ChildBirth Preparation Online
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ChildBirth Preparation Online

Lamaze Training
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the fundamentals of focusing,visioning,memorizing,relaxation techiques,proper nutrition and exercises for labor and delivery that can be effectively used in every day life.
  • Focusing on health and organization of key tasks.
  • Setting Financial and spiritual goals.
  • Overcoming fear,anxiety,and stress.
  • Coping with all levels of stress from the environments and home.
  • Additional Free
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  • Students need to know nothing, however we encourage Anatonomy and Physiology training
  • Popular Science subscriptions
  • Hypnobirth
  • Yoga
  • Closed mind to truth,but open mind to knowledge
  • DNA and RNA seekers
  • Genome and stem cells seekers
  • Blood cord developers

This is a powerful, interactive online lamaze class that reaches more than pregnant parents. Childbirth preparations online prepare you for labor and delivery practices procedures. Learning to understand the fundamental values of focusing,visioning,relaxing,nurturing the memory,and eating properly in order to grow muscles that build up the abdominal walls and cavity will reward you in a successful delivery. Our course reduces the chance of hazard or incidence by 90% margin,above any other life pregnancy course on the market. Offering you truth will challenge you to grow beyound these lectures,and we pray that you practice it to save many lives especially your family and friends.

Who is the target audience?
  • All are welcome:
  • Expectant mothers to be.
  • Expectant fathers to be.
  • Grandparents and Godmothers and Godfathers.
  • Doctors and physcians
  • Nurses,midwives,and doulas
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Curriculum For This Course
19 Lectures
Prayer to GOD
3 Lectures 18:57

When you get pregnant you may need some help. Although hubby is around, a caregiver will be an extra support that you can cherish. Caregiver provide services such as errands, laundry, and support systems.

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This is our very first online segment. The course features the basics of childbirth. It is easy to understand and observe, but for some reason many don't grasp it and succumbs to diseases rather than overcome it. The next segment of this course discusses nutritional values and indepth physical exercises, breastfeeding,vaginal birth and C-section,and Infant Care. It also goes over genome and overcoming death in labor, which is a more indept continuation of the part 1 overcoming death in labor. Part one, needs your attention, so provide interactive discussion questions for Doctors and nurses to get involve and resolve. I can say that the testimony of mothers after birth has been good, but some says they will never deliver again. They complain of pain, and discomfort. It is hard to say you will be fine because Susanne never experience any pain, when that is not true because everyone is different, and every delivery is unique. We need your support,other mothers testify it was a joy to deliver my angel, my cherub, and I will be back. Strange as it is, they come back, and some change from natural vaginal birth to C-section, some incorporate hypnobirth with Obstetrician in pregnancy, while others plea for more epidural. Whatever, they choose they deal with the consequences. We all go through trail and fail, and try again. Life can be that way, so we study to go through success after success, and more success.

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Everyone needs to have someone to lean on the expected day of delivery. Even if your husband is away at sea, or you don't have one; one hopes that a friend or a mother will be by your side. This course prepares mothers to be to stand alone, to be complete before the labor pains, in anticipation that they labor pains be but a memorable experience that took the nature of a passing wind. Because no two women interpret pain in the same way, now is the time to think about how you might react to your labor pains. Relaxation, preparation, and knowledge are essential aspects of a positive birth experience.

Copy Of a Guided Meditation Script:


Sitting comfortably or lying down with eyes closed, let's begin by becoming aware of the breath......

Tuning your Body with your feelings/Being One in oneself:

Feel the breath as it enters with a cool feeling and then warming as it gently travels down into the lungs.....

Bringing in Peace:Fill the lungs with a deep inhale, bringing in energy, vitality and prana, the life force.....

Releasing Hatred/fears/Animosity: As you exhale, feel the body releasing toxins, stress and any negativity that has accumulated.....

Creation on new energy:Stay with this breath, focusing on the feeling of deep peace for ten deep inhalations and exhalations....

