourself.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone challenged by stress
  • Anyone not challenged by stress! When you use these tools to empower you from a neutral place your productivity goes through the roof and all kinds of miracles happen!
  • EVERYONE! These things should have been taught in kindergarten! PLEASE teach them to your children! They are essential survival skills no-one should have to try and manage without
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
Things you hear, but don't listen to
5 Lectures 08:23

Stress has been acknowledged as America’s number one health problem since 1983 when TIME magazine's June 6 cover story called stress "The Epidemic of the Eighties".

It's not going away. It won't be fixed with a pill. Suppressing the symptoms won't help. The US makes up 5% of the worlds population but 42% of the world’s spending on prescription drugs.

It's time to start addressing the causes of stress.

Preview 01:44

On a scale of 1 - 100 where are your stress levels right now?

Measure them again after each exercise, get used to checking in with yourself.

Some tools will work better for some things, some for others. The only way to find out just how effective each one is for you, is to establish a measure. We are using 1 - 100 because it allows for more effective and precise observation of results.

Preview 00:31

Taking a pill to suppress a symptom is like putting masking tape over the oil warning light in the car because you don't like the message it's sending you.

Includes the TV commercial that sparked this course. Listen to it with your eyes closed. What do you notice?

Preview 03:52

How Antidepressants work:

Valium, Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, Paxil, and all the rest are known as SSRI. “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor”

Basically messages are passed between the different cells in your brain by certain chemicals called “neurotransmitters”. Serotonin is one of those neurotransmitters.

Serotonin has been isolated by modern medical science as one of the neurotransmitters that deals with transferring information about your mood between the cells in your brain.

Low-levels of serotonin are associated with people suffering from stress-related problems like anxiety and depression.

Think of serotonin a phone line, and the two brain cells as two people - Arthur and Martha. Arthur wants to give information to Martha. So he picks up the phone and calls her. Martha answers the phone, and Arthur says what he needs to say.

When one brain cell uses a neurotransmitter chemical like serotonin to transmit information to another cell, the sending cell then takes the chemical back in a process called “reuptake”. It’s like Arthur hanging up the phone when he’s done telling Martha what he needs to tell her.

What the SSRI’s do is prevent the sending brain cell from taking back its neurotransmitter – the serotonin. The serotonin stays in the “gap” between the two cells, continually transmitting its information to the receiver cell.

It’s like Arthur calling Martha over and over and over again to give her the same message.

If you were Martha would you keep picking up the phone? Of course not. You’re not stupid. You’re brain cells aren't stupid either.

What these new antidepressant medications are actually doing is creating an artificial environment in which serotonin signals can be singly broadcast but repeatedly received resulting in the serotonin receptors in your cells downgrading their sensitivity.

So over time it takes a larger and larger amount of the medication in order to have the same effect.

You get what is known as “emotional blunting”, emotional numbness and apathy – a kind of overall “blah” mood, neither anxious nor depressed, but where you just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything.

Your brain cells become accustomed to the artificial environment created by the drugs so when you stop taking the drugs you are likely to have a range of physical and psychological symptoms that can last weeks to months, sometimes even longer.

Auto Play ON

Preview 01:01

Tune out ancillary sounds, tune in to what you want to hear.

Improves short term memory. Helps abstract thinking. Feels yummy!

Preview 01:15
Try these BEFORE taking a pill
5 Lectures 16:30

Breathe out more than in - sigh - to trigger your body into relaxing whenever you need to.

Preview 02:35

Reprogram your brain to have a composed response to stress instead of an automatic stress reaction by holding your OMG points.

Watch our stress levels plummet in the demo.

How many stress points will you drop in 3 minutes? - Measure your stress now.

This technique will also help you think clearly, feel more positive and calmer, visualize more effectively, remember stuff more easily.

Preview 08:12

You measured your stress right?? OK good, please go get a glass of water.

It doesn't matter how light our stress burden is, unless we are able to put it down sometimes, it's going to become unbearable.

Preview 02:15

A 2% drop in your body's hydration can equal a 20% - 30% drop in brain functioning - especially short term memory.

75% of Americans are so dehydrated they think they are hungry when they are thirsty.

If you wait until you are thirsty to drink, it's too late, you are already dehydrated.

Drink water!

