Kickstart ur Network Security Career: Checkpoint CCSA Course

Learn how to build and Implement Firewall in the network: Become Check Point Certified Security Administrator
11 reviews
  • YP Singh Network Rockstar at Techdeon Inc

    YP is a Security Consultant having more than 12 years of experience in Network Security domain with IT, Banking and Telecom Industry.

    He has vast experience from the Design and Implementation prospective on various Products and Technologies like Checkpoint, Juniper SRX, F5 BigIP, Infoblox DNS and many others.

    He believes in power of Internet and understands what it can do for the people who wants to learn but doesn't have resources.

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  • 3+ hours of high quality content
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Kickstart ur Network Security Career: Checkpoint CCSA Course

Learn how to build and Implement Firewall in the network: Become Check Point Certified Security Administrator
11 reviews


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Why you should join this course?

  • There are more than 24,000 CCSA certified professionals worldwide that are working for top-name companies and earning top dollars. Be one of them.
  • Are you a Network engineer who wants to move to Network Security domain? This Course is for you.
  • Are you looking for opportunities in Network Security domain and could not afford expensive courses? This Course is for you.

Please - if you're looking for "instant knowledge" on Checkpoint, don't take this course! You'll need to study the course and do as it shows for success. It will take you a week or or so to understand and if you are completely new, it may take more time depending on your efforts. but if you are serious about Network Security career and ready to put efforts this course is for you. SUCCESS is not far away! It just require a bit dedication.

What you will learn-

After the completion of the CCSA course, you should be able to understand:

  • Complete CCSA Curriculum
  • Setup your own Virtual LAB
  • Tips for Passing Exam
  • 40+ Real exam questions

What you will get-

  • More than 3 Hours of Downloadable Videos which includes important concepts and LAB
  • Quiz based on real exam questions after each module which prepares you for the exam.
  • Discussion with your Instructor and Peers


  • The initial low price will increase shortly (you will not get CCSA course for this price anywhere that's Guaranteed)- the course is currently $49, but will next increase to $69.
  • you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever.
  • all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free.
  • there's an unconditional, never any questions asked full 30 day money-back- guarantee.
  • my help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question.
    • TCP/IP
    • Familiar with Windows
    • Unix Basics
    • Internet
    • Over 12 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • Checkpoint architecture and platforms
    • Installation
    • Backup/Restore
    • Setup Smartcenter server
    • Rules and NAT
    • User Management and Authentication
    • VPN
    • All students and professionals who are keen to master Checkpoint and appear for CCSA exam
    • Network Engineers
    • System Administrators


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Course Introduction

    Check Point CCSA Boot Camp Course Introduction

  • 2
    Introduction to Checkpoint Technology

    This lecture describes about Checkpoint Technology concepts

  • 3
    Quiz- Checkpoint Technology
    5 questions
  • SECTION 2:
  • 4
    LAB Installation

    This lecture explains how to setup Check Point Virtual LAB setup

  • 5
    Checkpoint Platform

    This lecture describes various Check Point platforms

  • 6
    Quiz - Checkpoint Platform
    7 questions
  • SECTION 3:
    Rules and NAT
  • 7
    Security Policy

    Explains how to setup policy including NAT

  • 8
    Quiz- Rules and NAT
    5 questions
  • SECTION 4:
  • 9
    Monitoring Traffic

    This lecture explains about Smartview Tracker and Smartview Monitor and how to monitor Checkpoint applications and Network.

  • 10
    Quiz- Monitoring
    3 questions
  • SECTION 5:
  • 11
    Using SmartUpdate

    Explains Smartupdate Architecture and how to manage licences

  • 12
    Quiz- SmartUpdate
    5 questions
  • 13
    User Management and Authentication

    This lecture explains User Management and Authentication

  • 14
    Quiz- User Management
    5 questions
  • 15
    Identity Awareness

    Introduction to Identity Awareness and how to use it.

  • 16
    Quiz -Identity Awareness
    5 questions
  • SECTION 6:
  • 17
    Introduction to VPN

    This lecture explains VPN and lab how to setup VPN using VPN community

  • 18
    Quiz- VPN
    5 questions
  • SECTION 7:
  • 19
  • 20
    Tips for Passing CCSA Exam
    3 pages

    Tips for Passing Checkpoint CCSA R75 Exam


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  • Ravi Verma
    Great course

    Simply the best.

  • Romesh Sankranti
    Good Outline

    The presenter has done a good job overall. How ever there are some annoying issues. The volume of the presentation is very low compared to other presenters. Some places instead of just reading out the slide it would be good to explain a little more. Thirdly would help if we were recommended reference and study material. Information on downloading ISO image which is so critical for the lab is a big zero. Evaluation versions are the way to go. I wouldn't have minded paying another 20 bucks if only there was assistance and guide in setting up the lab.

  • Soni
    It has all it takes to pass CCSA exam

    It was looking for a course on CCSA. this is best and value for money for sure.

  • Chris Bryant
    Not explained very well

    So far I'm only at lecture 3 and the information given has not been very detailed at all. Just very boring slides being spoken to you word for word. No real world experience or hardly any additional info given about what's being taught. Would not recommend this course to beginners really trying to get an understanding of Check Point

  • Sarah
    Comprehensive Course for Checkpoint CCSA certification

    Excellent. Good comprehensive course which prepares you for the CCSA exam.

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