Feel the energy that is in the body....

Become aware of the warmth and tingling of every cell.....

Feel the energy that is in the extended environment, in every part of nature and in every living thing.....

Bring all those energies together and feel them as one.....

Visualize all of that energy shining brightly, as the sun.....

Bring the shining glow of bright energy over the crown of the head.....

Feel it starting to travel down into your body from the top of your head, slowly going down into your face and neck, traveling down into the shoulders, all the way down into the arms, down to the fingers.....

Feel the healing energy and light going down into your chest, all the way down to your hips.....

Feel it continue traveling down your legs all the way down to your toes.....

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Practical life Application
11 Lectures 09:48
  1. Fundamentals background of DNA comes from Mendel and studying the Helix structures. Many people have died because of there complete understanding of messaging this complex structures, while others have gone on to receive recognition and prizes. Yet, what comes to mind when you say DNA to me is my HAND, DNA is HAND backwards and H is left for the H as in H-elix the structure. The bases are sugar(glucose) and phosphate.When you mention DNA, I think of ribs as in a Birch Tree. I believe the Bible tells us of JARiblah or JARed. Anatomy and Physiology talks about the structure of the hand, while we are told if your eye is whole then our whole body is whole, and the eye is made up of the retina ,pupil, and lens. I am not writing to confuse you, but that you think this true and validate what is truth from fictitious. Furthermore, the eye and the hand make up the body.The microscopic components such as the blood vessels and the nerves perform the vital functions, and when they are effected they miscode and cause error in messaging. It is important to keep these health with green cell food and fluids water and milk,
  2. The body is made up of cells,tissues,systems, and organs. These work collectively make us perform daily life activity.
Understanding Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA
2 pages

Reading and practicing what you learn is the only way to get a reality(true experience) out of DNA coding. After coding for twins, after coding for triplets, repairing harmful genetic mutation is the only way for you to believe in bringing DNA practice to life. I fear that many evil people code dna's for deadly diseases, so evil that you inherit a extra chromosome and turn you into a animal, that riggs your hormanal imbalance to make you act gay, make you angry, and I am ashamed to say it ,but they use to harm the human race rather than build it up. Some black people use it to make themselves white, yet based on pigmentation and coloring in nail beds, others override and re-darken them to there original color. It's true we live in a real world with real conflicts. Being black or white makes no difference to God, but your heart towards each other is what is most precious to the Creator. We must love each other to share and overcome these weaknesses that kill us all in the long run.

Please visit: Free Genome DNA webinars and courses:

True purposes DNA coding and messaging

What is a gene mutation and how do mutations occur?

A gene mutation is a permanent alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene, such that the sequence differs from what is found in most people. Mutations range in size; they can affect anywhere from a single DNA building block (base pair) to a large segment of a chromosome that includes multiple genes.

Gene mutations can be classified in two major ways:

  • Hereditary mutations are inherited from a parent and are present throughout a person’s life in virtually every cell in the body. These mutations are also called germline mutations because they are present in the parent’s egg or sperm cells, which are also called germ cells. When an egg and a sperm cell unite, the resulting fertilized egg cell receives DNA from both parents. If this DNA has a mutation, the child that grows from the fertilized egg will have the mutation in each of his or her cells.
  • Acquired (or somatic) mutations occur at some time during a person’s life and are present only in certain cells, not in every cell in the body. These changes can be caused by environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun, or can occur if a mistake is made as DNA copies itself during cell division. Acquired mutations in somatic cells (cells other than sperm and egg cells) cannot be passed on to the next generation.

Genetic changes that are described as de novo (new) mutations can be either hereditary or somatic. In some cases, the mutation occurs in a person’s egg or sperm cell but is not present in any of the person’s other cells. In other cases, the mutation occurs in the fertilized egg shortly after the egg and sperm cells unite. (It is often impossible to tell exactly when a de novo mutation happened.) As the fertilized egg divides, each resulting cell in the growing embryo will have the mutation. De novo mutations may explain genetic disorders in which an affected child has a mutation in every cell in the body but the parents do not, and there is no family history of the disorder.