Your brain is a wet computer

If you haven't seen the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know?', check it out.

This scene changed the way I used water; benefited my health enormously; shifted the way I do Ocean Healings and inspired the Experience JOY Bathing Project for Women Only - the next course :)

Google 'Messages from Water' Dr Emoto. Fascinating stuff.

How to MASSIVELY benefit from water
3 Lectures 05:37

Seriously, this is the cure, and it's SO simple to do!

Say good-bye to Hangovers

I'm not kidding, 70%, of headaches GONE in 30 seconds.

MEMORIZE this technique to save yourself - and anyone who gets an over energy headache around you -, a LOT of pain!

If the headache ISN'T over energy this technique won't help.

If it helps a little, it means the part of the headache that was caused by over energy is now gone. YAY!

Next thing to check for is dehydration, have a big glass of water - Focus healing into that water before you drink it ;) hopefully that'll do the trick.

It won't solve all headaches of course, but these are the most common causes, and luckily the easiest fixes. :D

Clear 70% of headaches in 30 seconds

One more fast headache fix that also helps with tension, anxiety and overthinking AND relieves colds, flu, head congestion and constipation!

Give it a go, see what you notice - but give it a miss if you are pregnant.

Tension Headache, Anxiety, Feeling all kinds of Blocked? Do this
Reprogramming your brain to create Peace
6 Lectures 13:57

I was just finalizing the course, when I came across this wee video and wanted you to have it <3

Is it because this is true for you too??

How would your life change if it was?

Is this why you've been struggling?

Take a trip to Cathedral Cove in New Zealand and learn how to be peace full.

The Secret to Peace of Mind

Take a stressful situation, do this with it. Notice what happens ;)

How to Bring Peace to stressful situations

Your brain doesn't know the difference between real and imagined. Here's proof, see for yourself.

Why reprogramming your brain is so easy

Choose a painful memory that causes you stress when you think about it.

Ready to transform it so it doesn't hurt you any more? Let's do it!

Choose a painful memory you want transformed

  • This is what happened when Agustin did the technique with me.

    Which painful memory will you choose to transform?

Preview 04:17
emPOWERing yourself!
4 Lectures 14:42
  • Signal your brain to adjust your energy for more efficient functioning, especially when you need to think more clearly, focus if you are having difficulty concentrating, or just WAKE UP because you are feeling drowsy.

    Also helps reading, writing, speaking and following directions.

    AND helps relieve chest congestion, breathing difficulties, coughing and sore throats.

    Measure your ENERGY LEVELS before and after doing this for One Minute whilst breathing deeply.

The Magic Points that wake up your brain in 1 minute

How to avoid becoming a road statistic.

ESSENTIAL information for long distance drivers.

Kiss your car if you want a safe trip - long distance drivers please take note

  • Watch this demonstration of how other people's thoughts effect us, see the impact of an amazing 6 second technique that helps ground, center, strengthen and protect you, especially in confrontation. Try it yourself and notice what you experience.
Preview 05:42

Congratulations! You now have skills that will help you cope with any level of stress
AND that enhance your life immeasurably when you use them to be optimally productive instead of for clearing stress!

Here's the Reader's Digest version of what you learned.

emPOWERment Tool list Recap
Bonza Bonus Stuff
5 Lectures 22:24

I wasn't going to share this slide until I realized I'd mentioned a 'glass of piss' in the tool wrap up above.

So here's a Kiwi/U.S. translation chart all about piss. Cheers!

Kiwi/US Piss Chart Translator

Having a badass Power Tool Kit that can help you through ANYTHING life throws at you: $99

Remembering to Use the Tools when you need them: Priceless

Here's how you do it.

How do I remember to use the tools under pressure?

A glimpse of the Experience JOY Bathing Project for Women Only. A course I'm creating to teach Western Women how to turn their bathrooms into a healing sanctuary and their baths into transformational experiences.

This segment will help enormously with stress.

Preview 03:30

My FaceReading course, already on Udemy, will help clear SO much stress from your relationships.

This segment is a great example, check out the course, the first part is completely free.

Preview 09:23

Groch did a small portion of this course when his stress levels were very low, what happened to him blew our minds. I've included this video because it gives you an idea of why its good to use these emPOWERment tools when you AREN'T stressed as well as when you are!

It's the difference between dealing with stress and actually clearing it.

Preview 05:41
About the Instructor
Joy Phoenix
3.9 Average rating
103 Reviews
7,639 Students
3 Courses
More Joy Less Stress, 3 minutes or Less.

JOY is a life transformation specialist from New Zealand famous for teaching how to live More Joyfully and Less Stressfully in 3 minutes or Less. She embodies how to experience joy regardless of circumstance.

She has died 6 times in this life, each time she's been returned with different perspectives and abilities. She describes her body as a TimeShare unit. A grateful channel for good in the world.

The first time she died was at 15 years old after flying off a cliff on a
motorbike. She was declared dead on the operating table. When revived was
told she would never walk again, and doctors wanted to amputate her leg.

Within seven years she had overcome massive odds, including a pain killer
addiction, to become a medal-winning ballroom dancer, and a highly
successful business executive.

At 24 she was hit by a drunk driver and brain injured in a car accident.
Doctors said she would be dead or vegetative before age 30. Her frontal
lobes scanned like those of an autistic child. Western Medicine gave up on
her. For the next 18 months she walked with death as a constant companion.

Finally she turned to alternative healing methods. As a Specialized
Kinesiologist she learned how to reprogram the neurological pathways of her
brain to bypass the damage. Instead of allowing her brain to die and
"Taking up basket weaving" as the court appointed psychiatrist suggested.
She learned how to access parts of the brain most people never use.

By age 30 she had co-created Australia's first computer software support

- She was the first individual ever to be nominated for an IT&T Award
for Excellence in Industry Development.
- The first woman to sit on the board of the Queensland branch of the
Australian Information Industries Association.
- She became advisor to both State and Federal Government after
single-handedly co-opting the unanimous support of every major computer
organization in the country.

She developed an ‘*established an end-user support traineeship that
introduced an entirely new, much-needed path within the IT Industry which
created thousands of jobs at the level where they were most needed*’ quote
from Connecting Queensland Magazine

- JOY! started that company with a $30 government cheque that bounced.
- Her formal education ended with the bike accident at 15.
- She has only set foot in a university to lecture.
- She knows nothing about computers to this day.

At 34, personal tragedy saw her lose everything for a third time. She went
from a leader in Australia's Computer Support Industry, to a single Mother
on welfare, in a year.

Five years later she was a Member of the Australian Association of
Accredited Alternative & Natural Therapists; AAANT, certified in a dozen
different healing modalities. She had again healed herself, and now was
teaching others how to do the same.

She re-created herself again as JOY. Her passion had become
psychoneuroimmunology: How the way we think affects our physical health and
well being. She began a healing and metaphysical practice.

In the new millennium JOY received a spiritual calling to travel the world,
teaching the many things that she had learned about self healing, personal
empowerment and how to thrive under any circumstance.

In July 2000 she arrived at LAX with two suitcases, a briefcase and her
nine-year-old daughter. She knew no-one on this continent, had no idea of
what to do next, and was not yet aware that everything she had placed in
storage had been stolen. She was now holding everything she owned. Within
three days ‘Upstairs Management’ had her in the home of a Hollywood
director to create videos on her teachings.

*In May 2004 she left her home in Austin Texas to go to Mexico for the day.
She expected to return in time to kiss her now 13-year-old daughter good
night. Instead her New Zealand visitor’s visa was canceled and she found
herself locked out of the United States for a year. She knew no-one in
Mexico, did not speak Spanish and had nothing with her but the clothes she
wore across the border.In 12 months she went from alone and desperate in
the terrifying border town of Nuevo Larado, to renown and prospering in the
paradise of Puerto Vallarta. That story, The Miracle Updates is now
available as an audio book.*

Her latest book 'No Worries, Mate!' details the 'De-worrying Process' she
uses to stay sane in the midst of the continued grand adventure that is her

JOY’s passion for the last 20 years has been collecting ‘emPOWERment
tools’: Skills and techniques to succeed more quickly, easily and
powerfully, in any area of life. Currently she is making videos of these
tools so that more people can learn how to move as quickly and easily as
possible through whatever stress or challenge presents itself.

Everything she teaches is simple enough for a child to do and produces
immediate positive results. Each emPOWERment tool takes three minutes or