Somatic mutations that happen in a single cell early in embryonic development can lead to a situation called mosaicism. These genetic changes are not present in a parent’s egg or sperm cells, or in the fertilized egg, but happen a bit later when the embryo includes several cells. As all the cells divide during growth and development, cells that arise from the cell with the altered gene will have the mutation, while other cells will not. Depending on the mutation and how many cells are affected, mosaicism may or may not cause health problems.

Most disease-causing gene mutations are uncommon in the general population. However, other genetic changes occur more frequently. Genetic alterations that occur in more than 1 percent of the population are called polymorphisms. They are common enough to be considered a normal variation in the DNA. Polymorphisms are responsible for many of the normal differences between people such as eye color, hair color, and blood type. Although many polymorphisms have no negative effects on a person’s health, some of these variations may influence the risk of developing certain disorders. Can gene mutations affect health and development?

To function correctly, each cell depends on thousands of proteins to do their jobs in the right places at the right times. Sometimes, gene mutations prevent one or more of these proteins from working properly. By changing a gene’s instructions for making a protein, a mutation can cause the protein to malfunction or to be missing entirely. When a mutation alters a protein that plays a critical role in the body, it can disrupt normal development or cause a medical condition. A condition caused by mutations in one or more genes is called a genetic disorder.

In some cases, gene mutations are so severe that they prevent an embryo from surviving until birth. These changes occur in genes that are essential for development, and often disrupt the development of an embryo in its earliest stages. Because these mutations have very serious effects, they are incompatible with life.

It is important to note that genes themselves do not cause disease—genetic disorders are caused by mutations that make a gene function improperly., gene mutations that could cause a genetic disorder are repaired by certain enzymes before the gene is expressed and an altered protein is produced. Each cell has a number of pathways through which enzymes recognize and repair mistakes in DNA. Because DNA can be damaged or mutated in many ways, DNA repair is an important process by which the body protects itself from disease. that solves disease problems?

DNA sequencing that causes disruption of life?

Coding DNA to override bad mutations.

DNA for kids.

DNA safe to reduce death and increase life.

Summary: Teachers appeal to students is to re study stem cells, embryology, and any other form of prevention of mutation. Study who study this overcome disease and death far more than those gullable students who believe false reports from the doctor.


DNA Practices that integrate with pregnancy before and after birth.

Examinations are typically done in America to proper monitor the the health of the baby. However, in third world country women don't go to the hospital until they are ready to deliver. It is best practice to go to the hospital, but and is mandatory in US but not in other poorly developed countries.

Preparation for Pre-natal Exams
3 pages

Making Decisions are one of the hardest things that can be done, but it is very easy. Many couples make good decisions, but neglect to acknowledge the times they made more right decisions than wrong? Therefore, the learning process of making correct decisions is highly recommended before , during, and after childbirth. The idea is when baby gets here, we want to look like we know what is best for the baby, and we as parents are not confused. Gathering your thoughts on the inside, can be sometimes difficult to convey, when your spouse object, or your mother in law thinks different based upon her past experience. Whatever, the case may be you must agree to disagree and move on quickly to the next hurdle. In the end your decision must line up with your goals and expectation. It should not cost harm or danger to you, child or spouse. It should always be a blessing in disguise or apparent. It should come easy, and effective. It should not come with doubts, regrets or anxiety, thats what your trying to avoid not recreate.Examine the following thought process that can lead to successful decision making:

1. Pros and Cons

2. Dos and Don't

3. Rational or irrational

4. Relevant or irrelevant

5. Will it make positive changes or negative changes

6. Can I fix or undo it later

7. Is it life threating, will I die if I say yes, or die if i say no?

8. How long do I have to consider the offer?

9. Facts or Fictions

10. Validity of the source

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The key role of mommy and daddy is the hardest by far. The most challenging aspect of marriage is making correct decisions that affects the family at large. Each decision will play a vital role in the future and will prove to be wrong or right. After careful consideration you always want it to be right. Kim Corfman and Donald Lehmann comments that "The approach that best helps couples find a compromised solution to decisions does not come through persuasion, control, intimidation, insistence, shaming or abdicating one’s way. It requires a “CAN” approach: Curiosity, Acceptance and Negotiation." In other words, listen, accept what he or says, comment and negotiate until a decision is being reached. Couples will argue that the other person is wrong, meanwhile they are both wrong ,and formulated the decision from speculations rather than facts which are stated as:

Steps of Decision Making Process

  • Step 1: Identification of the purpose of the decision. ...
  • Step 2: Information gathering. ...
  • Step 3: Principles for judging the alternatives. ...
  • Step 4: Brainstorm and analyse the different choices. ...
  • Step 5: Evaluation of alternatives. ...
  • Step 6: Keep your future in mind
  • Step 7: Consider the best alternative. ...
  • Step 8: Execute the decision
  • Some decision must be recorded,keep a log
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When we say team work we mean, mom and baby, mom,baby, and doctor etc. It is simple, communicate,communicate,communicate, and leave no room for confusion. Make your baby know that you love them and that they are welcomed at all times. That you will be there provider through out life, and love will be your guide. Let your doctor or midwife know I feel strange pain, new pains, and I don't know how to treat it. Let them know you treat it, but it comes back, what then?

Fundamental Values of Team Work in Pregnancy

Brain is the most important feature of a human that makes us distinct from most animals. The most important thing about a brain is its ability that allows us to think. We are intelligent above all other living creatures. Knowing that the brain is message centers, and provide the route for transmitting information that tells us to laugh, cry, sing, and eat, and talk will work to formulate roots of love, and enriching practices that promotes structure and formality that keeps us organize and balance to cope with life. Furthermore, daily interaction with the brain activate our long and shot term memory where we learn the difference between the two and the similarities to memorize or train on key knowledge and functions of life.

Why the Brain is important in Memory

Physical Exercises such as Rheiki, yoga, and hypnobirthing are mere portals to self being in life to yourself one being with your creator. You may relate to your creator, but know this truth the the true creator has no sin, and can not live with sinful people such as Adam and Eve removed from the the West side of the Garden and placed on the East side of the Garden after The Fall of Man. Physical Exercises, for pregnancy are mainly to balance stress and build muscles, anything else may cause harm and danger to the baby. Follow me through the video and participate in these exercises that are medically proven to lead you you to safe and effective delivery for you and the baby.

Preview 01:11

Practice!Practice!Practice! Students please enjoy the demonstration videos. The purpose of these exercise to build physical and emotional strength in your legs and pelvis area for safe and effective delivery. They are the easier exercise that can be done in the comforts of your home . Please feel free to purchase the whole set online or even purchase other pregnancy exercise videos. The more you exercise the better off you will be. Studies have proven that the mothers who partake of exercise prior to labor decrease their labor pain by more than 50%, spent less time in labor, and are able to return to there regular task shortly after labor. They believe this is true because their muscles are used to strain and pain, therefore they have higher tolerance for pain.

ChildBirth Preparation Demonstration videos
2 pages

Muscles are a key body system that enables human to stand upright,walk, and eat. Without the muscular system we would be like rats without back bones. Knowing what food builds our muscles is as important as what food decreases muscles mass.

Muscle Building
ChildBirth Preparation Online
5 Lectures 01:03:22

Welcome to Part 1 of 4 and optional part 5 series on Childbirth Training Online. Our lamaze training is evidence base background that provides proven data that are within our content. We are excited to be among the pioneers that strives to bring the comfort to expected parents rather than the couples leaving home. Challenges of birth is natural, fear is natural, anxiety is natural but with our intense training, will facilitate a natural instincts and ability to overcome rather than succumb to unwanted fears and anxiety which are birthed from lack of knowledge. Yes, we don't know it all, but what we know we are sharing, and the experts agree,scientist have proven over centuries, so we share it to prevent death and diseases at all cost. Once again, true love never ends just births springs of life eternal, while lust ends in death. Part 6 will be available within the next year on video and webinars.

This beginning video takes you on a reality tour or preview of what you will be experiencing in the upcoming months. It is the unknown that we see as our struggles, not the known. Therefore, as parents you need to know what steps come next in each stage of pregnancy, and what role you play so you can be effective and efficient in carrying out your roles as well as others.

The Introduction to the Official Lamaze Class

What is pregnancy without exploring the female anatomy. In our live birth class we generally use models to demonstrate the vaginal route for delivery, and the birth process through the birth canals. As a mom, you can't see that but your spouse could describe it to you as well as your physician. Rather than wait for someone to explain about you pelvis wall and female structures, this tutorial shows you exactly what takes place in your body during pregnancy . Preparing your pelvis wall/cavity will be a big asset for painful contractions that can be experienced during labor, and the stronger your pelvis wall is the less pain your experience during birth, as well as a easier vaginal delivery, avoiding surgical C-sections.

ChildBirth Preparation Online Part 2

Dynamic video on various position in labor or pre-labor. You are recommended to practice these position by yourself, or with a partner. In time you need to feel your comfort level, and make a mental not of it. You will realize that there is no rule in pregnancy that can not be broken, you will realize that this different for everyone. Even moms who had already delivered will say that each experience was different, rather each child share there own stories. The video then goes in to brain power which is complimented by meditation and relaxation video. The video is the same video that you normally watch in the 5:00Am morning devotionals on TV, with the water springs and bible versus, these are the same Rheiki and Yoga, and some Buddhist share in this video.

ChildBirth Preparation Online Part 4

Guided imagery is predominantly used in Hypnobirth and Relaxation Environment. These are the best tools to use to guide your mother to safe and effective delivery. In transforming her mind to fit with the script, she transcends into a realms above her pain that she is experiencing. When you think about something else, i dare say that your pain goes away.

During Contractions

Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling. Breathing in and breathing out. Think of healing light. Breathe in white light and breathe out tension. Allowing your body and your mind to go deeper and deeper in relaxation. Give yourself permission to go deeper and deeper. (Pause)

With the next contraction feel the pressure of the tightening womb on yourself and your baby, gently pushing your baby down. Imagine your cervix opening up a little more with each surge of power from your uterus. Picture your sweet baby moving and finding a comfortable position for him to be in when the surges come on. As your cervix opens fully like a new flower, visualize your baby moving down, slowly but firmly down your vagina and out into the world of mortality to be greeted with great enthusiasm and joy. source:

ChildBirth Preparation Online Bonus :Meditation and Relaxation -Spiritual

Closing Video
About the Instructor
Marshella Karissa Joy Marshall
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Lamaze Child Birth Instructor,Hypnobirth Practioner,Minister

I am Marshella Marshall a Certified Child Specialist in all aspects of hypnobirth and yoga. I have been teaching at local Sunday Schools and vocational Bible School for over 5 years. I am a Certified ChildBirth Instructor and Certified Doula in both Postpartum and Birth Doula setting, Hypnobirth Practioner, and Prophetess(Minister).I obtained my childbirth degree from Duke University in the DHEC program. I have some experience in Yoga and Hypnobirthing which I share in the video, but recommend you take the course separately to get a complete view of all aspects of hypnobirth and yoga. Currently, I teach Childbirth Prepartion at Laurel Clinic in Laurel, Maryland for free. have been teaching in local Sunday schools and vocational bible school. In addition to my certificates and specialized training, I also have background experience from Northeastern University where I learned about biodegradable items in the environment,where I further practice and worked for ARC in Hampton, VA recycling biodegradable items. I love teaching and hope that my teaching style appeals to all ages.